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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • When Are AP Events (2x/3x/10x)?

    They usually come around during summer and winter breaks when the kiddos are out of school. I would assume the next one or a whole Master Plan event would happen again towards the end of December, but I can't say for sure.
  • Nexon pls tone down the amount of concurent events

    Yea it really was such a burn out doing all of the Fantastic Memory events. I had to remember to log in and do my event every single day for 2 months without missing too many days or else the Lord of the Seas outfit would never be mine. Not to mention my cat was sick and going in and out of vet visits frequently during that time, so I had to find time to remember to do my boring recycled event on top of all that stress for 2 months straight. (cat is better now btw, i was afraid she might die but medicine helped her)

    I wasn't even really excited for the new stage because it was dropped in the middle of Fantastic Memory and I just thought "I have to do MORE now?!"

    I know I don't have to do every single event, but I enjoy collecting outfits and homestead things, and I really enjoy the music stuff in Mabi so the rewards for the Fantastic stage whatever was appealing to me too. But it was so much at the same time.

    I'm ignoring the current attendance event because I'm just burnt out from doing the Fantastic Memory one now.

    I am excited for the new upcoming Halloween event, it's my favorite holiday, but if any other events are tagged on along with it I'll be ignoring those too. It's just too much at once.
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  • Event Heads-Up! 10/10/19

    You know I completely forgot to spend my melodies. I just got my Lord of the Seas outfit and that was the only prize I cared about and totally forgot about everything else lol. There wasn't anything in the prize shop that got my interest, though, since most of the stuff expired so I really don't care about it. I'm just happy for the outfit <3
  • [PART 4] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    Alshian wrote: »
    lookin thirsty there buddy, may I interest ya with the finest Tara Honey Drink by our fair lady Lileas? Karpfen the mighty gave it full stars satisfaction every gulp and still gulping it down.

    Act fast before they run out for Karpfen knows no end.

    All I need is water ;)
  • Darrig event drop rates.

    Yea I didn't put any effort into the Darrig event. What coins I did get without making any effort for them I threw at reforges and otherwise ignored the event entirely. All the expiring rewards make events not worth even having imo, and the very few good rewards that don't expire have insane rng rates.