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  • About the attendance event..

    I found out that when you finish talking to Caravan Joe, you're supposed to re-log/change channels to get the timer started, then wait a full in-game day to get the stamp. Just FYI for anyone else.
  • November Partner Sale

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    @Iyasenu - Can they be summoned on any of your characters?

    Yes, they can.
  • [UPDATE] Light and Darkness Event

    Sherri wrote: »
    I think it is one per day because I haven't gotten the quest again, even with relogging. Oh well, less of a pain on me I guess. :D
    So it would take 15(?) days to complete a pair of wings and the event is 28(?) days long?
    Is this correct?

    Correct. You can only get the quest once, and thus you can only obtain one radiant shard per day. So it'll take 15 days to complete the wings.

    When you talk to the Follower of Twilight and select Event Info, he says you can only get a radiant shard once per day, in case anyone wants to confirm it.
  • Permanent Partner sells!

    I also support.
    I've been waiting to buy a Butler for so long...
  • Between a rock and a hard place(dungeon)

    I'd be more than happy to help you with your Advent of the Goddess quests, at least the ones where you can bring a party. If you're doing G2 though, I can't help you there, it's solo. Also, as Leilicia said, G19 is also solo, and you're better off not playing through that quest until you finish the previous storyline quests. I'd say going through up to G10 before attempting G19 again.

    Definitely level up your melee skills. Melee is the bread and butter that ties in to almost all other skills. You're likely not outputting as much damage because dual guns use a combination of your 'strength' stat and 'intelligence' stat, and since you haven't seemed to rank up either melee or magic, you're not outputting as much damage as you can be. Start training melee for sure though. At least have windmill at r1 and smash, counter, and defense at r5, or so.