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Zarozian was here! ;D


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  • If I Were The Elder.....

    Well to me no matter how horrible or how much suffering there is, as long as there are still good people, whether they are poor or dying as long as they remain righteous and help others, I'd say that future would be worth dying for. Certainly better than a high tier civilization like the Orokin Empire in Warframe, except everyone is an elitist and cruel prick. =/


    Also this story line is really starting to hit home ouch even Duncan notices the decline in Milletians and the activities of the old days....


    This is kind of scary cause it's so true. =/

    I'd definitely want to fix this problem but man what can I do? There's no one and nothing in the current generation of Mabi players that will do anything about it. So why not destroy the world and rebuild it into a new one?


    Also very one gets their own holy water anymore and that's why the prices on it have sky rocketed....I had a plan to get everyone to do them all again but no one wanted to take part in it or comply. ;(

    So sad.... don't you guys miss our glorious past and community at all? =/


    Well at least the people in our community aren't cruel or harsh, but rather they have a lot of problems, and some just take it out on others, while the rest desperately cling to me to help them. =/



    Okay this is getting kinda creepy, why does it feel like they made G21 just for me or something? xD
  • Longest Sustained Marriage?

    Laloriko wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Laloriko wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Met my boyfriend in this game. I still remember when i was newbie being lost in this game and he noticed my name and added me immediately because it is rare to meet lithuanian players in this game. We started to chat and hang out. After a month or so, i started to realize that i was getting jealous whenever he's hanging out with other female players. I was kinda bad at hiding it and he soon noticed that himself lol. He proposed to me as his Elf character first and we got married. Still remember when i was fangirling really bad... :D But after few months he decided to divorce on his main Human character since the girl he married long ago wasn't playing anymore. So we got re-married again. Soon after that, we met irl and now we are living happily together. <3
    Sort of sad that he's not playing Mabinogi anymore and i can't seem to pursue him for come back... :') Always tell him what's new in here and he still shrug it off. Probably G21 will make him come back for few days lol.


    Fun fact: Alcana is a lithuanian too. She also was my fellow guildmate. She's really sweet, but it's hard to get her trust. Really surprised to find out that she got married to that guy (not gonna comment further about him). Two overpowered Giants got united. R.I.P Elf race.

    "How dare you call Alcana sweet! How dare you say it's hard for her to trust! And how dare you call her a filthy Adidas track suit wearing Lithuanian!" To correct you Alcana is a monster from the depths of the underworld pure and simple! ♥ [PS:No offense to the Adidas track suit wearing Lithuanians, you may continue electro shuffling.]

    I hate when people compare/mistake us with russians. This is immature way to stereotype people, smh.

    So you're saying that is Russian behavior, which is also you stereotyping Russians as those type of people. How mature of you. It's called a joke Greta. Learn to move through life without the need to immediately assume everyone is hating on you. ♥ Peace. ☯ ☮

    It is possible that people assume Lithuanian and Russians were similar based on the same stereotype. Similar to how some cannot differentiate between Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Thai folks. Greta is likely not stating these stereotypes were true of Russians, but that they were attributed to be fairly true of Russians, which was then assumed true of Lithuanians.

    Especially since Lithuania isn't quite a country most heard of (I myself thought of Luxembourg, for some odd reason. I think three of current my girlfriends are from there) compared to international juggernaut known as Russia.

    Which is then Greta acknowledging the stereotype, not professing a belief in it.

    Just like how people can't tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean except by language and their last names. = w=
  • Trap Queen Question

    Cellsius wrote: »
    Random question. I have played this game for several years as a female char and just let everyone assume I’m a lady and made really good friends this way. Now I’m like uhhh I wish I told them I was a dude because now I feel like I can’t tell them because they wouldn’t want to be my friends because I lied and I don’t want to only be thought of as a trap. I can’t ever do anything like discord or other stuff because obvi. Not to mention it sounds creepy as I type this out.

    Any thoughts? Should I tell everyone I’m a dude or never say anything and avoid it forever?

    My comrade. I will now begin the ultimate story of the true King of Traps!

    How everyone still loves him and even straight males feel extremely conflicted but still willingly accepted him as a true bro after finding out he is a dude....

    Ladies and gentlemen! I give you Astolfo! >;O

    Everyone loves him. = w=

    In short if you're a great person, people will love you no matter what, male or female! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOO! >;D
  • Worth getting back into?

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    Gaea wrote: »
    Yeah that elf comment isn't exactly accurate. Mainly see humans running around. Have to have that "game breaking" fh. ;)

    Hey just because I came back and destroyed a good handful of those crappy cone eared sand turds who laugh like an electrocuted hamster, doesn’t mean that they are no longer out there breeding and multiplying beneath the sands of Filia while we are distracted by the black dragon.

    They’ll be back. And before you know it, one of them will be humping your leg. Mark my words @Gaea , we need another great purge. We have to finish the job and wipe out all the elves this time! >;(
    Clegunna wrote: »
    not really im doing mutiple other things right now this kind of my background thing. way different than making a whole new char and starting a tutorial process just to get rid of it. just saying

    Please let me help you, since Arjune and Gaea seem to have forgotten how to speak to people outside of these forums with manners.

    This will help you decide once and for all.

    For me with every game that’s great and fun, there are people in it who make it great and fun and exciting, the ones who you login to play with and to talk to, it’s the community really, but the Mabinogi community is a great shadow of its former self. People rarely do anything together or do anything at all.

    Another thing is how consistently the game updates. Mabinogi can go for a year or two without any update, leaving people there to rot and letting the game stale.

    What kept me in another game for so long was my clan and the amazing people I have gathered. I keep things interesting for them and they keep things interesting for me, the second thing is the community, oh man the community is just so wonderful and hilarious, it reminded me of Mabinogi when it was at its prime.

    But basically it has a lot to do with people and who you can play with once you are done with the content at the end of the day and whether or not the game is still challenging or if it can offer up anymore surprises in its stories or lore.

    You are better off playing something that you can make a lot of friends in, like VRChat for example or you can join me on Warframe and I can introduce you to the clan of 1000 people and many of my dear friends whom I made along the way from many other games including Mabinogi.

    So you need to ask yourself and perhaps ask this community this question.

    Does this community still have a community and are there people who you can form a friendship with that keeps you coming back for more?

  • Worth getting back into?

    Nilrem wrote: »
    Its a very different game since way back then, so just hop on and see what its like.

    And maybe say what server you are on in case someone wants to help you get familiar again.


    Long answer no.

    Short answer yes.

    Nothing has really improved about the game apart from the new content.

    The game is still as you once know it to be. Things don't ever change. The only thing that has change is the number of interesting people and player interactions.

    Everyone is a fashionogi, elves are running rampant...., and they are all afk.