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  • Gold limit why is there a gold limit?

    Please no. This is one of the only things keeping inflation in check. Higher gold limits would mean people buying larger quantities from bots at a time. I hate gold limits as much as anyone but the alternative is worse.
  • after years of waiting

    From my understanding this has less to do with laziness and more to do with the game originally being coded in spaghetti. The new director has had the team putting effort into fixing old code to make something as simple as bigger possible. Hopefully this will translate into more optimizations down the road. Movement is still abysmal in its clunkiness with your character getting stuck for no reason. Menus are inconsistent and need to be cleaned up. You don't need to be reminded that you've stopped talking to an NPC when you explicitly clicked to end the conversation in the first place. Maybe we can finally be able to have a pet out when browsing the auction hall too.
  • P.E.T. Part 2 - Patch Notes - August 13th

    Negumiko wrote: »
    from reading the comments at least 6 players including myself are experiencing this glitch so it is likely a problem every player is experiencing. I was really counting on those extra coins, now we are 280 coins short. please ask mabi kr to extend the event by 1 week cause it really sucks for the players close to the reward they have been working for and being 100 or 200 coins short because of a broken daily.

    You can make up the lost coins in about 2 days of dailies. At the very least give us that much. I recently started playing again and I missed a week or two of the coin events. I'm actually counting on getting the burnishing coins to get the Pinkie Figure.
  • Historian's Old Trunk

    The female version has a very nice silhouette and the seems keep the design interesting overall. People don't seem to like the shorts and stocking but I think they create much needed contrast without making the lower body look too busy or gaudy. The male version desperately needs pants however. It looks plain silly with shorts.
  • G25 HyperNova!

    G25 comes with a new Talent that is currently in beta. As far as I can tell it has something to do with buffing your character using custom-made magic circles.

    *has sudden flashback to older MMOs where players would troll by forming swastikas and profane words/symbols*
    Oh boy...