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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari Thank you! :) I will!

    @Treep Aww thank you tree and I remember that picture! C: Pirate Boatswain looks awesome (just don't like that its irrpairable RIP)

    Hello! Loving this new outfit from the Sweet Coffee Event, the Upbeat Barista Outfit (F). It looks more like a School Uniform especially with the book (which unfortunately isn’t dyeable RIP). 6 Dye parts RIP I left the shirt alone and dyed the rest. Doesn’t have any socks (one less thing to worry about dyeing LOL) and I love the cute details with the flowers on the cardigan. I love how it looked with the Camping Wig and Bandanna (F). Also Cup o’Joe super cute and detailed. A friend noticed that it actually has a little steam coming out of the cup as well (I only noticed when I had the cup in front of brown cardigan) which was really neat. I love little effects like that. Outfits (and holdable props) are definitely getting better and better, keep them coming haha :D



    Outfit: Upbeat Barista Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Camping Wig and Bandanna (F)
    Shoes: Lily’s Romantic Winter Boots (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings, Cup o’ Joe
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari Yes I'll be re-making it when they make a Nao Server on the forums. :) Hopefully will get more traffic but if not that's okay, I'll still keep posting. :D

    Hello! So this is an old outfit that was actually just re-released in the recent Luna Fairy Box. I was doing a few stacks to try and get an outfit for friend and some of the new props and I managed to gach the Puffy Cocktail Dress out. I had a chance to buy it years ago but the undyeable black stockings really put me off since I don’t wear black and it really draws the eye since everything else I wear is pink RIP. But since I gached it out I decided to keep it and I thought it was pretty neat that NA Nexon re-released it. I saw that one person requested it on a post asking for what people wanted re-released. I like the design, it reminds me of the Short Swordsmanship School Uniform (F) a really, really old outfit that had a flared curved shaped skirt as well. No idle pose so I was using the Eluned Baseball Bat (F) for a pose. I gached out the Lilac Swirl Halo (will wear later) but I really wanted the Blush Swirl Halo, I been waiting for it to release since I saw it on JP Page for a gach we already got but didn’t get the halos. Milk gached it out and gave to me ;o; <333333 I didn’t get either outfits RIP but I got the Luna Fairy Wig (F) and decided to keep it and the male boots that I gave to Milk. Also love the Pink Luna Fairy Wings <3 I got the Fairy Pond Model and couple of the Lamps and chairs. RIP my homestead is a disaster right now but glad to see that the new props don’t take up new space. C:



    Outfit: Puffy Cocktail Dress
    Headpiece: Candy Pop Hooded Ribbon Wig (F), Luna Fairy Wig (F)
    Shoes: Winter Royal Elegant Long Boots (F)
    Gloves: Meet-Cute Bracelets
    Accessories: Blush Swirl Halo, Pink Luna Fairy Wings, Eluned Baseball Bat (F)

  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! I thought this outfit was adorable but I absolutely fell in love with it after dyeing and wearing it. I wanted the one with idle because I thought it was neat with the whole diamond thing. I also have been loving the whole leggings with some of the recent outfits I’ve been getting. I brought the Winter Royal Elegant Long Boots (F) as an impulse buy (I didn’t have anything to wear with it at the time, I just like tall boots) but pairing it with this outfit, super glad I got them haha love how they look with this dress. Also love these Pink Mini Wings. Most pink wings come in either the peachy pink color (which I don’t use at all RIP and don’t match me but I still get cause I love the idea of pink wings) or the hot pink colored wings which can match depending on the type of wings (I love the twinkling wings cause they match the darker shade of pink I use). These ones are probably one of the few (I think the only other one is Pink Diamonds) that actually almost the shade of pink I use and I love that they’re small like the Hummingbird Wings. They even flap instead of looking like cardboard wings which I thought was adorable haha.



    Outfit: Diamond Jeweler Dress (F)
    Headpiece: Camping Wig and Bandanna (F)
    Shoes: Winter Royal Elegant Long Boots (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings, Snow Flower Sweet Halo, Pink Rabbit Tail with Bow
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! I’ve actually had this outfit for awhile but I forgot to take pictures in it. I saw Milk wearing the male version so I changed into it. The idle pose is pretty cool, these shoes were one of the few that didn’t show the socks and didn’t flare out when wearing them (others would go over the pants RIP) though it looks like white socks haha (this outfit has black socks that aren’t dyeable). Showing off my Snow Flower Sweet Halo from the Winter Royal Box. I’ve used this wig before when I took pictures with Milk but didn’t have it listed since it wasn’t a daily outfit post. I didn’t have any brown dyes when I got it so I dyed it blonde. Still love how it came out. Took pictures with friends who are both looking fabulous and awesome ♥




    Outfit: Special Double-Breasted Suit (F)
    Headpiece: Crazy Rich Milletian Wig (F)
    Shoes: Cheerful Bride’s Heels
    Gloves: N/A
    Accessories: Snow Flower Sweet Halo
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! Happy New Years! Hope everyone is doing well and I’m ecstatic to post the Elegant Deity Wear (F) as my first outfit for 2019. I saw pictures of the long version in pink and I wanted to get one, the short version this time (longer one was higher price vs shorter one). I already decided on the non-idle pose one since I didn’t really care for the Idle. I wasn’t prepared for how many parts there were LOL. The main part of the dress and middle part was easy enough since that was cloth. The other 3 parts that were all metal, was little tougher. The gem part I used a pink fixed metal dye and a matching one for the gem on the shoes. I managed to to dye both metal parts (though think the sleeves is little darker than the middle part, they both match the shoes weirdly enough) and here’s my result. I was wearing this outfit for over a week with the Peaceful Clutch giving me idle standing pose. I kind of forgot the Rose Ring Halo in some of my pictures but definitely love how the Halo and Dominion Wings (Dyeable) looked with the outfit. Also wore the Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig (F), love it with this outfit. I have more pictures up on my Tumblr if interested in seeing. C: Here's hoping for another awesome year of wonderful outfits!



    Outfit: Elegant Deity Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig (F)
    Shoes: Noblesse Deity Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Peaceful Clutch, Rose Ring Halo, Dominion Wings (Dyeable)