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  • lots of typos in g24

    Kind of a spoiler but this actually isn't a typo, it's correct.

    The girl is indeed the Marleid that you know as the blue-haired knight lady, but it turns out that wasn't always her name, and that she took on the name of her childhood friend, the boy, young Cethlenn, in this RP mission.
    The name Cethlenn was given to him by Vayne/Balor/Beimnech but Cethlenn's real name is Marleid, something that's first revealed in this RP mission.
  • Sales Heads-Up! 1/7/2021

    Also on January 7th, the Generation Boost Event titles will also be going away.
    Time to say goodbye to those Guardian/Blessed/Luminous/Glorious/Legendary/Eternal Milletian titles.
  • Dungeon Guide Support Boxes

    The ones from the Dungeon Support Boxes have a cooldown time of 24 hours, not 7 days.
    If you're still on a 7 day cooldown from some event Forgetful Potion, then you still won't be able to drink these 1-day cooldown ones, though.
    Have to be careful, and be aware of which kind of Forgetful Potion you're dealing with.

    Check the descriptions of the Forgetful Potion before you drink, so you'll be prepared for its cooldown, whether it's 7 days or 1 day.
    I sure wish they put that kind of info in the item's name, and not just a slight difference in the item's description.
    It wouldn't be too much to change "Forgetful Potion" into "Forgetful Potion (Weekly)" and "Forgetful Potion (Daily)". or something like that.

    But really, these shouldn't expire at all. The only purpose seems to be to screw the player over for little reason.
    I mean they're already extremely untradeable and still have a cooldown of a day anyways.
  • Game Freeze when using a specifict sword

    It's a combination of two issues.

    First, is the lag when your wolf first spawns in.
    This is the issue over in the bug report. I can't give much help in that regard, except it seems to affect certain characters, while some go unaffected.

    Second, is an issue with all summon-type things with very active AI.
    Your summons will just flood your client with so many commands in a short period of time, it essentially clogs up your own inputs.
    This is noticeable if you do something like give yourself a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies and then summon a partner that ALSO is equipped with a Ragdoll weapon that summons enemies.
    You'd end up with like 8 summons, your partner, AND your own character all telling the client "Hey, i'm gonna attack that monster!" all at once, and it can lead to situations of you yourself not being able to tell the game what you want your actual character to do.

    I don't remember the Marshal weapons summoning things for TOO long, but the things they do summon have pretty active AIs that are always wanting to spam attack the nearest target, it could lead to issues on its own.
  • Pet Summon Lag

    Issue: Currently, summoning a pet causes lag, in that the character cannot do actions for a few seconds after the pet is summoned.
    This includes attacking, moving items in inventory, using Fynn Bead Skills, and many other actions.
    The issue extends to pets summoned through Friend Summon and also applies to summoning Doll Bag dolls.

    What happens: The character experiences lag preventing many actions for a few seconds after summoning a new pet, or other type of summon, preventing many actions from being performed immediately after summoning.

    What should happen: There shouldn't be any abnormal lag caused by summoning.

    Server: Nao
    IGN: Teraschione

    But geez how do you get proof of this.
    Others have corroborated this lag, so I know it's not just me.
    Can others also attest to this?
    It feels like it was recently added with this most recent maint, but I've felt some kind of lag for summoning pets for a while, but this has definitely been exacerbated recently.