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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! An outfit I been wanting the Special Version but had no luck finding one (I only saw 1 the first day of gach and since then, I haven’t seen another for female ever RIP). I saw the normal version (no idle) going for cheap so I went ahead and got it since I don’t think I’ll see the Special Version till it re-releases. Definitely no regrets, I been wanting this outfit since I saw @belleruairi wearing it and it was dyed pink. It has 6 parts to dye and I decided to leave the shirt white, dye the shorts brown and all the other parts pink. I have all the other pieces of the set but decided to change it up and wear something else (I absolutely love the wig to this set, bandanna and all). Originally the ornament on the Private Academy Side Twist Wig and Ornament (F) was pink but when I was wearing it with this outfit, I dyed it silver to match the buckle on the belt. I also just got the Pop Set which post up next and thought the Candy Pop Riding Boots (F) looked good with this set so I wore them. With the Casual Date Set being re-released, I got another Casual Date Watch and wore it with this outfit (love short sleeves <3 ). Since no idle, I used the Peaceful Clutch to pose.



    Outfit:Camping Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Private Academy Side Twist Wig and Ornament (F)
    Shoes: Candy Pop Riding Boots (F)
    Gloves: Casual Date Watch
    Accessories: Sweet Victory Wings, Peaceful Clutch, Snow Flower Sweet Halo
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! I actually wasn’t gonna get this dress but i found the non-idle version at a good price (and I actually really like the design of the dress) so I went and brought it. Usually i don’t leave white on an outfit (unless its socks cause I don’t like dyeing the socks RIP) but I left the fur part and the necklace/jewelry design on the dress as is. I really liked how the Cheerful Bride’s Wig and Headband looked with the outfit so I used that and I got the gloves that goes with the Winter Royal Elegant Long Dress (F) and used the Cheerful Bride’s Heels (which are mostly covered by the long dress). I also found the Pink Parade Wings which I love the little falling stars effect they have (love cute effects like that, my favorite right now is the cherry blossoms from the 2nd Title from Doki Doki and some of the newest Halo’s effects).First time I’m using the Spring Royal Crown Halo but i love the design of a floating crown and the cute snow flakes effect it does. I also took some pictures before dyeing the dress because I wanted to see how it looked with the Crazy Rich Milletian Fur Scarf (I brought a 2nd one to keep it white ^^; ) and love how it looked tho the fur on the dress is little darker.




    Outfit: Winter Royal Elegant Long Dress (F)
    Headpiece: Cheerful Bride’s Wig and Headband
    Shoes: Cheerful Bride’s Heels
    Gloves: Winter Royal Elegant Evening Gloves (F)
    Accessories: Pink Parade Wings, Spring Royal Crown Halo, Peaceful Clutch
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! Even though I rarely change any of my character’s features, I decided to change her eye style and eye color. The first eyes I chose were perfect but they had huge eyebrows that I didn’t notice due to the wig I was wearing RIP. I decided on a different style and at first it was kind of weird having pink colored eyes but they’ve grown on me. Though still feels little weird when not wearing wig haha (mostly wear wigs lately RIP). I thought this set was pretty adorable and love the idle of tossing rose petals. I forgot put on my Afternoon Tea Ankle Shoes (F) for more petals but I have the Blooming Rose 2nd Title on so there’s petals at my feet c: Also I love these Sakura Constellation Wings, their shape and the gradient colors (similar to the Sweet Victory Wings), also the sparkly star part haha. I think I wore this Lovely Cupid Heart Halo with the Lovely Cupid Archer Outfit (F) but thought I’d pull it out again to wear with this outfit.



    Outfit: Tulip Parade Princess Dress
    Headpiece: Natural Short Twin Tail Wig (F)
    Shoes: Lily’s Romantic Winter Boots (F)
    Gloves: Tulip Parade Princess Gloves
    Accessories: Sakura Constellation Wings, Lovely Cupid Heart Halo
  • Regarding the April 24th Scheduled Maintenance

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys do for this game :) and giving updates on the issues that have been happening and being fixed! :D
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! This isn’t the Bunny Bag Version (which I’m still looking for RIP popped up twice when I didn’t have gold and when I did get gold, they were gone) but I went ahead and brought the Casual Date Wear (F) since it became more obtainable from the recent Fabulous Wing Box. I dyed it similar to how my Eluned Casual Date Wear with Suspenders (F) looks with brown for the overalls and pink for the shirt. I actually got the Casual Date Sneakers as well (which excited to use with a different outfit) but decided to use Lily’s Romantic Winter Boots (F). Love how the Camping Wig and Bandanna (F) looks with this outfit.



    Outfit: Casual Date Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Camping Wig and Bandanna (F)
    Shoes: Lily’s Romantic Winter Boots (F)
    Gloves: Camping Patterned Wristband (F)
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings, Pink Rabbit Tail with Bow