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  • Please make Brionac work on Magic Protection

    Brionac used to cut the unified stat known as protection before they split it into def/prot and mdef/mprot

    Because Brionac only reduces protection, some content is only clearable with physical damage such as Tagar in purification.

    Is it possible to make Brionac reduce both protection and magic protection?
  • Colored Chichol Wings?

    you use synthesis to combine 3 of them for a low chance of getting back your chichol wing in another color
  • Physical/Melee damage is too favored in this game

    Damage Reduction from Standers
    Heavy Stander always reduces damage only reduces damage on activation (correction by Lutetium
    Natural Shield always reduces damage
    Mana Deflector always reduces damage

    Battlefield Overture and Bonechip/Powerpot hardly works on any magic damage skill except firebolt at a severely diminished boost(40% overture would be less than 20% more on firebolt)

    There is no equivalent of bonechip for magic damage.

    Def/Prot vs MDef/Mprot Reduction
    There are few skills/pets that actually reduces mdef/mprot compared to physical

    -Fantastic Chorus(Citation needed)


    -Bone Dragon
    -Mir Dragon
    -Brionac(we lost this when they split Protection into Protection and Magic Protection)

    Int to MA Scaling Change(Magic Update)
    With the magic update back when 25INT = 1MA became 5INT = 1MA
    there was never any update to make those enchants fall in line with the new formula which is why a majority of the older MA enchants became such a huge joke which is a majority of them because Nexon refuses to either buff or release newer enchants to fall in line with the new system.
    There is still no MA suffix for clothes or any easily obtainable MA enchants for accessories, the only thing close is Awakened Successor which is still fairly hard to get since they only drop from Alban Hard/Heroic and are rank 7 enchants unlike being able to just use Oblivion WildBoar accessories for +maxdamg

    A huge example of this is Mana Hammer(Rank3) 3-5 Magic attack.
    This enchant is such a joke in it's current state, it went from being worth 75-125INT to a measly 15-25INT and thats a rank 3 enchant.

    For a skill like FireBolt which scales
    0.35-0.5MA (0.35minimum and 0.5max for 1MA)
    0.2-0.4damgenchant(0.2min for 1minenchant, 0.4max for 1maxenchant)

    3-5 MA would grant 1.5-2.5 more max damage on FireBolt
    to get an equal amount of max on FireBolt with maxdamg enchants would only be
    2.5/0.4 = 6.25max damg enchant.

    Literally any common damg enchant would do better for making FireBolt hit harder.

    Alchemy HP/MP/SP Scaling Change(Alchemy Update)
    A similar issue to this presents itself with alchemy when they added the current HP/MP/SP scaling damage
    for example WaterCannon or FlameBurst



    Assuming a player with 2.5k HP/MP/SP
    they will gain about

    750 worth of base damage on WaterCannon
    200 worth of base damage on FlameBurst

    Alchemy enchants typically only add 1 damg per point which is outscaled by the damage you gain from having high current HP/MP/SP

    This is heavily relevant for WaterCannon such as using
    instead of
    because the damage gain is much higher
    50MP = 15 damage on water cannon vs +9 Water Alchemy Damg

    Dan Ranks
    Dan ranks for both Magic and Alchemy are generally pay 60% or more MP/SP for less than 3% more damage after factoring in your stats.

    For example
    60-120 -> 66-126 base damage (6min/max gain)
    5 -> 8 Mana Cost (60% more mana usage)
    Calculating the max gain's value in MA
    6/0.5 = 12MA
    Dan3 FireBolt gives you 12MA worth of damage for 60% more mana

    119-136 -> 152-175 Base Damage(33min/39max gain)
    5 -> 8 Stamina Cost (60% more stamina usage)
    Calculating the max gain's value in MP
    39/0.3 = 130MP
    Dan3 WaterCannon gives you 130MP worth of damage for 60% more stamina

    The more stats you have, there will be greatly diminished returns from getting dan ranks due to your stats overshadowing the gains from dan ranks which is unlike how all the physical class dans work such as Smash

    500% -> 620% (120% damage gain or 24% more from 500%)
    10 -> 13 Stamina Cost (30% more stamina usage)

    Magnum Shot
    500% -> 560% (60% damage gain or 12% more from 500%)
    10 -> 10 Stamina Cost (no change)

    All the physical damage skills scale very well with dan even as your stats grow not to mention being able to take advantage of the crazy multiplicative nature of stacking BFO/Bonechip/Fateweaver.

