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  • Who is your best girl in Mabinogi?

    Aer. Poor thing is tucked away on Ceo Island near the golems and no one visits her. She must be so lonely :<
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    One thing the commerce imp while commercing.

    Oh my gosh, yes! I wish you could turn off the dialogue he spouts while commercing. I get tired of clicking to make it go away faster.
  • Adventure Grandmaster Missions

  • Server Merge

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    As @gre has said, Nexon has the numbers, and Nexon KR has the final word, and if they have said no, they said so for a reason.
    There's seems to some "confusion" ... ~ gre did not say that (or anything like that in this thread). - I did.
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Nexon has the numbers (the actual population) and they have already made their decision. :)
    Perhaps accidental, perhaps not. ~ It appears to be another way of taking what Hardmuscle said out of context. (let's take part of what Hardmuscle said and inject it into something he did not say to make the average illiterate get the wrong message).

    Relax dude, there was some confusion on my part. I tagged the wrong person, people make mistakes. Look, I fixed it, so don't burn me at the stake, mkay?
  • Server Merge

    gre wrote: »
    i think if anyone has to merge its Mari and Tarlach-- We don't need a mega server just 2 servers that need a pick-me-up. Mari needs to merge with someone

    I can see where people are coming from when they wanna keep everything they have, i get that-- i also get that people want to see some new faces instead of old. Im not tec savy and seeing how it would work-- I want to say yes on a server merge -- No to a mega they just need to do something about peoples items and the name and blah blah.

    I'd say that i'm For servers merge but i think the game doesn't need it now, I mean it does. They'll need to tell us whats going to happen if we ever had one first then go by what the community thinks
    No on merge and no on Mega
    I remember back in 08 when i could barely log in sometimes because events crazy times.

    I can agree to this. Obviously, if population were a serious issue, then the servers would've already been merged and threads like this wouldn't exist. Even if, somewhere down the line in the future, the servers will have to be merged, I'd rather it be with two servers merged into one, rather than a mega server, which, looking at the amount of complaints about lag and the like, especially from those not living in NA, does not seem as plausible. For now, there is no need for a merge. As @Hardmuscle has said, Nexon has the numbers, and Nexon KR has the final word, and if they have said no, they said so for a reason.