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    I might be wrong, but I think they implemented the Doki Doki version of the event into this event instead of the Connous beach vacation version.


  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    I read through the thread and I did want to say that I appreciated that an admin did comment on the community's outrage.
    Personally, I just think that this event was just poorly designed from the get-go.

    'Raffle-style' events that give away extremely valuable end-game items seems like a petri dish for alt abuse. Nexon has been releasing many low-effort high reward events (such as the AFK Puzzle event or the balloon portion of the easter event). These kinds of events simply require someone to log in, AFK, claim an item, and then mail it to the main character. Then, they saturate the market with these items (for example, Chichol wings, everyday hoodies, summer vacation sets) and profit. I think the best solution for this would be to design events that reward based on effort (many people have already suggested this, I thought I'd elaborate a bit) rather than simple AFK events.
    We could have events similar to the SAO dungeon event (where you could grind dungeons for rewards and coins to redeem for rewards).
    That event had multiple difficulty levels (with different dungeons being used) that allowed for milletians of all experience levels to participate. The problem arises with deciding when to scale the social aspect with alts. I think combating this with a party restriction (for example, 1-2 people max, or maybe having certain days allow more people to enter [like weekends], or perhaps level restrictions (similar to shadow missions) can help scale down bot farming parties. It also allows for some social interactions. I also read (either in this forum or the other forum about the bootleg cat-marble spin event) that many people didn't like the whole 35 spins a day limit. This event (or other events designed in a similar manner) would allow for limitless participation (as long as you're willing to work for it). Obviously, not every event can be conducted like this (or else it'll be boring!) so there's always room for variability. Events should not provide massive benefits for botters and alt exploiters. I can understand that there are many players who put a lot of effort into both main and alt characters, and it's okay to reward players in such scenarios. But when all it takes to recieve rewards is for someone to log in on a bunch of accounts and AFK, it seems unfair to normal players. As someone in this thread stated, If they can exploit something, they will do it.

    Also, I don't agree with the mentality of "Well if you don't want to deal with the lag/low chances/trolls/alts, then don't participate, it's that simple!"
    Events should be something that all players can enjoy. In this situation, it seems that more people are annoyed. If a game is releasing events that very few people find enjoyable or provides benefits to a tiny portion of its players, it's doing something fundamentally wrong.

    I definitely agree with the assertion that not all events need to be newbie friendly. While it can be good to have some of those events from time to time, not every event needs to cater to that audience. Plus with the introduction of memoirs, it is ludicrously easy to reach 5k total and reach moderate damage output. I think that every once in a while, events that cater toward the more advanced players wouldn't hurt. I'm not saying that every event should be so, but it shouldn't be out of the picture.

    With that being said, some of these suggestions that arose during discussion throughout the thread do have a lot of potential uses in future events though. For example, someone pointed out that having large masses of people gather in one spot is generally a horrible idea (apparently milletians need to social distance too).
    Just please, Nexon, never release an event like this again. Based on what I've observed over the years, it'll be met with outrage/bitterness/clownery :^(
    I know that some of you may be thinking: "Just do better events next time!" but we'd still like conducive feedback on how this type of event could be improved. I like some of the things y'all wrote in here.
    Perhaps not releasing these kinds of events altogether might be the best option?

    Anyways, these were just my thoughts :^)
    Please don't clown me too hard, I'm trying my best ;-;

    This whole thread is exactly what we need.
    We need an actual use from the guild hall aside from a quick warp to Rath/Stone
    It start off as a max lvl HS size, and then every day, guild members can contribute a daily limit of their own homestead stones to work toward expanding the area. For example, lvl 1->2 requires 5,000 Homestead stones, with a daily limit of 5/person. that means it would take a minimum of 1000 deposits. These numbers can change based on the size of the guild to level the playing field for smaller guilds.
    The formula could be:
    (# of Guild Members x 35) + (2,000 for every guild below 10 members)
    Meaning it would take about 7 days if EVERYONE in the guild donated every day for those 7 days, assuming that the guild has more than 10 members.

    As for creating items, I feel like they should be able to be created just like any other HS item. For example, Anvils can be crafted using the traditional HS anvil crafting requirements. However, to balance their wide availability, it should be 2x the crafting materials or a 10 pon fee. The item can be accessed by the whole guild, making it more valuable than any regular HS item that only you and your friends can use.

    Also, allow the usage of HS seed kits in the Guild hall. However, you need 2 HS seed kits (The little leaf thing) to craft 1 of the respective item. For example, if I want to place 1 Fir Tree, I need 2 fir tree seed kits.
    You can also just directly make the item (Ex. Fir tree) but it requires 6 HS stones instead of 3.

