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  • Midnight Loot-o'-Lantern

    Sorry, felt like posting.

    This year's Halloween gachapon is pretty disappointing. I usually look forward to buying these every year not just because they're fun to use at opportune times, but because they're usually one of the most generous gachapons released the entire year.

    First off: (The price) The price is just bad. There have been odd times in the distant-distant past where urn gachapons used to be at a higher price, but the loot-o-lantern has been effectively 1'500nx since 2014. Because of Taxes, and currency conversion rates which are almost never updated, a pack of 11 Loot-o-Lanterns this year will creep upwards to about $40.00 for countries like Canada, and perhaps Australia. It's just not affordable given that the primary prizes are given out so seldomly.

    Second: (The choice of prizes for this loot-o-lantern) The second point is about the prizes themselves. Usually after a gachapon that rewards Beauty Coupons is a gachapon that emphasizes on Eluned outfits. However this year the prizes are found in one of the year's most anticipated gachapons. The prizes themselves are no-where near resembling the overall theme of the gachapon. The Detective Outfits, althought are part of the holiday event, are just very boring, and look like outfits that were already released previously. The Eluned outfits are also bland, unrelated items that frankly do not belong in this specific gachapon.


    The outfits themselves look as if they're the last vestiges of Director Park's obsession with skimpy little boy clothes in gachapons. There have been too many gachapons where it's been nothing but school clothing, overuse of skimpy little boy shorts, and just bland clothing in general.

    Other than the weapon camos which are the only redeeming factor of this gachapon, everything else in the prize pool is re-used, dyes, or cheap materials that shouldn't be worth pulling from a more-expensive than usual gachapon.

    I know in the discord Katherz repeatedly stated this is an "experiment", but there has to be more foresight in releasing sales that are this lackluster. I would have hoped that with as much contact mabi's team has with its playerbase that we would be understood more. That's what separates us from Maplestory's playerbase where they're just treated as numbers.
  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Froglord wrote: »
    Katherz wrote: »
    For the last several years, the Mabinogi team has been working on combating the effects of third parties using illicit methods to farm and then sell gold and/or items to players, which severely damages in-game economies and hurts players that earn their currency through legitimate means.

    In addition to taking action against these third party sellers, going forward, we will be expanding our enforcement efforts to include players that take advantage of these farmers. Please do not engage in any type of business with gold farmers, which is against our Terms of Use. Players who are found to have received large quantities of illicitly gained gold and/or items from farmers will be subject to sanctions, including removal of the delivered gold, items, and additional action taken against the account.

    Thank you,

    - The Mabinogi Team

    It's funny how right after being posted, a bunch of people come out of the woodwork to oppose it.

    It's just like when you want to get swarmed by angry wasps, you just have to kick the tree the hive is on to piss them off. Honestly, Nexon should start jotting down names here and start looking into things, and keep to their own words. Because honestly, an announcement will only do so much, and the people who conduct said RWT will start propping up out of nowhere to SUDDENLY post on a forum they never post on, or spam on the discord when they have no previous activity in doing so.

    I honestly suggest looking at the alexina/nao facebook pages, which are riddled with 3rd party Real world trade, maybe do something about that for once. The people you want to stop from conducting RWT are all out in the open here, they literally cry for attention, and will always, ALWAYS try to justify what they do by skirting around their words.

    I lived through the dark ages of mabinogi where you were banned because of tainted gold or you unknowingly purchased a duped item. They banned innocent and guilty back then. So when I see a post such as this it hones some deep resentment on their indifferent tactics in the past. I was rightly concerned.

    However since Katherz has provided some clarification, I can back down from this issue. I rather not be be worked up over these issues anyway. But can keep your witch hunts to yourself.

    I was saying that the 3rd party RMT users who conduct said transactions are by all means out in the open for everyone to see. In fact they make it apparent that they exist by making walls of text trying to defend RMT, saying "It's good for the game". There are also social areas like facebook groups which are riddled with RMT users who sell gold/items hourly, and they obtain said gold through the heavy use of bots. There is no witch hunt, it's expecting Nexon to do their jobs after years of letting people skirt the rules, and beat around the bush about it, then trash talk their way out of a situation by bullying and threatening users who aren't breaking the rules just because their illegal income is put on the line.

    So by all means, sneer at me for expecting a company that runs a game to do its job.
  • Green Screen Studio Suggestion.

    Recently the following advertisement went up for content creators to play mabi while expressing themselves better towards their own community.

    There are many ways to get into content creation such as Art, streaming, or recording gameplay and uploading onto platforms such as Youtube. However video-editing for a game such as mabi has been very difficult. Then it became obvious! We need green-screen deploy-able studios!

    By having a Studio set operate in a manner where you drop the item, similar to the Japari Friends cut-out figures, you can move around the stage, record your character, and edit the video without much environmental interference. With the way lighting works on mabi, blur, environmental colors, and lighting often bend around your character, making it very difficult to edit or photoshop images. Because of this, editing screenshots in normally bright areas like Dunbarton can be an extreme pain.


    Ign: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina

    Title: Pandora's Pandemonium

    Today is the most wonderful time of the year♪
    It is the day of the yearly Boss summoning Gachapons. The one day all year I have been waiting for has arrived at last. The items are extravagant, the hype is overwhelming, and there is a little something for everyone today!


    People wiser than me have always told me that patience rewards those who don't act upon impulse. That everything in the world, NO THE UNIVERSE, has a profound purpose! To that I purchased my fair share of summoning gachapons. Eagerly waiting, knowing full well the treasures they may hold. Refraining my gaze, I avoided those who were lucky, and withdrew my treasures into obscurity. Then I wait for the perfect time, the PERFECT PLACE!, and all shall aline accordingly!


    Then it happens, a promised event held in the empty lands of Iria! What joy, what FUN! how long I have waited for such a day! Indeed, it has come! With eager anticipation, and the unknowing innocence of those who were once greedy, I open the treasures I harboured for so long! A Lich, a Dragon, a MAMMOTH!? OH HOW FUN! The sheer bewilderment of those unsuspecting fills the air. No one could have prepared for this, no one anticipated adversity! I have unleashed a most splendid chaos, as is his will!

  • Fashionogi Summer 2020


    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina