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  • New KR update to help newbies

    Levels don't mean ish, and people need to stop acting like levels mean ish.

    Okay, sure, levels can indicate how long someone has been playing, and what kind of opportunity (AP) they've had to advance their skills...but the amount of AP you've gotten means squat if you don't use it wisely, and most noobs don't know how to do that. Giving them fast 5k levels seems like a lazy way to compensate for, "here, go ahead and waste AP on egg gathering and hoeing because you're getting AP left and right anyway". I think this is just going to backfire and make noobs even more frustrated because they'll be even more tempted to advance skills across all talents, and then wonder why they're still weak...instead of focusing on mastering one or two talents at a time.

    Similar to why handing out powerful equips to newbies is criticized, this sort of update will only encourage a steamrolling mindset instead of playing the game as originally intended; strategically. Vet's levels may seem "intimidating" to newbies, but that's what makes them vets...they've worked hard to get where they're at. They're the example of what you could have/do when you put in the work, time, and strategy. Besides, if everyone is "OP", then no one is. It's going to become an endless of cycle of: "There's nothing to do anymore, everything is too easy" > "This is too hard! We need easier ways to upgrade!"
    This isn't the age of once-a-month rebirths, anymore. Newbies get to rebirth every day, and then once a week after lvl 1k. That's plenty of opportunity to get "easy" AP. And let's not act like levels are the only way to get AP...quests, exploration, events, are all great alternatives. Being limited in the amount/speed of levels you can gain encourages players to play the rest of the game rather than merely grinding mobs for levels. Yeah, it takes effort...if you don't want to make the effort, then wait a week until you can rebirth. If you don't want to wait or make the effort, then this game isn't for you.

    I've been able to master 2 (almost 3) talents under 1k, with over 600 AP to spare, because I knew what I was doing. I think instead of enabling newbie's bad habit of advancing whatever is available to be advanced, we should be giving them directions on how to play smart. It's sad to see this game going in the direction of making "who can do the most dmg" or "who can steamroll the fastest" the end goal rather than playing for the experience of adventure and earned achievements. What fun is it to have everything handed to you?
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    NekoLily wrote: »
    Is a Goidelic (Irish or Scottish Gaelic) masculine given name. It translates as “red king”. Its Gaelic pronunciation is 'roo-ree' or 'roo-ah-ree', with emphasis on the first syllable. In English, it is typically pronounced as Rory or Roo-ray.

    So I'll go for the 'roo-ah-ree' (/Ru-Ai-Ri?).

    This is correct. 'Ru-ah-ree' and 'Roh-ree" are both accurate, according to the pronunciation of these Irish Gaelic speaking folks:í/ (you can hear the slight "roo-ah-ree" pronunciation in the last one. Subtle, but it's there). And as we're all aware, Mabinogi is inspired by Irish mythology, meaning the Irish Gaelic pronunciation of names in the game are most authentic.

    As I've been pronouncing his name in my standard American accent: "Ru-ar-ee" is like a very butchered americanized "roo-ah-ree" in my opinion, lol. There are so many odd names in Mabi, and I'm not terribly familiar with Irish pronunciation, so I think most of us butcher most names anyway since we read things from an English perspective.
  • What would be an ideal event?

    Buffalos wrote: »
    [...] that doesn't involve me competing with the entire server over a monster.

    Have you tried the event yet? I thought competing with the entire server/channel would happen too, but you really don't compete with anyone at all. The monsters are pretty much invincible and they won't attack, you only need to get hits on them. It's kinda like that maple tree event when the tree would grow and everyone would hit it for maple leaves...except even less competitive than that, because as far as I know, the wolves are an endless fountain of "quest items" for as long as they're spawned, and the items appear directly into your inventory so you don't have to worry about picking them up. So you can hit a wolf as many times as someone else and not worry about them "stealing" your drops. It's pretty enjoyable, but again I wish the rewards were a bit more's starting to grow on me though.
  • Discover a Relic?


    I just went to Karu Forest and finally triggered it at the second chest I only had an 10 hp pot in it. I still don't understand how this is supposed to work...maybe it's random? At least I got it now, thanks.
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    Nexon Launcher is literally the worst! Now that I've been forced to use it, I've had to restart it a dozen times now because whenever I close Mabi, the launcher won't register that I closed the game and it won't let me start it up again because I'm "currently in-game". For something that's supposed to make my gaming experience "more convenient", it's giving me such a headache. I've faced this issue and more when I tried using it before, it's not like I never gave it a fair's only been a day since I've started using it again and it's already dawning a fiery rage within me.
    Since Nexon allegedly plans on fixing the launcher's bugs, they should have done so before forcing us to have no other choice. Everyone will probably just be flocking to Steam now, in which case kinda defeats the purpose of trying to get everyone to use Nexon Launcher.

    I really feel like this is the worst way Nexon has screwed us over so far :(