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  • [DAY 4]Mabi AX 2018 + AX Code Giveaway Prizes(2)~!

    Leinei wrote: »
    I keep saying it. Mabinogi needs a merchandise store. They'd make some good money on it. =T

    I'd honestly settle for an online store if possible.
  • A poem about dan tests

    As someone that has completed all dans possible and is a human, I can only say:


  • G9-20 repeatability and or 21

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    I also wish that we could redo them at their original intended length, complexity and their highest difficulty. Yes, this means I want the ideals quest back to its original hair pulling length.

    I mean, ideals are okay I guess but who wants to run barri like 8 times? With a full day wait in between each run it was awful.

    To quote a certain red skinned cyclops, "To soak in the nostalgia".
  • c7 and g22 SPOILERS**********************

    Meridis wrote: »
    Veylaine wrote: »

    Intimidating and over kill look at that damage lol

    ...yeah, how the ^$#$ did Lugh beat this guy? I mean, we took him out 5 generations and, like...15(?!) power ups ago. This is like saying some ancient saiyans who where cast out by the group Frieza destroyed are coming back and are stronger than super saiyan blue evolution...OH WAIT

    Lugh was blessed by the natural spirits (which the ego weapons say are stupidly powerful entities), held the power of Paladin, has the direct backing of Morrighan and other major active deities. (Most of them stopped being active by the time G1 started). Basically the Fomor war was as much a mortal conflict as it was a divine one so there were a lot of power being thrown around. By the time G21 ends, we're pretty much doing the job that all the past heroes and gods did in the war. We've scraped together remnants and scraps of power fighting off heroes that are well past their prime while Balor could very be revived at the height of his power. In short, all our struggles would be pretty small scale compared to ancient battles.
  • Bachram Explosion...Why?... JUST WHY??!?

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    The other thing with squires is it's the only way to get the materials outside of spending tons of money buying the materials needed to make some of the divine weaponry like the Divine Tribolt wand which is the one thing I really want and is why I do the squires system.

    I have no problem with the chain blade requirements, mainly cause I already had 3 maxed likeability squires.

    You can get broken weapons from the baltane missions, and the Avalon raids give out divine materials for the weapons so the materials are easier to obtain now. But yeah, there is literally no down side besides spending at most a few minutes with them a week since you get money, exp, and coin to buy those baltane boxes.

    Even basic ones and if so what kind of rates are we talking here? Also what's the rate for divine materials from Avalon Raids. I did 5 of them for the quest and got no divine materials while opening 50 Advanced Beltane Boxes I got 2 or 3. Either way the rates are abysmally low as is typical for these things.

    Granted I usually score 2k - 4k points in the raids. I just can't deal enough damage apparently as I'm not full reforging/echo stoning my gear. So done with that crap. I don't have maxed Judgement Blade/subskills either.

    For the boxes I can tell you that I have 4 squires that I use everyday since their original release and I've never gotten a broken weapon. I did get a sword drop from Gatekeeper Elite and a friend of mine got the Shield from Bridge Elite (I think the broken weapons are Elite drops from the giant monsters) so the rate is definitely higher. As for Avalon raids, 4k got me an ancient golden crystal so there's that. Note that none of these take away from the boxes, but they do offer alternate ways of getting the materials. Furthermore after Baltane missions were introduced there was a a surge of broken weapons on the market that I noticed, so it might be better to buy one if you see it for under 5m. Also, from my experience, the most costly material isn't the broken weapon, its the golden crystals were took me a full 2 years to get from the boxes (I had to buy like 10 of them).