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  • Keith's part time job

    Jazmyn wrote: »

    Amesenpai wrote: »

    Well it doesn't have to expire in temp inventory... just stuck there forever until you collect it.

    Staring at you menacingly for not being there when you were needed, lol
  • Keith's part time job

    Helsa wrote: »
    Almost perfect AFK detection is a fairly simple thing to detect but perfect detection is damm near impossible. From the players point of view, making the quest for a random NPC wouldn't be particularly challenging because of all the mana/moon tunnel/gates, but making the delivery to Price or Tiro would at least introduce a reasonable amount of challenge.

    This is why they could implement a designated AFK-zone. A previous game that I played had it where if you were AFK for more than 3 minutes you would be transported to a certain area with everyone else who was AFK. And there'd be an "AFK" symbol above everyone's head.
    If they improved this PTJ, they could also make it where if you get someone who goes AFK, it switches with a, "Oh, this person appears to not be available anymore" and then gives a new person.

    How about also adding a system notification to the potential recipient requesting a response? If they do not respond by a certain time, then it would cancel and search for another candidate.

    I agree with this part.

    Helsa wrote: »
    Maybe it could try once and then, should it fail, pick an NPC.
    Ken has a decent idea, but this would work well, too. Say should someone AFK and the system moves on to a new player, then they AFK or log out? Switch to an NPC. Be it lesser known ones or Price. I don't like the idea of Tiro as I am not a fan of him being only in dungeons. Hell, the kid who is over by where we used to board boats to Iria could use some serious love, lol.
  • A Player forgiveness day

    I mean, while second chances are a good thing, people who used their computer knowledge to not only hurt Nexon but the players really shouldn't be allowed back.
    From black robing, to not being able to trust camping tents to pake and DDOS attacks.. those were scary as they happened and it made the game hard to enjoy. Not to mention the duping. I mean, trolling and being a jerk is one thing, but digging into the game's system to ruin it for a ton of people isn't okay. And I really don't want to deal with dead NPCs again.
  • tradeable nx

    they can make changes to stop players from hacking there systems nexon is just being lazy

    Nexon has had DDOS attacks, black robes, tent hacks, duplication, bots -still has bots, and so on. It does not matter what you do to upgrade security or anything in the like to "fix" your security issues as there is always going to be someone who finds a hole in your shield and can then access key components to hack into the game. Pardon my jargon to those who code and are tech savvy, I'm not and I apologise for my lack of knowledge when it comes to typing this out.
    Anyway - considering the fact that people can hack into GOVERNMENT sites and access things they shouldn't be able to access (i.e Pentagon level stuff), what makes a game be able to do this and be better at it than a governmental system? Everything has a loophole or a backdoor and it can be accessed if the person trying to access it is able to find their way in. Is Nexon lazy? Yeah, they are. But it's expected at this point for them to be lazy because they moved away from character cards to clothing bags to gachapons.
    NX isn't supposed to be bought and sold all willy-nilly and people do it, but they risk being banned because of it. Those gold bots you see? You're at risk of buying gold from them and then being reported to nexon - which will in turn also cause you to be banned. If you're on a dead or dying server, that sucks. Not really anything can be done about that unless you're out there actively promoting the game in a warm light and saying it's a fun and great place to be and that everyone is friendly. You'd be lying, but that's legit the only way to revive the game.

    when you can go play things like tera blade and soul and or final fantasy xiv/xi with times more content then mabinogi and quality yearly updates and a larger community with servers not basically dying

    Not everyone who plays mabinogi stays on mabinogi. All games die in the end, and when this game dies? I'll be sad. I admit it, I've spent a long time playing, but will it be the end of the world? The end of my life? No. Because there are new games that come out every single day. New experiences to be had. Mabinogi is its own game. It doesn't have to live up to the final fantasy mmo or Tamriel or skyrim online or whatever other games there are for MMORPGS. Mabinogi is a FREE to play game with micro purchasing - you don't pay a monthly subscription to play it or have to buy it before playing it. (Like WoW, Tamriel Unlimited, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, etc).

    Is the micropurchasing a pain? Yes, you bet your butt it is. Not everyone can afford it and they miss out on great items, be it enchants or weapons or clothes. But, sadly, that's just how Nexon runs things. And they don't really care about Mabinogi. They've made the abundantly clear.
  • Fall Homestead Items

    Sign me the eff up!
    I'd also love to see snow fall in the Vales-themed homesteads.