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  • Giant Bow??

    anyone who can possibly say that's not a giant doesn't pay much attention to giants XD heh. The legs alone are completely different from humans. Anyways Bobbio is correct... it's just a client-sided glitch with his Forest Ranger outfit idle.... it's in his gear tab but you can see the idle because of how he loaded in on your client. and because he's holding a stepped weapon it carries over to the idle as well. just a Jedi mind trick

  • Overseas Kemono Friends event

    I disagree with them treating NA unfairly compared to other servers. We're the only ones who got the Japari Bus directly buyable in the shop. There's pros and cons for each region... like how we had a directly buyable Patrasche in the Re:Zero event unlike the other regions, but because of that we had to pay almost double price for Rem and Ram and they removed their special gift boxes. There's been other times where we got completely better events or completely worse events. One I can think of where we got shafted was the Balloon event with the Union Scout items. Our Union Scout Bag (the one that goes over shoulder and gives special pose) ended up nearly non-existent... meanwhile I saw pics on twitter from KR/JP with players lined up ALL with the bag. I'm sure that's happened for them as well with different event items. Sometimes we get items in events that they have to pay for and vice versa. I also heard KR players are still begging for the Forest Ranger sets, and even if they get them they might not have stats. Our Death Herald sets were supposed to have stats after all

    Oh yeah and if the bags there cost 700 coins then yeah they couldn't buy nearly as many kyururu and kaban bag coupons as we could. I ended up buying 8 of those (4 of each) because I had gotten most of the outfits already in the Joe boxes
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    Well I'm sorry you're late then ._. most people wait like 5-10 minutes ahead of time because they know they die fast....

    The devs could have made the wolves work like the max rabbit family, I admit that the way they did it isn't ideal. ,but maybe they thought that since players can also earn the snacks for AFKing then it wouldn't be a big issue. Or maybe they thought people wouldn't hog the wolves once they realized they only needed like 2-3 to finish. Some people are just mean trolls if they kill the entire spawn for no reason.... good thing there's a lot of channels. Most of the time on Nao there's wolves on several channels now that don't even get killed. idk what server you're on but it sounds like some people gave up after only 1 day and want to just complain now, because it's a week in and the wolves aren't being killed fast from what I have seen unless you're on market channel and refuse to try another channel. I dunno

    All I can suggest is... don't be late. Why not be early? Anyways as long as you're there when they spawn and you can get in an AoE pet summon or a windmill in the middle of the wolf pack you should still get plenty of snacks even if other people destroy all the wolves. One more thing ... the snacks give 4-5 cm each. that's not much RNG involved. You either get 4 or you get 5. Even if you got only 4's, you will finish in time, but the chances of getting nothing but 4's is insane :P

    PS: about the double feeding... I don't think you need to worry about it if people talk about it. No one got banned for changing channels to set fireworks faster during last year's 4th of July event, so I doubt anyone will get in trouble for extra sheep feeding. There have been many quests and events that have odd effects when it comes to daily reset times, such as still being able to complete the previous day's daily as long as you don't change channel first. Even Kemono Friends starter quests gave some people randomly double the coins and nothing was done about that. Unless it's a major game breaking exploit, I don't think it's a big deal that Nexon will worry about. Maybe that's a hot take, I don't know :P but that's my view on it
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    This event is easy as HELL. you don't even have to kill the wolves yourself, just get an AOE pet hit on all them, just a single hit and you'll get snacks when someone ELSE kills them. PILES of snacks at your feet for simply summoning a pet and playing dead. If no one else is around to kill them for you, then lure one away from the pack with a ranged weapon. You get like 2-6 snacks per kill so you only need to kill or get hits on 1-3 wolves. Why is anyone even thinking of complaining about this event?
  • Harmon's Flower Tree Event! 4/30-5/21

    Mabi6 wrote: »
    I'm half sure that we were supposed to get a chance at a homestead pergola with this event.

    Japan didn't get it either from what I can tell... maybe it's only in the China version. Sometimes they change events for us. It looks really nice though so I hope we do eventually get it, and I hope it's in an event and not in a gacha


    the potions are kinda pathetic, I agree. You can get 2 boxes on every character of your account so depending on how many characters you have that's a decent amount of boxes per day if you put in the effort. I definitely am happy about the 1 x 1 trees!! I can replace some of my other trees in my homestead to make the forest around the perimeter more dense. Some of those trees were 5 x 5! Glad to be able to replace them with 1 x 1 versions