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  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    Alshian wrote: »
    All I could tell ya is to make a new character...and do the marathon to lvl 5000+ from the memoir quests for 10000+ AP during the 2x AP.

    For some people, such a switch isn't so simple.

    The sheer amount of factors we can invest into a character is extremely high, some being difficult to replicate or time consuming to massive extremes.

    Not to mention things like trade unlocks to invest in if you need to move over valuable equipment.
    And if you're going for new equipment, think of the gold costs. The average player won't meet them.

    Not to mention character bound things like beauty coupons and the transformation diary.
    Alongside crusader levels and the time and effort to get everything ranked up.

    Some people just get far too deep into growth to just jump over.

    As for how it works, at minimum I could imagine conflicting skills being either "locked" or de-ranked with AP return, and the racial transformation being reset as a "cost".
    Any conflicting beauty coupon stuff could be given back in coupon form, any other stuff can just go to a default since its either free or pon.
    Honestly, the only "issue" would be giants and not being able to use certain clothes.
    But if it was ever introduced to the game, I'm sure they would convert outfits to being giant usable to promote use of the feature.
  • Share Your Spirit Weapons


    Why stop at merely showing what the weapon is?

    The interaction maker is a fun thing and I gave my spirit 10 pages of dialogue and counting.
    Flavortext is fun to play with.
    SaiDarkpixie99Radiant Dawn
  • Returning player

    Ayaato wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    Will the servers merge? likely but also likely the game could close before it happens.

    the game will shut down soon?

    The game has been ""about to shut down"" for 10 years.

    As for actual advice: Play the way you enjoy the game.

    If you feel comfortable on Alexina, stay there.
    If you feel like a move, then you touch Nao.

    Alexina "merging soon" is about as much of a myth as the original merge, so you might hear the occasional person constantly talk of it only for it to never happen until people least expect it.

    Humans are pretty average, and you will always see them using final hit. Always. It doesn't matter if the situation calls for it or not, use strong skill, click thing to death. Then ponder why you got 3 shot by the unflinching boss and remember Bash exists.

    Giants went through multiple revamps through the years and are now borderline unstoppable killing machines, and are by far the easiest race to get anywhere with right now. Because clearly they need buffs on top of buffs. The downside is that you might be led on to think you are stronger than you actually are and get 3 shot by that same unflinching boss. Or one shot by magic if you never invested in magic defense or protection for some reason.

    Elves are a sad race with no fancy revamps or new fancy equipment. You picked elf? You got two default choices: Save up and drop hundreds of millions of gold on archery to snipe your way to glory or pick up the new whip sword craze. Either way you need Dex. Always. Forever.
    At least Elves have that natural racial olympic run speed. Some people might think elves use this to run away, but more often than not its to chase things down with their non-revamp grudge. And then get 3 shot by that same unflinching boss.

    Welcome back to Mabinogi.
  • New Idle Pose Card-The "Special" Series+Animations

    This is pretty much what I suggested almost 3 years ago.

    While we got weapon idles and the nice bare handed, this is still an idea I would like to see to its full potential.
    (Such as allowing us to say, overwrite idles already on outfits? My main outfit is succubus bodywear but I'm sad I can't use bare handed stance's idle with it.)

    In the original topic 3 years ago, I also suggested cards for movement and cards for resting.

    Needless to say, pushing for this system to reach its full potential has my support.
    It would allow for so many more interesting ways to customize ourselves.
  • Player Trading Etiquette

    When it comes to finding an item in game, you can either search the name on the Auction House, or, as said above, create a party ad.

    If you are unaware of how a party ad is made, creating a dungeon party and holding up the ad will cause it to flash under the "wanted" section of the channel's party chat. So for the halloween workshop desk, you would make a dungeon party named "B> Workshop Desk NM". The "NM" standing for "Note me", a common way for a seller (or buyer in other cases) to contact you. You can also list a price you are interested in paying in the ad.
    People will also typically hold up the ad in a market town like Dunbarton or Belvast

    The most important thing when running an ad is patience. Don't be discouraged if you don't get any notes really quick.

    Besides that, don't be afraid to ask people in game for advice on making gold or how to buy/sell certain things on the market.
    I know you're intimidated, but I'm sure a good amount of people in this game would be happy to help.