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  • Oh yeah, I went back and found where that was mentioned! I'm interested in the continuation of this plotline. Especially since it's concerning the Fairy Queen.
  • PlatinaKoki wrote: » What constitutes a "Normal" bottle of wine? I only did Wine making when it came out, where you could get it from Rank F to 1 in 30 minutes. I believe normal counts as the point where Pencast gives you two of those specia…
  • Oh since it's Samhain, you can talk to Cethlenn, so here's what Cethlenn's response to the A Mysterious Land keyword is: He mentions the Fairy Queen, I wonder if we will actually run into her later at some point.
  • ThePravin wrote: » All my skills were rank F still but I did just have my friend make me a two star then I trained out of it. Does int play a role in it because I do have a crazy int level. I'm actually not sure on the Intelligence affecting i…
  • I did. And I'm really interested in where the sideplots of Mag Mell, the Queen of the Fairies, and Manannan go from here. I also really liked seeing the Squires outside of the Gate. And of course all the bonus dialogue you can get by talking to N…
  • You need to make Grand Blago wine over at the Commerce Imp using Blago Noir grapes. And then you wait. 23~24 hours later go back and do the Barrel Replacement Mini-game, and hope you do it well. (Practice first, don't have the speed too slow and d…
  • ThePravin wrote: » It's the one after you get the second book. The first time you actually have to use the formulation skill but I can't use it because I can't make any that are only one or two stars. I have a feeling you advanced your other sk…
  • Oh yeah, and I didn't see for myself, but what happens if you don't outrun that black hole attack? Is it just instant KO?
  • The other thing was that Hymerark's Whisper debuff you get. That drain on all three of your bars gets pretty rough. Those tornadoes were a menace, though.
  • Crimsọn wrote: » Anyone got the material list for the items we need? Sorta, though some item names I'm not sure on the name. Basically mostly herbs/paint/leathers. Soft Parchment: one of the materials needed to make Magic Parchment 20 Chea…
  • I keep getting "Something has gone wrong." errors on the forums. But only when I'm logged in and doing certain things like trying to use the "Mark All/Category Viewed" or trying to view a forum post I've made a post in recently. It just brings up …
  • Also on January 7th, the Generation Boost Event titles will also be going away. Time to say goodbye to those Guardian/Blessed/Luminous/Glorious/Legendary/Eternal Milletian titles.
  • Momma_Sophie wrote: » I don't really understand what Section 1 is trying to request. Section 2 would be cool, if Transformations became generally useful again. As it stands, most Combatinogi wouldn't bother transforming (unless they had a [Tran…
  • Crimsọn wrote: » Is it now possible to tame a banshee? I just tried in peaca basic and it didn't go well AT ALL. Got kemono friends title, in adventurer talent, and even have a red scar life exploration taming cane - don't ask about that one, I…
  • I'm seeing this issue as well. The interface that shows giftable score scrolls just doesn't show score scrolls, even though that option is specifically for them.
  • Wow, I totally missed these kinds of details, since I wasn't wearing anything special. I think this kind of stuff is really neat.
  • The ones from the Dungeon Support Boxes have a cooldown time of 24 hours, not 7 days. If you're still on a 7 day cooldown from some event Forgetful Potion, then you still won't be able to drink these 1-day cooldown ones, though. Have to be careful…
  • I just saw that, too. xD I saw the extra dialogue last time, and I was surprised that was still the case this time around as well. I love this kind of stuff!
  • Ha, this is a neat idea. It reminds me of the upcoming Magigraphy Talent. One of the things you need to make magigraphs is parchment, and this is made from leathers. There's 4 recipes, all making the same parchment, but the materials required a…
  • So to paraphrase, we're getting G25 Part 1 this Thursday, Part 2 will come later, so this coming update won't have the stuff like the Pragarach Technique or the Magigraphy Talent. Part 2's probably going to come in 2021, maybe January or February o…