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    Alshian wrote: »
    Unfair as it is...still not impossible.

    Although Tagar is the only most "Unfair" boss in G21 and as a purification boss.

    Talvish is fine as is, its not new that we have bosses being "Unfair" in the past till we as players been power creeped to the point of not knowing these bosses used to be "Unfair" or challenging. Just that in G21 we peaked when most of out skills are maxed and we only have gear to worry about or what talent you use. Also once you know which of Talvish attacks works he is very easy which is why being Knowledgeable comes to play to avoid being one shot by his attack.

    Now as for our doppelganger in G21, its just some kind of eh gimmicky damage check sort of damage sponge?

    But yea, if I complete this with a squishy low level elf so can any race but with better advantage.

    Yeah, but it's after G19 where they make a ton of avoidable attacks. For example, Girgishay and Balor in G22 both have teleport grabs where you cannot block or defend against it in any way. The ONLY way out is for an ally to hit the boss enough times to release you. For the most part, bosses in the past where cleverly enough designed that they didn't have completely unfair advantages since many bosses require parties to complete.

    As for Tagar. She needs a nerf. At least limiting her teleport ability. If that one thing were addressed, the fight might be managable. Talvish can be beaten if you're good, but if you hesitate at the wrong moment, you're gonna die. That's a heavy punishment for a single moment's hesitation. For Talvish, either his insta-death should only take half health, or his ability to seal your ONE skill you need should be removed.

    As for the Doppelganger, I didn't know the "right" strategy for this one at the time I wrote this post because I couldn't do more damage than he could regenerate, and my wounds were taking off like .01 percent of his health even though that was the recommended strategy on Wiki was to wound him so his health doesn't regenerate. Thanks to Discord, I got the right strategies and beat him fairly easily using brionac to reduce his defense protection and then murder him with my chain blade. But I do think he needs a slight rebalancing because I feel like the fight is one of the better moments in G21 and was actually more fun than the Talvish final boss. Personally, I would like to fight the Doppelganger the way the game intended rather than cheesing him with brionac/demi to lower his defense so I could just chain impale him to death. Honestly, this fight could remain as is and it's not a big deal, but I feel like this fight could be a lot of fun if his health regeneration weren't so overpowered and we could fight this boss legitimately rather than cheesing. But like I said, the fight can remain as is if needed because it can be cheesed for those that can't do enough damage to overcome it's health regeneration. It actually is possible if you use the right strategy, but it shouldn't require cheesing for those of us without ridiculous reforge power.
  • Compensation discussion

    Personally I find it more funny that suddenly Nexon cares about game balance.
  • Reforging the Reforge System

    Introduction: So... I wanted to make this post as a suggestion to redo the reforging system, which no one really ever discusses much anymore as it's just become an accepted part of the game. Ever since it was introduced, the game has expected more and more people to have ridiculous reforge stats, and it's completely unrealistic. However, instead of doing just another rant on how the system is broken and needs updates, I thought I'd throw in an idea for a new update on the Reforge system similar to how Spirit Weapons got the Ascension update.

    It has become unfortunate how much the game relies on pay to win these days, and without these ridiculous reforge stats the game expects you to have (which if you're poor and don't have the money to buy from the story, and don't have the gold to buy from other players, you're just screwed). This system has completely broken the game, and those of us that don't have the resources to just pump money into a purely RNG system are just out of luck for being useful in any capacity

    On top of that, for a game that encourages players to play using many different skillsets since characters are able to choose what skillsets they want to train and level, there isn't much in the reforge system that encourages this aspect, and has a lot of wasted potential. This is part of the reason I wanted to pitch this idea, because I want to see the reforge system realize it's potential and make use of certain things that aren't really used in the game.

    But I decided, rather than rant for an hour on how the system needs to be redone, here's an idea for a new Reforge system. I may add more stuff including reforge examples and possibly going into more depth on some other aspects if this gains any traction, but for now, it will just be a general description of my idea.

