Check out the patch notes for the G25 Hypernova: Glyphwright update:
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  • Altam Special Dialog G25 (SPOILERS)

    I just saw that, too. xD
    I saw the extra dialogue last time, and I was surprised that was still the case this time around as well.

    I love this kind of stuff!
    CrimsọnRadiant Dawn
  • Community Livestream - G25 Hypernova: Eclipse

    So to paraphrase, we're getting G25 Part 1 this Thursday, Part 2 will come later, so this coming update won't have the stuff like the Pragarach Technique or the Magigraphy Talent. Part 2's probably going to come in 2021, maybe January or February or something.
    Hope it's not too long of a wait in between parts.

    Next, it was acknowledged during the stream after a chat member brought it up, but they're aware of the recent pet summon lag issues affecting many players. It's being looked into, I hope it gets resolved someday soon.

    Also, the Bingo event has daily tasks to get sticker packs, but due to how the event works, it's hard to fully blackout the Bingo board, so the Wings for a 4-time blackout aren't gonna be likely without a lot of good luck. The same can be said for even the two/three-time blackout prizes like the outfit selection box, but the outfits also have a random chance of dropping from the gift box you get for each bingo line.

    And finally there's gonna be a new gacha. So that'll probably have an announcement page go up within the next few days.

    Did I leave anything out?
  • Community Livestream - G25 Hypernova: Eclipse

    Heh, talking in the third person!

    See ya there, lookin forward to the Generation update.
  • Game Freeze when using a specifict sword

    It's a combination of two issues.

    First, is the lag when your wolf first spawns in.
    This is the issue over in the bug report. I can't give much help in that regard, except it seems to affect certain characters, while some go unaffected.

    Second, is an issue with all summon-type things with very active AI.
    Your summons will just flood your client with so many commands in a short period of time, it essentially clogs up your own inputs.
    This is noticeable if you do something like give yourself a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies and then summon a partner that ALSO is equipped with a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies.
    You'd end up with like 8 summons, your partner, AND your own character all telling the client "Hey, i'm gonna attack that monster!" all at once, and it can lead to situations of you yourself not being able to tell the game what you want your actual character to do.

    I don't remember the Marshal weapons summoning things for TOO long, but the things they do summon have pretty active AIs that are always wanting to spam attack the nearest target, it could lead to issues on its own.
  • Forgetful Potion now once a Week?

    Read the item descriptions of the Forgetful Potions you use more carefully.

    Here's a 1-day cooldown variant
    This one is from the 1st clear boxes from the dungeon guide system.

    Here's a 1-week cooldown variant
    This one is usually from events.
    Though of course events can probably hand out the 1-day cooldown variant as well, always be sure to read the description to make your decision and don't get slapped with a 1-week cooldown you aren't prepared for.