    I forgot to add, Meteor Strike is the biggest joke of a skill with 15 minutes as a cooldown for a little less damage than Lightning Rod once you have about 620 Magic Attack.

    It would have to do way more damage for that kind of a crazy cooldown.
    Imagine having a skill with 15 minute cooldown doing less damage than a 15 sec cooldown skill.
    The difference in cooldown is literally 60x.
  • Unpopular Opinion

    Vivace is for speed
    BFO is for damage

    BFO sort of boosts magic but the effect is super minimal since it only affects bolts/int magic.

    Adv magic has no scaling from damage enchants/BFO
    Adv magic has little/no benefit from Vivace

    Raids primarily use BFO because physical damage dominates the game since vivace does little to nothing for physical damage skillsets.

    Example Calculation
    Damage with Weapon: 400-600
    Magic Attack: 600
    Skill to Use: Firebolt
    SpellCoeff: 0.35-0.5
    DamageCoeff: 0.2-0.4
    Overture: 40%
    EnchantedDamg(From Overture): 160-240
    Firebolt Base Damage(Dan3): 66-126
    Damage from MA: 210-300
    Damage from EnchDamg: 32-96

    Base+MA = 276-426
    Base+MA+Ench = 308-522

    Damage Difference with BFO
    Min Diff = 308/276 = 1.116
    Max Diff = 522/426 = 1.225

    But then again Firebolt is the best damage scaling magic so every other magic will have worse scaling than this and its also dependent on your damage for wacking with your staff/wand which is STR
  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Even if I'm nice and assume a low atk of about 600-800
    Most top archers I know should have over 1000 in min/max
    40% overture
    R7 Bow/
    840-1120 Base Atk
    3.24x Critical Multiplier

    Not assuming dual Magnum Damage 3 Accessories
    Dragon Bone Chip has not been factored into this +20% attack damage, this will stack multiplicatively with overture giving you a min/max multiplier of 1.68x your base damage

    Erg50 Bow/Crossbow was not factored in this, but doubled aimspeed with reduced cd on miss will increase the dps easily over firebolt

    Dan3 Magnum 560%
    4704-6272 non crit
    15240-20321 crit

    Magnum Damage 20 Gloves + 200%
    = 760%
    6384-8512 non crit
    20684-27578 crit

    Bohemian Magnum Boost(1.15x)
    = 874%
    7341-9789 non crit
    23786-31715 crit

    87% Magnum combo card(6th Magnum)
    = 1634.38%
    13728-18305 non crit
    44478-59308 crit

    The damage is much higher on an actual dedicated elf archer who shoots magnums every 0.5 seconds, I was just being nice and put a lower base min/max damage

    Here is the damage you would do with the most OP reforge/set effect setup with 87% combo card, 800MA, 450-600 atk with 43% overture.
    R7 wand for the non ego wand

    Sorry you need to open the image in another tab to see the entire chart

    Non Ego Wand
    Ego Wand

    Everything here is assuming no reductions.
    Dont forget that physical damage has many def/prot reducing skills such as bone dragon summon, uppercut, scooter imp, snowman, dance of death,

    Bows/crossbows have a piercing of 1~5
    Regular Crossbows 1
    Bhafel Hunter 1 + 1
    Divine Crossbow 2 + (1~3) Novel Enchant
    Celtic Royal Crossbow 3 + 1

    Piercing from 1~5 ignores 6 def and 5 prot per level
    Piercing 1 = 6 def 5 prot ignore
    Piercing 5 = 40 def 25 prot ignore

    Hydra's reductions are nothing compared to what physical classes can use.
    If I had the opportunity to change race, I would switch to elf and go do archery instead of magic

    EDIT: I made a magnum spreadsheet