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  • VIP/Premium Service

    Going to stick this in here since it's already made re: VIP Service and I feel I need to address the issue of the campfire kits not coming in assorted colors anymore (gray only). Does anyone know if this is permanent or temporary? I had listed a great deal of colors on auction so that the colors could still be hopefully dispersed around the server in the interest of preserving colors. Someone bought them all up (naturally) and listed them for far more. I respecfully request that these people stop purchasing them all up, themselves, just to resell for profit, and being GREEDY. The point is to make the colors available to the wider population so that *we preserve the remaining colors we have on the server*. I'd also request that anyone with a large assortment of colors to please try to make them available if this is a permanent change, because I may start a color preservation bank. While it might seem like a small thing, many people enjoy getting campfire kits in their color and I'd very much like to ensure that people can continue to obtain them for a reasonable price and in the colors they'd like. Thank you.
  • Event: Helios and the Dream

    " Translation from the mabinogi KR facebook page:

    "Helping Grandpa and grandma's beautiful memories trip,
    Receive the precious gift you two have prepared!

    healing and SEO Dream event

    Grandpa's request
    - if you give water to the sunflower every day and grow a flower garden, you will give sunflower coins.
    - if you give water for 15 days, you can receive a new bag, 2nd title win coupon, Sunflower Coin!
    - 10 minutes rest in the flower field, battle experience 30 %, you can win a bug that helps with a 5 % increase in the speed of moving speed.
    Grandma's sunflower shop
    - you can buy a variety of items using a hard-Gathering Sunflower Coin.
    - selling exclusive would, equipment interior also increase crystal hammer etc.
    - in the old bottalieseoneun of memories, the items that can make you look pretty at the old treasure of memory!
    Heal from mabinogieseo "

  • Name change was a LIE

    Leinei wrote: »
    Hey, guys, if you get any weird errors, check the housing bank in case you have a check waiting for you to collect. That got in the way of the case of my husband's and my characters.

    Thank you to everyone who has mentioned this.
    Apparently I did get a house after all on a random alt and completely forgot about it.
    While I didn't have any items there, the check was causing the "Character has items in cash shop" error. ^^;;
    I feel so relieved. ^^
  • Name change was a LIE

    Very unhappy and stressed atm.

    It would have been nice to have asked people to select a main character for each account and to have prioritized main characters firstly.

    Some of us only really play one character. And we're going through this angst to try and keep our names. It's pretty absurd.

    What do I do if someone else takes my name? Change my forum name too? >.<
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    Also, I think it's important to keep in mind that this is VIRTUAL clothing / hairstyles / items. Would you spend $50+ on one outfit irl? SOME of you would.. I'm sure.. but I wouldn't.. would have to be one hell of an occasion. Just keep always in mind that we don't technically own anything in the game once we purchase it. It's more like we're paying for the privilege to use said items and accounts and at any point in time Nexon could simply shut down the game..and there goes all your gach spending..bye bye! So. That said, and things put into better perspective; is it OK then for a gaming company to expect players to shell out that much money for the better items, when we don't own them? And don't tell me "Oh but every other gaming company does this too!" (I really don't care - simply because they do such, doesn't make it right). I personally think it is highly unethical what Nexon is doing atm with gachapons and I really don't care if they get annoyed at me for saying it. Games are supposed to be about fun & enjoying the art of it - not JUST about money. Yes, they make the games to make money, but if they truly want to make money and be successful - they have to actually care about the game and take pride in it, otherwise players won't care nor take pride in it either. The problem with mabi atm isn't just a simple gach issue - it prevails in nearly every aspect due to Nexon treating it merely as a cash cow. No wonder the players have lost the sheer joy they used to experience when new things came out. It's been replaced with frustration and disappointment. That's not what games are about. Kill the joy and you kill the game.