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  • *NEW* Magigraphy Talent

    Bobbio wrote: »
    Are dye's required to trigger certain effects in this talent? If so I better get myself a fractal well jeebuz.

    No, it should be "Paint".
    Made from handicraft, using Herbs and Fish and Water.
  • Muting NPC

    As a small thing, I think the "bug" you saw of people infinitely spawning their pets isn't a bug, but that person using the Pet Interaction system in a kind of obnoxious way.

    The Pet Interaction lets you do a lot of things with a pet, with certain things as a trigger.
    One of the things you can make a pet do is play certain animations, like "attack" or "be hit".
    And one of the animations available is "Summon" for pets that have an on-summon Skill.
    It can be annoying with certain pets, like Flying Food Truck or a lot of the dragon pets with noisy summon skills.
  • Catsidhe Life skill training bonus for Pet trainer

    Kind of old thread, but I was checking patch notes over at KR Mabi with Google Translate and saw this one about a patch on the KR Test Server back on July 23rd.

    It's mostly about the new Magigraph Talent, but down at the bottom you can see this:

    Excuse the google translate oddities, like Catsidhe = Cat-shee = Katsy, but it's close enough.
    It says "Pet handling talents" and "Magical talents" but these are referring to Pet Trainer which we got recently, and the Magigraphy Talent, which is still future content.
    Google Translate also refers to this as "Blooming Memory" but it's called Blooming Nostalgia here.
    It's the passive skill that Catsidhe pets get that grants 2x skill exp for the life talent of your choice when you summon a Catsidhe without having chosen one already.

    Now as far as I know, this is still only on the Test Server, but it seems like this will eventually be a thing here.
    We don't currently have the ability to have a Catsidhe grant 2x skill training to Pet Trainer talent, but will in the future, unless something changes.
  • G25 HyperNova!

    Meridis wrote: »
    Players will be able to draw their own magic circles, its another new talent, its on youtube.

    Having trouble finding videos showing the new talent. Can you give a link or explain it? pretty curious about it myself.

    You mean some more info than the video Pip-Boy showed near the bottom of page 1 of this thread?
    That video showed off the skills in the talent, at least.
    This one:

    Other than that, there's not much to see yet.

    Five skills in the new Life Talent, Magigraphy.
    Tool Craft- You use this to make stuff like ink, parchment, quills for actually drawing magigraphs.
    The materials are things like paint, herbs, leathers, and such.

    Magigraphy Knowledge- A passive skill, like a mastery. Affects things like magigraph quality and how long the effects last.
    This seems to be increased through quests/skillbooks/learning from others, like Musical Knowledge or other similar skills

    Magigraph Design- You use an interface to design your magigraph circle, using things like lines, shapes like stars, hearts, squares, to actually draw how you want your magigraph to look. Higher rank means more allowed shapes, from 10 at rF to 50 at r1.

    Magigraph Imagery- Adds an effect to your designed magigraph item, randomly. Magigraph effect can either be positive, to provide boosts to you or allies, or negative to provide debuffs to enemies. Things like affecting skills, in a manner similar to reforge effects, can appear as well. Ranging from level 1 to 10, generally. And the effects can stack with reforges, though not all of them can.

    Magigraph Activation- Actually using your designed magigraphs. Click the "Manage" button next to the skill, like Dance of Death has, lets you apply up to 3 of your designed magigraphs to make your activated magigraph have 3 effects.

    There isn't much to actually show other than that. Design a magic circle, hope you get the effects you want, and use them.
  • Well, that wasn't too difficult (10k corgi)

    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    Getting all the Fynni pets required is pretty easy seeing as how you can get a free blossoming cage for each of your alts in a few minutes of work and use them to blossom werewolf gems. Even at rank F you'd get a level 150 pet for basically no work.
    The real challenge is the 500+ magic powders. It took me an hour straight of hitting a lamp post to get enough gems to make around 30 even with the trade in quests. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

    It can sound kind of wasteful, but you can "enchant burn" anything, even a single piece of gold, and you'll "fail" and receive 1 Magic Powder in return.
    It's basically using a campfire to turn Any Item + 1 Holy Water + 1 Mana Herb into 1 Magic Powder.

    Also about hitting stuff for gems, have you checked out the shop area sign over in Port Cobh?
    It's over by the area where you can set up personal shops, and has a higher-than-normal drop rate compared to almost every other normal whackable object.