    The New Reforge System

    Overview: Thanks to living in a world of both magic and science, reforging tools can be upgraded for a new generation of Milletians seeking new equipments. This update idea would go over the ideas for the update and how to fix the system so that it is more than just a "pay to win" tactic that forces players to spend money if they want to ever get anywhere especially when it comes to the harder content. Different aspects of this idea would lead to players being able to do more with reforges than ever before, and allow them to do things to improve their equipment that they couldn't before. After all, Erinn is a world of both science and magic, sometimes used together, so why not apply that aspect in a way that's useful? The idea of this redo of the reforge system is to make it a system that is usable to customize equipment and allow a player to work towards fixing up their equipment how THEY want, rather than having an RNG system decide for them. Removing the RNG, and making the reforge system a way for players to have to decide what weapons or equipment work best with their setup, and deciding how best to upgrade what they want as not all reforges will be the same or have the same capabilities.

    Chosing Reforge Stats: Instead of just relying soley on RNG, the reforging stats would be chosen. Similar to the Potential stat boost system, the Milletian would be given stats to put into whatever stat they choose. So instead of 10 points toward some stat or skill ability randomly, the player would be given 3 points upon the intial reforge to choose their own stats they would like to start with until they level up their reforges. As the reforging levels up (more later), the weapons and equipment would gain more points that could be assigned. As such, it would no longer be a random mess, but rather, a calculated choice where players would have to chose what they want and decide what would be the most beneficial for their character build. For example, choosing 3 points to start with on a fire wand, a player could chose something like firebolt enhancement, or fireball enhancement with an available list of what would be available and up to 20 points that can be invested into one stat before another must be trained. This would allow players to choose what they want, without having to rely on an RNG system and allow them to customize their reforges to tailor the reforges to their own play style.

    Different Equipment and Weapon's Reforges: Here is a major aspect of the update that would be needed. In order to make other outfits and items useful, different weapons and equipment would have different reforge stat lists. Currently, there is a massive list that doesn't seem to change for each item, and has no real depth to it. With this system, different equipments and weapons would have different set-ups. For example, a staff's major reforges would include things like enhancing intermediate/advanced magic, or enhancing magic casting. In addition to the base stat increases, the system would have special upgrades for reforges that reach a certain level, such as a staff with a level 20 Fireball enhancement would gain Fireball chaincasting. Things like Heavy Armors would focus on defense reforges, while normal clothes would focus on mobility and speed enhancements. Weapons like chain blades would focus on chain blade weapon and skill upgrades, making each item specifically tailored to specific stats. Each equipment would have a system to show what stats can be applied and their effects, such as a fire wand having a list of upgrades that can be done in the reforge system. This also would let certain outfits that aren't typically useful be useful again, such as a magic school outfit being able to enhance magic usage while other clothes would have other functions. This would make it so not all equipments have the same capabilities and allow players to have a reason to get different outfits rather than just trying to look good or trying to just keep something in their equipment slots. Each item equipped would be done with a purpose, and each part of a person's equipment could be useful based on how the milletian builds the stats of the reforge.

    New Equipment Reforge Level-Up: I mentioned earlier that reforges would start with 3 points initially. This is because the system would level-up the reforge over time. Instead of doing the reforges all at once, reforge points would be assigned on a level-up system, where using the equipment earn profiency (just like profiency currently is earned) and the profiency could be used toward reforges as well as normal upgrades. All equipment would start at level 1, and be leveled up through using profiency to go up to level 20 max. This would avoid players just being able to buy a bunch of reforges and reforging instantly, but would require a player to really learn what equipment they're using and have time to test it out and figure out how the stat enhancements would affect their equipment. The weapon or equipment would gain profiency as it's used, and once it reaches a certain level, that profiency can be used to level up the reforge. The equipment would reforge up to level 20, giving 3 stats per level, to allow for up to three reforge stats to get to a max of level 20, or spreading out the stats to other reforge stats like having 6 stats to level 10. I know a lot of people are going to say this aspect is basically a mix of the Erg system and the Spirit Weapon ego point system, and you know what: That's the general idea. The idea is having people work for their reforges and giving players tools to get those reforge stats they want rather than forcing them to rely on RNG. Instead, they must rely on their own skills and leveling the equipment they want to use. We already profiency equipment when it comes to upgrades, and this would give proficiency more use after equipment has been upgraded rather than just having it only be used for upgrades.

