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  • Make Humans Unique Again

    Zelfal wrote: »
    Technically humans r the most unique race of the 3 giants dont have archery elves dont have lances. Humans also have 2 different types of trans Pally and Dark knights elves and giants only have single one. So plz tell me how can Nexon make humans more unique when they r the most balanced and played race to the point that individuals only play giants when a giant update/rework comes out.

    Except uniqueness doesn't translate to workable. You could be a human loaded with 7-8 usable talents and then just sit cutely in the corner as a giant Fullswings the entire room before you can even run up and do anything, or as you try to FH, you land a few hits before the elves 1hko everything in the room with their super magnums and Final shot. The fact is that the game's meta is geared towards full specialization rather than branching out means that humans are completely out of place in the current meta. Look at the race skills, elves get an archery speed boost, and giants get a generous all melee dmg booster. Humans get a pantry speed increase that STILL doesn't put them on run speed as giants, the skill doesn't add anything to humans, it just makes them less worse than normal. And no, humans are not balanced, like at all. We are the slowest race, have the lowest DPS, and have no unique fighting style to us. FH spamming is not a fighting style. Giant melee is fast paced high impact combos that have a large AoE and can weather through nearly any threats. Elves are fast pace mobile gun platforms that have high burst damage. What does humans have? Humans have slower/weaker imitations of the other specialties without anything that WE specifically excel at. Dual wielding used to make humans unique in that we can give up defenses for more offensive power, also allowed us to make more normal attacks (when it was still relevant). Hell we're even MASSIVELY gimped on even the Erg effects. One handed swords get NOTHING even on Level50 besides the basic dmg boost. On the other hand, elves and giants get very generous effects on theirs, like melee skill CD reductions, even more aim speed, and skill CD reductions.

    Here's how to make humans unique and competitive to the other races, first give 1 handed swords effects on par with other erg effects. Second give humans skills unique to dual wielding or support skills that help dual wielding. A skill where a human slices the air in an X shape that fires off an AoE attack (similar in width and length to LR) and can inflict bleed effect. A cross cut skill where the human can teleport up to 6 times before a CD hits (like evasion) that attacks a target between them and their teleport destination. Change the Eweca skill from that crappy 15% run speed to a global 20% decrease in all cool downs. Add a sprint action unique to humans that lets them burn SP to run at 200% speed. There, some changes that plays up their unique weapon, dual wielding, increases incentive to run additional talents, and lets humans not feel like they have glue stuck to their shoes.
  • Goodbye

    See if Doki Doki was boring as you guys are arguing, then people wouldn't have petitioned for it to be brought back. The fact is that just because YOU don't enjoy it and found it boring doesn't mean that OTHER people didn't enjoy it. The first and foremost is that Mabi is an MMO, which means variety in ANY form is a good thing. Doki Doki offers a pleasant location with a mini game or two and is centered around the theme of romance. For those of you that loathe the thought, just don't visit the place. There's nothing here that requires you to do anything, nor does it have anything that breaks the game. If you argue that the flight thingy is annoying to get, there was a cheaper option that could be obtained within the day it came out on. Do some potatoes on some alts for a few days and you never have to look back. There are places and content that I personally find boring, but I'd never question why its there because somewhere, someone will find that content entertaining, and you know what, that's perfectly fine. Just because a certain event doesn't appeal to YOU, doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to someone else, the fact that so many people wanted it back means that it has its audience, you are just not part of that, and that's fine. Events will roll along that you will like, and other people won't, and that's also fine. Stop expecting every event and content has to cater to your specific needs and preferences.
  • More dedicated vanity slots?

    I'm always in support of more vanity features, even if they are put behind paywalls.
  • New maps for future G's

    The only problem with this is that we have actual origin stories for each of the races. The easiest are giants and elves, which are explicitly stated to be creations of Irinid, or as Uladh calls her, Neamhain. The humans from Iria are stated to be settlers who came over from ships. A common theme in Mabi is that ships could refer to actual sea going vessels, or ships that literally traverse dimensions (Meryl and her fleet are one). For Uladh we have gone through several iterations of races, the Partholons which are settlers from another place, the Fomors, who are another race of settlers, the Tuans, descendants of the Partholons, and the Millitians, another race of "settlers". The Fomors are an interesting case in that its not referring to 1 single race, but an alliance of several different races. So in terms of races, we have humans (Tuans, and Cor residents), elves, giants, all races under the Fomor banner, and Millitians. And yes, Milltians are a separate race entirely as they are pretty much shape shifting immortal demigods. Shakespeare is also proof that storywise the Millitians could race change by rebirth (game play and story segregation there).

    On that note we are sorta getting into the homeland of the Fomors, as Balor was the king of them and the Tech Duinn Gatea is a portal to their home. The only place we have yet to visit proper is the homeland of the Partholons. Erinn is fully the creation of actual Gods, with Uladh being the "main" project of sorts, and Iria was Neamhain's personal project. So the 3 places separate from Erinn is the homeland of the Fomors, the origins of the Partholon, and the Millitan homeworld (which is earth, all Millitians are souls of earth).
  • Server Merge

    I want to say, rather than crying about something that is probably a technical nightmare to do, why not make complains to NA about something they can do. Namely advertise the game more and push for more people to play the game so that instead of having to complain about a server merge, we fill up the servers instead.