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  • Attendance Check Event

    Neat! But this has nothing at all to do with Halloween.
    NegumikoRadiant DawnCrimsọn
  • The Beautiful Lights for the Night Event

    The homestead items are nice, but it's too bad there aren't any trees that match the leaves. The closest would be the snowfield trees that are bare giving the impression of fallen leaves.
  • Possible Elf Rework Soon?

    Archery has usability issues in North America but don't expect that to be fixed any time soon or at all since it works as intended and is very powerful in Korea.

    If there's one thing that's often overlooked about the Elves is that they have the highest movement speed. There's a reason why people pay hundreds of millions for Grade S Wave Sweepers; the positioning advantage it gives you is huge. With spellwalk for instance they become nigh untouchable magic spammers. Fully decked out Elves are arguably the best magic users in the game. This also applies to Alchemy with the new guard cylinders that reduce load time giving you more opportunities to reposition.

    Their disadvantages with melee aren't that crippling since melee is outshined very easily. An ego staff does far better than melee at clearing any content barring Tech Duin where the meta strategies don't require much melee at all but instead rely grouping skills and multipliers like Death Mark, Rage Impact and sometimes Support shot.
  • [EVENT] Study Event

    Musicat wrote: »
    The new Homestead Castanea Reading Table Set's technical scale (placement grid size) should be bigger, as its current scale allows its model (decoration size, e.g. chairs, end table) to cross other objects. The same probably applies to the second new reading table set as well.
    I'm posting it here, since the event has just begun, and, well, the chairs are connected to the event directly, you know. Please notify The Meow if this should be duplicated to a thread in Bugs and Glitches or Feedback and Suggestions forum sector.

    Newer homestead items have been reducing the placement grid to allow for more customization. It's a welcome change imo and the next best thing to getting rid of the grid system altogether to allow free placement. Hopefully older homestead items like the alchemy ovens will be revisited and have their grid size reduced to 1x1 in the future. They take up way too much space for their size.
    GretaYoridenRadiant DawnWolfsingerNegumikoBronzebreak
  • Gameplay: Live Midi/MML Music Instrument Playing

    Since mabi uses midi language everything can be done via Midi Controller or even your regular old computer keyboard should program it to (although it's not as nice as using a traditional midi controller imo). Windows comes with midi drivers preinstalled so the game could use those to fetch inputs and not have to do anything too fancy by itself. Failing that the game does have a midi player built in so the devs could allow you to keybind your own digital keyboard and let you play live from that.