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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • Please consider removing limits

    I'd appreciate it if Nexon KR would consider taking away all limits for the NA server. I know Korea has rules about how long people are allowed to play video games, and that's the only reason why I'd see run limits being added as a positive gameplay feature, but we don't have government rules like that.

    Especially considering our server is so much smaller, it'd benefit us a lot more to let those of us that like grinding long hours to be able to do so for any content as much as we want. That includes Tech Duinn, Crom Bás, Glenn Bearna, Uladh Dungeons, and Avalon Purifications. That way we could actually have materials being sold on the market for reasonable prices.

    I'd appreciate it if they would consider our server size and the way our community likes to spend their time, rather than just porting over the same update that Mabi KR gets. I really appreciate the increased drop rates, but with people being unable to run tech more than 15 times a week, only 1 person in the party being able to get a nice prize, and our small server population compared to KR's population, it's going to make trying to play combat content and making good weapons not worth the effort anymore. The materials will be way too expensive, and your chances of finding the drop yourself will be really hard with the limits.
  • Where to get the cool outfits

    Pay attention to the events we get in-game (quests related will show up under an Event tab, and there will be a webpost for each new event on the Mabinogi webpage). Some of them have fun outfits as rewards! Outside of events, anything that you can't get from an NPC or sew yourself is from gachapons (real money gambling rip). You can also look on the Auction House to see if any players are trading an outfit you want for in-game gold!
  • Apocalypse Raid Update Preview

    "The first party of Milletians to defeat this monstrosity will obtain the title The Gravedigger"

    So between that and the Avalon seal breaker only 5 (well 8 for Nao, 5 for Alexina) people on the server are able to have a title that grants +1 Piercing. Can ya'll please have some sort of event-earned or permanent in-game earned title that adds piercing for everyone to be able to earn? Competitive prizes shouldn't give people this much of a leg-up, they should be mostly for show or at least a clone of something that's permanent but difficult to obtain through normal gameplay.
  • [Recruiting] Capulet Guild

    Capulet's guild recruitment is officially open again!

    There is a small update to our requirements to join, since we've had the Blaanid revamp now, they are:

    - Finish the first 3 Blaanid Memoir Books
    - Finish Gen 19
    - Have at least one Blossoming Memories weapon (obtainable after doing the first 3 blaanid books and having one master talent in any of the combat talents)

    We're not super elite giga pro, but we do focus on the combat content of Mabi more than anything else, and we're looking for new friends to run the newer content with! Thankfully the Blaanid revamp has made it really easy to catch up to mid-game, the new Blossoming Memories weapons are almost as good as the Celtic weapons, so we're hoping to find a bunch of new friends that are ready to get started on the journey to end-game!

    You don't have to be super good at the end-game stuff to join, we just want everyone in our guild to at least have the Girgashiy raids unlocked so you aren't left out of guild runs! We're happy to teach you how to run all the new stuff, we just want our new members to meet the above requirements because we don't run a lot of the early-game stuff anymore, and we want everyone to have fun together!
  • [Recruiting] Capulet Guild


    An update: If you join our guild before May 7th, then you will be able to get into our guild Minecraft server before we fight the Ender Dragon for the first time! So, if you want to be apart of that journey, quit procrastinating and add me as a friend already! :D


    Also, we're currently setting up a second Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign, and all new members are welcome to join it! First time D&D players are very welcome as well!