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  • G24 sham

    Demoncat wrote: »
    which i spent an hour for. So that being said your pretty much saying Tory Ravine is useless thank you

    If an hour is all it takes for you to give up:
    Sorry to say but getting these gems is going to just be an issue no matter the method you use.
    The key to drops of any kind of rarity is persistence. And the swamp should have better rates than a normal beach.
    In the end, you're gonna have good days and bad days. That's just RNG.

    Unless you like Baltane a lot. Plenty of low CM basic gems there.
  • dude

    Everything just keeps crashing today.

    Can we keep something up for 10 dang minutes???
  • Your Daily Fashion!


    I decided to create an alternate costume of sorts, as something different compared to my usual succubus look.

    The Siren Outfit just isn't something I see used very often, so I decided to play around with it for this look.

    Siren Glasses
    Siren Dress
    Brill Heels.
  • Endgame contentent

    Hello. Welcome.

    You have bravely chosen to walk a path of suffering, patience, and extreme gains.
    Here is a list of tasks for you to accomplish in your thrill seeking quest:

    Get your first stat to over 1000.
    Get 3 more stats to over 1000.
    In Peaca Abyss, facetank Duke to death.
    Solo Avon Martial Arts entirely.
    Get your 15th Grandmaster.
    Get introduced to Phantasm Mirror.
    Improve your equipment.
    Get your main stat over the 1500 soft cap.
    Get it even higher.
    Start working on your weapon's Erg.
    Realize the potential of the new Ego System.
    Enchant all of your nice new gear with high end enchants.
    Activate all important Techniques.
    Begin attempting Tech Duinn.
    Somehow get crystals along the way.
    Level up your Techniques up to 7.
    Take part in Avalon Raids to get items to sell.
    Get enough gold to level up your Techniques as desired.
    Start actually attempting Phantasm again.
    Realize your damage isn't enough.
    Dan everything.
    Get your battlefield overture to much greater effect.
    Start attempting phantasm with proper damage this time.
    Now solo it.
    Start attempting higher difficulty Tech Duinn.
    Raise your damage even higher.
    Find out you are now on mr bones wild ride.
    The ride never ends.
    Radiant DawnHabimarucourtneyySherriSailingyaopawcalypse
  • Please add a Body Weight Changer Item

    Did you mean: Default Body Weight Changer?

    Because not gonna lie, its really easy to change and control weight right now.
    You just need to make and remember the set diet for it and have backup plans in case weight distributes wrong.

    However, adding the ability to decide the default weight coming out of a rebirth is a much stronger suggestion.