    Just an idea to help balance things out and encourage guilds to actually work on the guild hall over time instead of just buying everything. Kinda ruins the fun when you can just buy a bunch of seeds and mass grow them. Instead, this encourages the guild to work together to improve the guild space in a collaborative way.
    Anyways, this was a long idea, maybe a little too wild, but I tried :^)
  • We need a Transformation Revamp.

    I do feel that customization is definitely lacking in the transformations. If they can change Eidos customization, they can probably implement DK/Pala/Beast cosmetics.
    Cosmetics at the very least.
    As for the stats, I do feel that I receive a decent boost along with the passives. I go from around 2k HP to 3.2k HP on my All R1 Dark Knight transformation.
    Paired with a lvl 200 Jack pet and R1 Divine Link, It brings it up to about 3.7k HP, 2.5k MP, and 2.3k STAM, which is pretty good to me.
    My Stats generally also increase a decent amount, from STR going gaining around 100-400. But then again, DK is a little more random.

    The enchants could also help, but I find myself never really using transformation aside from a quick MP recovery. Of course, others may use it in battle quite often, but I find that it suits my needs well.
    And unless these enchants provide a massive stat boost, most would probably opt to use enchants that are constantly active regardless of transformation.

  • Triona Server - An alternate permadeath suggestion

    Draech wrote: »
    I put my response to Cho in a spoiler tag, 'cause it's long as hell and I didn't want to make everyone have to skip over it every time.
    Cho wrote: »
    I think this would be fun for a while but once you hit 200 you gain AP very slowly. It can be balanced with AP from generation quests, journal achievements, and daily quests but your idea puts a soft cap on how much you can grow.

    Yeah, maybe a constant triple AP could help with AP gain. Still, I think someone Level 200 would most likely have enough experience to not die for a while, thus making them gain AP at a regular rate without giving too much.

    Cho wrote: »
    Having 30 seconds to revive someone makes party play and solo play very uneven. You're technically punished for not having friends, a party, guildmates, knowing someone who can buy ADV feathers, etc.

    That's the point. In a "death game," being alone is the worst call you can make; you should always have someone else with you, especially if they cover what you don't. Soloing would still be a thing, but you wouldn't solo unless you know what you're doing. And in this kind of server, I believe there would always be someone willing to help you out. (If you're familiar with Dungeons and Dragons or Monster Hunter, you'd know that having someone with you changes everything.)

    Cho wrote: »
    You've tweaked gameplay and mechanics way more than my idea. If this is just your own original idea added to this then fine but if you feel this is needed to make permadeath, it's not in my opinion. It makes the idea of the Triona Server into a permadeath server + random quality of life the base game should have. Things like guaranteed drops from bosses, players being able to repair, and reworking the reforge tool could just be added to the normal servers.

    If there's one thing I've learned from Mabinogi, it's that adding content without adjusting the rest consequently is a dumb move. The Fighter's Respite is one example, and Taming after the Dungeon Revamp is another.

    Cho wrote: »
    Even taming enemies as temp pets is a really cool idea but is it necessary? Again I don't know if you're adding this idea because you think it's better than my pet idea from my own post but where I said a 3 pet limit, you're saying a 5 pet limit + adding more work to get the pets. Also, in the end, you're still asking people to be able to solo G20 without dying unless that's one of the things you said you'll tweak. Some changes you suggest like not healing or regaining hunger after leveling or reverting moongates seem like they just increase the overall difficulty when not dying is already difficult.

    The Pet idea is to remove gameplay centered around pet spamming, and to make them more like animal companions than weapons. As for soloing G20, I don't get your point. The Gen is mostly solo, even in the final battle. And ultimately, my suggestion is not about adding the stress factor of not dying, but creating a new gameplay experience, a new approach to Mabi. Creating a second game without rebuilding from the ground up, like vanilla Skyrim vs modded Skyrim.

    Cho wrote: »
    The storyline will be in order, so you don't reminisce all of the events you've endured (G19) before actually doing them.

    You say this is done for lore reasons yet the current servers don't even do this.

    Yeah, and it's a shame. I joined right after the G19 update, and let me say it's confusing as hell to not know there's an order to the Gens.

    Cho wrote: »
    What I believe to be the most important part of the suggestion, Lore must be respected with the idea of the Triona server, if not more so than on regular servers.

    Why this has to be respected is never explained.