    New Reforge Tools: The next thing would be getting rid of the current reforge tools. Instead of being tools you have to buy, the initial reforges would be developed in game through use of the blacksmithing skill, or purchase through a certain NPC (or even using a special reforge furnace similar to how the special upgrade pedastal allows special upgrades. The new reforge tools would be set up into gour categories: The Red Reforge of Power, The Blue Reforge of Defense, the Yellow Reforge of Speed/Mobility, and the White Reforge of Skills. Each Reforge would be able to put points towards specific reforge stats, such as a red reforge of power being used on a fire wand unlocking reforge points towards power/strength upgrades of weapons or equipment. For example, a sword using the red reforge would gain points towards attack enhancement. These reforges would be available easily in game, making the game not completely reliant on pay to win, and would allow players to easily have access to resources for reforging.

    Equipment Enhancement and Repair: Remember all that Blacksmith, Tailoring and Carpentry training you never really make good use of and all the stuff you have to make? Well, this system would use other equipment made by the player to enhance their equipment similar to how the erg system uses similar weapons to enhance a weapon. For example, a player who makes a battle sword could sacrifice the battle sword to enhance or repair their reforged battle sword. By using the made item or weapon, they use it to patch and enhance their reforged equipment, and increase the weapon's effectiveness. There would be two options to use items for: Enhancing the weapon, or adding durability to the reforged weapon. Enhancing the weapon would passively enhance the weapon's stats up to a certain level, such as a shield being used to boost a shield's defense by using material to add mass to the shield to make it easier to defend against attacks. Players could make duplicates of equipment in order to enhance them, up to a set max stat for the system. And the same could be done for adding durability. By using a weapon of the same type, the player would be able to add durability by using another weapon or equipment of the same type to patch or fix the weapon or equipment. This could be used to increase the durability to a set amount, such as using a made savage fire wand to fix your reforged savage fire wand that has lost durability points. And by adding durability, the weapon can be made better and last longer thanks to the player's efforts put into the weapon directly rather than always having to try and use hammers of durability to try and fix their equipment if an NPC messes up on the repair. This would be a way to allow certain production skills to actually be useful for this system, and give players an actual use for skills they probably only level up for stats.

    Paying Shop Enhanced Reforges: Now... Since I know Nexon won't even consider this idea if there's not a way for them to profit from it, there is a way to add an easier way to level up weapons for those that DO have the money and want to do it faster. The Nexon shop could have special enhanced reforge tools. The enhanced reforge tools would instantly level up a weapon's reforge (Not being a "chance to level up", but simply this would allow an instant levelup by adding the proficiency necessary). For this, the four special enhanced reforges would gain Enhanced versions made specifically to instantly reforge equipment as desired that could be sold in the shop. So someone could essentially still "pay to win" the system, but it would no longer be required, but rather, it would be an option to make the process go by faster for those that can afford to. However, it would not be required for a person to buy these enhanced reforges unless they want to. This would not only make more people want to use this sytem, but would add options so people aren't limited if they don't have money, but people with money would be free to spend on quickly reforging their equipment. In addition, there could be special upgrade tools not available in game, that will grant special enhanced stats. For example, there could be a Silver Reforge Tool of Enhancement, one that allows certain special stats to be used. For example, a Silver reforge would allow a staff to level up a stat for intermediate magic chaincast, or allow an armor a special advanced heavy stander stat that would not be availabe with normal reforges. The idea is to add options for those with money, but still make it so that people without can still reforge their equipment using this system, even if it's to a slightly less degree.

    Reforge Reset and Conversion: Whether it be through the shop, or through an NPC, resetting the reforges would be possible. Resetting would be most likely done by a tool the player could purchase, where they could reallocate the states they want. This could prove very handy for those that start their reforges and then decide they want to do special reforge tools from the shop (allowing players that want to use the shop items more chances to do so). That leaves the old reforge conversion. Now, similar to the spirit weapon conversion, reforging would be done similarly. Depending on the stats, the converted reforge would gain a certain number of reforge points to use toward stats.

