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  • You should be able to get rid of them if they're actually expired by going to your inventory's main inventory window and clicking the icon that looks like an hourglass. That's the button to destroy all expired items in your inventory (with exceptio…
  • Time to take advantage of the last days of the free repair event. Also the Long Island Iced Teas are even better than normal 1 day 2x all skill potions, because their duration doesn't tick down while logged out like ordinary ones.
  • Melbell wrote: » I just checked both the Summer Coin Shop and the Vacation Coin shop and neither have it. I also checked Fionnait's shop and she doesn't carry it either. Nor does it appear to be a reward for any of the other event quests for this …
  • I'd say hope for some from the currently-running Study Event. All the potions for the current weekly quest can come from it. Probably the best shot. They should've added all those potions to Fionnait's pinecone shop, considering she sells Wea…
  • CMKyrios wrote: » Wanted to bump this topic. Today's
  • EvilJinn wrote: » Compliance wrote: » Empty bottles/bottled anything are equips, so I don't think they will ever stack. They are simply not a good stacking choice. Also, gems of the same cm stacking would be rather difficult since there are so…
  • Hmm, precursor to the new
  • Oh, that was weird. I was having issues, even after doing the things mentioned above. Then it was fixed and I was still having issues, albeit a new one saying something like "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed,…
  • Now this is a spectacle for your homestead.
  • Bobbio wrote: » Are dye's required to trigger certain effects in this talent? If so I better get myself a fractal well jeebuz. No, it should be "Paint". Made from handicraft, using Herbs and Fish and Water.
  • noobodyzxz wrote: » snow white and beauty and the beast ehh! (the disney version) I'm hoping they would add alice in wonder land too actually I just want another bunny ears one that is pointy and isn't folded (Creepy Rabbit Ear Headband looks go…
  • Oh, it's a gacha. With a name like that I was expecting this to be another one of those themed events with self-contained storylines, kind of like the Belisha event or the Moonlight Dreams event. I like those kinds of things. Especially if they b…
  • snowystar wrote: » From the past few days, seems like on the days I do burnishing first, I got the coin. If I do Mag Mell dungeon first, I don't get the coin for burnishing... I'll have to try this myself, now that there's gonna be an extension…
  • It's a bit of a shame I couldn't get a Katell Figure to go with the Pinkie one I got from the event coin shop due to the Fynn Bead Burnishing daily quest being broken for me. Oh, well.
  • As a small thing, I think the "bug" you saw of people infinitely spawning their pets isn't a bug, but that person using the Pet Interaction system in a kind of obnoxious way. The Pet Interaction lets you do a lot of things with a pet, with certai…
    in Muting NPC Comment by Iyasenu August 18
  • Sounds smart. Usually holding Alt to see your pet's name can make it a little easier to click small pets amidst the chaos, but that can even be less reliable if there's lots of names all shifting around or can't even be done in the case of your F…
  • TNinja wrote: » Yeah so uh. Any update on the whole" Fynni Burnish" daily mission not working? Me too. I'm hesitant to waste any more beads to test every day to see if "maybe it fixed itself for some reason".
  • RYANX4 wrote: » uh how do you start this quest the Light within the ore? i have no idea any help would be nice thanks You'll have to wait until after the maintenance tomorrow. That's when the update is that actually adds that skill in.
    in Fynn beads? Comment by Iyasenu August 12
  • Heh, they're using those fancy schmancy graphics for this trailer, too. I mean, it'd be kinda nice for the game to receive a graphical facelift, but it hasn't! It's a pretty trailer, despite being very unrepresentative of Mabi's in-game graphics.
  • Kind of old thread, but I was checking patch notes over at KR Mabi with Google Translate and saw this one about a patch on the KR Test Server back on July 23rd. It's mostly about the…