    The suggestion is about making the game more realistic. If you throw Lore out the window, then it's no longer a Fantasy Life MMO, just some high-budget arcade game where you play for the sake of playing rather than for immersion.
    Cho wrote: »
    Regarding your idea about monetization, I think this is very pay to win. The Cash Shop doesn't sell 500% experience fruits and AP potions regularly iirc but your idea is on that level. Paying to not lose a whole talent tree can really decrease the danger of having to start over. This is especially if people are going to focus on their main and secondary talents like you say. According to you, they'll most likely be on their main talent when they die causing them to not lose much of anything.

    I don't think it's pay-to-win. You protect the rank of a single talent, but you lose the stat bonuses from every other skill you had. You'll still need to regrind AP, you just save a bit by not releveling your active talent. Though, I guess Mages would get the biggest advantage, but not enough to call it pay-to-win.

    Cho wrote: »
    If we care about monetization here, removing gachas decreases that a lot when gacha's mainly have gear, training pots, shadow crystals, and exploration artifacts.
    a debate was held on the original suggestion regarding Characters as Parameters and Characters as Equipment. Many agreed that the impact of a character's core abilities (Str, Dex, Int, Will, Luck, HP, MP, Sta) is what makes the most difference in character potential.

    I don't think anyone disagreed with that but I disagreed with the amount of benefit gear gives a character. If you think character stats>gear, why cut out gachas that include mainly gear? With training pots, you still need the AP that you have to work for. With crystals you still need to complete the mission. Exploration artifacts have big diminishing returns after 3 or 4. Having pets would be easy to spam you say, meanwhile, you're for the idea of selling AP and selling the ability to keep your skills and your pet. The only reason buying AP is even worthwhile is because you softcapped the AP gain by removing rebirths.

    Training potions are unbalanced; they allow you to skip an entire rank of training by spending a bit of cash. Sure, they require AP, but someone could easily let all their skills at Rank F, level a bit, then die and level some more. Imagine the whale logging in on the first day and mastering every talent within the week because they've got the dough and they did just that.

    Gacha gear has been unbalanced for as long as I've been a part of this community, and from what I could read, from even before that. OP enchants, OP armors, and I'm still waiting for them to add Rank 1 Soluna Blades at 0.000001% chance (you know they'd do it). Even if it's not as important as stats, you're meant to cherish your stronger gear due to the bonuses they give that allow you to surpass your natural limits. Just buying it outright isn't the way to go about it, and why play at all if you can buy the most end-game gear anyway?

    As for pets, I don't get what's your issue. Without any summon skills and inventory, they become animal companions. And yeah, you could pay to protect the Ixiom you trained and have kept with you for the past month, because it'd be a real shame to lose it; yet you can still retrain another just as easily. How is this pay-to-win?

    Cho wrote: »
    People suggested to me there would need to be a lot of changes to make a permadeath server work which I disagreed with but your post seems like there are QoL and random adjustments that are just added for no reason. The more you add, the more complex the idea, I believe it would be way harder to implement. I think it'd be fine to suggest your changes like the store-bought reforge change or the player repairing idea to the regular servers first.

    Though it is Quality of Life improvements, I'm not making these suggestions for the base game. I'm making them because I think they're needed to make permadeath palatable, and saying "Put these on every server" would trigger a series of angry responses that have nothing to do with the core suggestion.

    & This is how you're supposed to respond to constructive feedback in the forums; take notes, Cho
    Overall, I feel like your idea split paths from Cho's. Your idea was actually developed thoughtfully and considered the feedback that was given based on his thread, but it's different enough to consider it as its own idea.
    I get that people hate slow movement (I do too), but walking around forces people to take the time and appreciate the environment, the music, etc. Also, I thought it would add some "seriousness" to hunger being a thing again.

    As for squires, I wouldn't make them reset. We died; they didn't. On the other hand, though, I'd want to see their likeability fall a bit like with NPC likeability. (Plus, it's something that can easily be regained.)
    This actually works well. I remember having to run all across the map; Sen Mag was quite the journey; I feel like this would add to the immersive gameplay style, similar to commencing in a pack to deter bandits.
    Speaking of which: Ducats, what would happen to those?

    I also find your monetization system not Pay2Win as Cho claims. It offers marketable products that offer benefits, but not to the point of breaking the game. I feel like the protection of talent is almost similar to an Enchant protection potion in some ways. It protects the object in a risky situation but does not ensure that it succeeds. You'll still lose the powder and the durability of the enchant per attempt. This parallels with the character: You'll protect that specific talent, but not the character and all of his/her/their equipment/other skills/stats.
    The pet saving sounds interesting as well. You do bring up a fair point by saying that it saves the trouble of having to re-tame. It is merely a convenience item rather than something that can be abused to affect gameplay. It doesn't provide an inherently unfair advantage; anyone can also obtain that same pet by taming.