    Who would head this event? Is there an NPC that could come up with such a great set of tools for Milletians to use? The answer would be between two NPCs: Edern is the obvious one, but my first choice would be: Ferghus. Yes, you read that right. Ferghus has broken more weapons and equipment over the years, but what if all that led to him developing this new system to try and bring back customers he's lost over the years. After taking time off and applying new aspects to his forging and blacksmithing, he could come up with the new reforge tools and reforges system. Of course, we could also make Edern that NPC as well, since Edern is one of the most knowledgable NPCs when it comes to Blacksmithing, and he could also come up with such an innovative new system.
  • Books Vs Grumbills - The Search for Page 2

    I'll be honest, in the time I've been playing, I have never seen a grumbil drop the page. I remember when I was trying to get it, I just bought it in a player shop. If I recall, I lucked out and got a real cheap price on it. But yeah, if you can get them from the strange books, I suggest doing that.
  • Training Rebalancing

    Alright. I'm going to get a lot of smart-mouth comments for this, but here goes.

    The training requirements for skills needs a rebalance. There are certain skills that really need to either be altered in how they're trained, or the requirements need to be decreased. It is unacceptable how much training needs to be done on some of these skills and some barely require much effort to train.

    Now I know everyone's first response is going to be the totally original comment "What is this, your first MMO?" or something like that. But even MMOs need a balance. If skills are too tedious, no one is going to get them, and some of the skills take so long to level up, most people aren't going to do it when there are far more easier skillsets to level up. The main problem is that talents like Dual Guns, Ninja and the Crusador skills are completely unbalanced and require FAR too much grinding. Now, there are easy ways to grind these skills since you don't have to fight CP level monsters to do it, but it is completely ridiculous that you end up having to use a skill a specific subtle way almost 1000 times to rank a skill up one level. The biggest culprit are the Crusador skills that can ONLY be trained against Girgishiy in a party (But I won't go into that because I made an entire post about redoing the Crusador system.), and Divine Link is another one that is annoying to train (It's easy to train, just far too time consuming) Right now, there are a number of skills that need to be rebalanced in terms of training.

    You want examples of good balance, then your best example is chain slash. One of the reasons all the new players flock to it (besides it being the most easy skill to use), is that it is also very easy to train. I liked the chain slash skill pacing for getting the skills (the ones you get after the chain slash storyline), and how balanced it was for grinding for the skills. At times it felt a little tedious at higher ranks, but nothing that couldn't be handled with a little patience, and sometimes a training potion to speed things up slightly. That is an example of a good training pace that you have the option of a training potion to speed things up, but it's not required to save you weeks of grinding. Other good examples are close combat and mage skills. Those skills are fairly easy to level up, and for the number of skills, that's good. I don't know how easy it is to level up archery, but if it's as easy as close combat, then it's fine too.

    Now I know a lot of people's first reaction is going to be "Oh you just need to put time and effort into it." To that I say: Yes. But there needs to be a balance between what you work for and how long that takes. And some of the skills are too much of a pain to train as is. There's a reason why people rely on easy talents to learn. And the fact that some are unbalanced while others are balanced makes it even worse that some are so hard to obtain. I get that skills like Dual Guns and Ninja are usually for more advanced players, but there needs to be a limit to how much we're forced to grind. I have the AP to level all my ninja skills and Dual Gun skills to rank 1, but I just lack the time and energy to put into the ridiculous requirements the game wants of me.

    The CP level training needs to be altered or removed (The ones that say defeat a "powerful" enemy for example). Because as people get to higher total levels, CP becomes a complete nightmare to manage and if a player needs a new skillset after mastering a skillset (Example: switching to Archery after mastering physical combat) to continue building their stats. Some of us are so strong that even with tendering potions and cp gear, it's still hard to find certain high level opponents to use certain skills on. The best we can do with some is go to kitchen dungeons where all the enemies are boss level. There are strategies for fixing this problem, but some of these CP level training requirements should probably be removed because of how tedious they can get for advanced players. I have noticed that CP training has slowly been becoming obsolete in the last few skillsets that have been released, and now there is more focus on using skills certain ways (AKA Spinning Slasher requiring to attack so many enemies at once) that are more skill based than just finding the right level enemy and it even helps players learn the skill more effectively as they learn to use the skills the way they're intended.

    Alright... Now I know people are going to say: "But we have training pots for almost all skills now. Just go buy those." The fact that we need training pots at all shows the skill training is unbalanced. The training pots are just a bandaid for a much deeper problem. And some of us don't have the money to put into buying training pots to get around the tedious work cut out for us. Honestly, I'd have bought training pots to level up ninja, but I don't have enough gold to purchase from players, and not enough real money to buy stuff to make the training easier.