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  • We're looking forward to welcoming new members to our community! I love being a part of Capulet! Forever & always my 2nd home!
  • I've been with Capulet for years and I've enjoyed every moment! The amount of memories I've made here would put Blaanid to shame! Join Capulet, we're looking forward to seeing you! :^)
  • I might be wrong, but I think they implemented the Doki Doki version of the event into this event instead of the Connous beach vacation version. yikes
  • IGN: Sarin Server: Nao Word Count: 300 Title: Caravan Chaos Ladeca and Eweca shined brightly, illuminating the night sky as the caravan of merchants slowly made their way across Blago Prairie. The sweet scent of grapes radiated throughout t…
  • Greta wrote: » Harukari wrote: » Why am I just now seeing different colored wings from Synth, when Synth has been a thing for ages. Can you synth any wings though? It might be only certain wings. I think wings like the Black Dragon Knight'…
  • I read through the thread and I did want to say that I appreciated that an admin did comment on the community's outrage. Personally, I just think that this event was just poorly designed from the get-go. 'Raffle-style' events that give away extr…
  • Yeah, I've been seeing oddly colored wings (Like grey purple flame wings) on the auction house and was wondering how this was happening xD Though it would suck to spend millions to get a fabric or something
  • Thanks! I'm an idiot and forgot that was a thing ;-;
  • Hi! Fabledblade here! I joined about 4 years ago in summer of '15 and I haven't regretted it! We're a tight-knit community of players that are working toward having fun! We love to run events, dungeons, shadow missions, and raids! I'm also a member…
  • It would kind of defeat the whole purpose of burning items and re-enchanting, but it could work.
  • ... I remember a whole event about the bot bombs... Can't they just add that but like for chat spammers? Idk the exact perameters. Or maybe have a community spam bot force? Or maybe have an option to report the spam bots, and once enough reports …
  • This whole thread is exactly what we need. We need an actual use from the guild hall aside from a quick warp to Rath/Stone It start off as a max lvl HS size, and then every day, guild members can contribute a daily limit of their own homestead sto…
  • I do feel that customization is definitely lacking in the transformations. If they can change Eidos customization, they can probably implement DK/Pala/Beast cosmetics. Cosmetics at the very least. As for the stats, I do feel that I receive a decen…
  • ^ But I feel that might be a little too complicated. It is to me anyways, but it might work. I'd like to see ducats being able to buy things too, aside from the ducat exclusive shop from the merchants. It's an interesting idea.
  • It's often times a hassle to open AH, I wish there was a hotkey just for convenience. At the very least make it be able to be hotkeyed in the settings.
  • Yeah, I agree with the NPCs needing added PTJs. Part time jobs should also have more effect on gameplay rather than being an obsolete task to do. The people really only do PTJs for HW/HS seeds nowadays.
  • Maybe add it to alchemy to Magic? Like "Conjure Projectile" or something? It'd be interesting
  • I think cooking needs to be actually blended into the game. The other life skills can create tools and weapons to help players advance in the game. However, cooking is practically useless aside from caters and quest requirements. Also: A tip: Ge…
  • Ooh! This seems interesting, I've always wanted to see rapiers reaping some benefits from the combat system.
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » It's not hard to go to the Website/fourms to look it up. We don't need this. Well, It wouldn't hurt, right? Most games, mobile and online, have event calendars. One notable example is Maplestory. I think the picture on the b…