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April 12, 1999
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  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    Opalthira wrote: »
    Xiokun wrote: »
    I don't need a black bag, pets are cheaper. It's just like a bag except with a summon cool down. And if I'm only using the pet for a bag I don't have to worry about the time limit.

    Except i cant use pets for music scrolls or exclusive items.

    Then get a personal shop bag or get those booster packs that come with a free rabbit or bear bag. It's smaller but useful. Or empty your other bags and put them in a pet to make room for exclusives and scrolls. I'll be damned if some event flashes "ooooh free big bag" in my face just to bait me, waste my time due to me being hype, and then not get the bag because I wasn't lucky enough. I ain't about that life.
  • Server Merge Alternative?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Xiokun ~ If you're referring to me. No one was "attacked" for what they said or feel. My remark to Iyasenu was between the two of us and should have gone no further after that. ~ It was rude of me to say, "I'm done talking to you" (in the spiteful manner I did) and to reword what they said to reflect how it read to me, yes indeed, but that's all it was. I deleted my own post, but you can still read what was said in the quote below it made by Greta. I have noticed a pattern lately with certain folks (no names mentioned), where they seem to think dumping on me will make their debate "mean something it doesn't" regardless of what I say or how it's worded, or without even bothering so much as to read a single word I've said on the subject. It's funny how my insisting no one would have to lose their names, if a merge were to happen, can be twisted into contributing to the negativity of a debate. If you weren't referring to me; Do note, I will continue to express my opinion on this forum as anyone else who uses it does. (I expect someone will attack me for making this post, without actually reading it, because it doesn't say anything about supporting a merge in the first sentence). ~ Have a great day. ~ Cheers! :sleeping: :* :cookie: o:)

    Okie dokie. Like I said, it wasn't referring to you. It was just a general thing. If I meant you or anyone specific, I would have said your or their name. It's all good. :p
  • State of Mabi?

    I can't complain. :p It's all good, man.
  • Server Merge Alternative?

    Chill dudes, it ain't that serious. I don't even need to read these threads word for word anymore to know someone here is taking the topic too seriously and making people mad. It's all good.

    This topic has been going on for years now, and probably will until Mabinogi, devCat, Nexon, or the internet explodes, so this post will be just as pointless as everyone else demanding a merge. But, I'll say it anyway; we're probably not going to get a server merge, though if we DO, I don't think it will be because we intimidated or urged or whined until the break of dawn. It will be because they decided to go through with it themselves.

    If 'they', whatever specific group of people in charge of and with the power of merging the server were actually listening or felt moved by our years worth of server merge talk, it would have been done already. Though you can keep making threads about this to vent out your frustration or share out your ideas if it makes you feel better. I don't have any control over this thread as much as we don't have any control with making a merge happen.

    All I ask is that, as a fellow Mabi player, even if the person reading this particularly hasn't done anything wrong, that you don't go overboard and attack and hurt people for what they say and think. Regardless of the player count in your server you can still have fun. :-)
  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    I don't need a black bag, pets are cheaper. It's just like a bag except with a summon cool down. And if I'm only using the pet for a bag I don't have to worry about the time limit.