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  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    This is why I don't hate Altam at all for that. There was an accident and it cost him someone close, he feels responsible and turned self destructive.

    I don't hate altam for this (and am mostly jabbing at it) I hate him for being a boot licker who's only appeal is to fangirls because he's "emotional" or because he looks like a boy band singer.

    He's an upbeat kid who got to meet and work with someone he idolizes. He's not stoic or anything and wears his heart on his sleeve. Though that implies you also don't take to Caswyn very well since he looks like he's part of a boy band too as the "quiet" one. Actually the male members of the Divine knights might as well be a boy band lol. Talvish is the handsome responsible one, Caswyn is the quiet serious one, Altam is the upbeat cute kid one, and Llywelyn is the playful smart one. Unless you specifically hate the kid hero type character, they ALL appeal to fangirls.

    Edit: I want someone to draw the male members as a boy band cover.
  • If I Were The Elder.....

    It doesn't matter what he thinks now. Just as the Elder protected his era with all his might, the divine knights of the current time is doing the same. Whether or not the values of the original protectors are still upheld, the protectors of this generation have their own values they want to uphold. That alone is worth protecting.
    ZarozianRadiant DawnJazmynZeoTheNyanCatpawcalypse
  • Dan3 magnum

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Pan wrote: »
    RNG just means you have to keep trying. You'll get the Dan eventually through pure luck.

    Except you won't with magnum. It's hardly a test of skill if it relies on luck.

    Oddly enough one of my runs did have a stupid amount of luck where I had 8 crits in a row on the wisps that were also bunched up together. (I still failed it though, but I ended the mission with something like 11.7k points (I missed the last shot of a ratman)
  • Dan3 magnum

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    I can attest to this, as an east coast player I barely managed to get my dan 3 mag and not without spending obscene amounts of money, time, and effort on it. I'm going to say that its downright impossible for EU human players to get mag dan 3 and that this is seriously something they need to adjust for NA, at the very least EU players.

    Are you elf or human? I want Dan 3 Mag as a human but haven't bothered for ages because of all the threads that talk about how ridiculous the test is.

    I'm human, if you're elf, you'll have an easier time. For the record I'm pretty sure I lost around 8m to it.
  • [Daily SM] More Details Please!

    I think the quest should have the option to bring up the mission interface just so you can see all that information without moving. But as a veteran player, I pretty much memorized all the details already and know by name what the requirements are.