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  • Green Screen Studio Suggestion.

    Recently the following advertisement went up for content creators to play mabi while expressing themselves better towards their own community.

    There are many ways to get into content creation such as Art, streaming, or recording gameplay and uploading onto platforms such as Youtube. However video-editing for a game such as mabi has been very difficult. Then it became obvious! We need green-screen deploy-able studios!

    By having a Studio set operate in a manner where you drop the item, similar to the Japari Friends cut-out figures, you can move around the stage, record your character, and edit the video without much environmental interference. With the way lighting works on mabi, blur, environmental colors, and lighting often bend around your character, making it very difficult to edit or photoshop images. Because of this, editing screenshots in normally bright areas like Dunbarton can be an extreme pain.


    Ign: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina

    Title: Pandora's Pandemonium

    Today is the most wonderful time of the year♪
    It is the day of the yearly Boss summoning Gachapons. The one day all year I have been waiting for has arrived at last. The items are extravagant, the hype is overwhelming, and there is a little something for everyone today!


    People wiser than me have always told me that patience rewards those who don't act upon impulse. That everything in the world, NO THE UNIVERSE, has a profound purpose! To that I purchased my fair share of summoning gachapons. Eagerly waiting, knowing full well the treasures they may hold. Refraining my gaze, I avoided those who were lucky, and withdrew my treasures into obscurity. Then I wait for the perfect time, the PERFECT PLACE!, and all shall aline accordingly!


    Then it happens, a promised event held in the empty lands of Iria! What joy, what FUN! how long I have waited for such a day! Indeed, it has come! With eager anticipation, and the unknowing innocence of those who were once greedy, I open the treasures I harboured for so long! A Lich, a Dragon, a MAMMOTH!? OH HOW FUN! The sheer bewilderment of those unsuspecting fills the air. No one could have prepared for this, no one anticipated adversity! I have unleashed a most splendid chaos, as is his will!

  • Fashionogi Summer 2020


    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina
  • Appearance Transfer Scrolls for weapons suggestion

    One of the ways to customize your weapons or tools in game is to use Appearance scrolls that are often available from Gachapons or events. However some of these appearance scrolls can never be retained, and are often disposed of because of the weapon the reside on being outgrown.

    Similar to transferring spirit weapons to other weapons, couldn't there be a way to transfer appearance attributes of a scroll that was used on a weapon to a new weapon of one's choosing?

    An example: The Caliburn or Gae-bolg appearance scrolls from the FSN cross over will never be released ever again, however instead of disposing of the weapon, and the very limited appearance of one of those scrolls, you could use an appearance transfer item to bind it to a new item. Similar to the appearance transfers of other MMO's like the appearance anvils from maplestory, or the cash shop items in vindictus. The consumption of the old weapon may or may not be possible, but if it could say just transfer the attribute and simply copy/paste it onto a new weapon and make it untradable would be enough.

    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina
  • Jojo crossover confirmed.


    Overlapping Caravan Joes.

    This can only mean Jojo!