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  • Duel Wielding Idea for Elves

    Or they could let elves duel wield wands. They could incorporate a fusion bolt chain cast when used with two chaincasting wands, or make it where someone can chain cast intermediate magic (AKA using two ice wands would let an elf charge two or more charges of ice spear).

    I think that would be an interesting way of giving elves something unique. Since giants can dual wield maces, I think elves dual wielding wands would make sense.
  • New character races and stories

    You know, that's not a bad idea. Having new races would be great for having more options when rebirthing especially since rebirths are free and weekly these days. Though if they do that, I'd like to have a race that's not in the game... Like maybe having a demon race (Sure we have fomors, but there's very little lore on actual demons in Erinn, and having some demons would be interesting). I once suggested werewolf and vampire characters to include a storyline of werewolves vs vampires, but no one really cared for that suggestion. Thinking of some other races might add a little variety to the game and give people other things.

    I do like the idea of playing as a succubus or incubus. I think that would be kind of fun, and they easily fit into the lore. And adding them could include a storyline to add lore to the Succubus Queen and the Incubus King (who hasn't been introduced yet in America)
  • Multiplayer Main Gen Quests

    Xki wrote: »

    Also true! But I know of a few (including myself) Who can't seem to get passed certain parts of the main quests and/or are berried in them because they came back or something. I agree they have Raids and Tech Duinn missions but for those of us who can't do them due to lacking main story, unless it that was changed, it would be nice to add some more main quests I believe. Although you have a good point, i'd still say.

    Also, Iyasenu up there mentioned the option of opting out which i think would be fantastic for those who would rather solo!

    Thank you for your opinion!~

    I agree completely. Mabi has always been about having options. Mabi usually has had solo and party options for mostly everything in the game. G1 and G3 didn't require a party of 3, but you could bring up to three people if you couldn't solo. The Shadow missions and dungeons are great examples. They have party missions, but also solo-able missions. Mabi has always been about us having multiple ways to do things. But it seems like ever since G19 the game is relying on forcing people to do things they don't want to do, or limiting players far more than it ever has before.

    And yeah, I definitely think that a lot of these missions in the current generations are not designed properly to be solo'd. I feel like a lot of these were designed to be done in parties (like the G22 Balor fight, as it's basically the same fight as one of the Tech Duinn mission bosses), but they just said "well, it's story, so it has to be solo'd". Their design for these story line missions really needs some improvement.

    I think the best way to do this would be to have a Royal Alchemist-style system for the new generations. Maybe some expeditionary force members you can apply to be, and be allowed to help people with story missions. That was something I liked about the alchemist chapter generations, was that at very few points was it required to have extra people, but the option to get help from a royal alchemist was there for those that find it too difficult or need the help. Having something like that I think would alleviate a lot of the tension people have toward the difficulty of G22-G24. Being able to have the extra help if you need it would be a miracle and I think it would remove a lot of complaints of people having to call for nerfs on the generations because it means that they'll be able to get help, and maybe the people helping could get rewards like rare items to keep them motivated to help people in need of that help.
  • Solo-able Tech Duinn Missions

    Lutetium wrote: »
    90% of them are complaining the game needs nerfed and you need handed rewards, this one just the same thing behind a thin veil, you want leveling techniques to be trivialized by making "easy solo Tech Duinn missions", completely negating them being a reward for any sort of achievement of ability to complete content (or pay gold to those who can) and further throw off game balance and any sense of player accomplishment or difficulty.

    This thread isn't even related to those comments, as I made this a new thread for a reason (Even though I would like to see the game rebalanced because it is unbalanced but I'm trying to avoid that discussion because that's not what this thread is about). How would a solo-able Tech Duinn mission "break the game balance"? If these missions are solo-able as you say they are, then how would giving us a solo-able mission be any different from how things are now? How does that "break the balance" when these missions mostly only exist to force the player to play these missions for stuff to level techniques?

    Honestly, you're talking about things that haven't even been brought up in this thread... Who's talking about shop items or being "handed" things? No one in this thread is talking about that. This thread is about making solo-able Tech Duinn missions (and I'm not even saying they have to be easy.) for those of us that can't get people to run these missions with us.

    And your comment already doesn't have any merit to it, because the Pre-G24 event boxes had chances to give you briogh crystals from the boxes you get just for logging in in the Pre G24 event. So the game is already handing out briogh crystals to a degree without even needing to do the Tech Duinn missions. And considering the techniques only go to level 10, and you can only have 5, I don't see how me asking for a solo-able mission to work for these crystals amounts to me "wanting things handed to me". I have not once said that I wanted the crystals handed to us. I have not once said I want a mission "easy" for us.
    Lutetium wrote: »
    Elite Shadow Missions can be solo'd under 1000 total quite easily, they are early~midgame content at best I'm not sure why you're trying to subtlebrag about it while making a thread asking for the rewards from harder content to be trivialized. Cooking dungeon combat power is also a meme, in order to reduce them to afwul only takes 1/3rd of their combat power, 2933 combat power in this case, as they have 8,800, personally they are strong to me but that's fairly meaningless since the low end of combat power to make them strong is 4400 and 6285 is required to drop them to normal. But since you feel as if you can sneak your intentions by an pretend you're stronger than you are, I calculated my combat power and looked up the closest monster, currently the Hard Mode Small Shadow Commander and took a photo to confirm it is Weak to me:
    Your comments and this screenshot present the follow: You have a minimum of 2933.3 combat power, I have a minimum of 5600.1 combat power. You are not as strong as you believe despite your high and mighty attitude towards me here as proven by simple math.

    Fine... You're a hell of a lot stronger than I am. Congratulations, you are overpowered.

    Is that what you want me to say? Because 90% of Mabi players are not going to have stats like that. I've sunk 7 years of time and money into the game and even I don't have stats that good. I've mastered every talent but archery and alchemy and my stats are only half that (And yes, I have mastered those talents. The only thing I haven't done is grandmaster all my talents because I'm still working on it). So maybe I am part of the problem, I don't know. Honestly, I don't know that I'm at a level that should or shouldn't be having issues in these quests now. I feel like being over twice the recommended level for G22 should have meant that I would be able to handle it, but apparently not because according to you, we shouldn't be doing these missions unless we've sunk 10 years or more of our time and money into the game (which means that they are going to have to up the recommended level for G22-G24). But yeah, that just means most of these difficulty discussions don't apply to you when you are the Mabi equivalent of Saitama from One Punch Man. So congratulations. Of course you're not going to have issues with the power balance in the game when your character is probably one-shotting everything. You proved that you're just too overpowered for this game to really understand what many of us normal people are going through with how unbalanced the game is for those of us that haven't sunk our entire last 10 years into the game to get to a level like that.
    Lutetium wrote: »
    The simple reason people won't run Tech Duinn with you is you haven't proven to them that you're a strong enough piece of the party's machine to successfully complete the mission, and despite you claims I see many players running the missions and have encountered no such problems of "no one being willing to run the missions", at least on Nao.
    I do not believe the "suggestion" of "Solo-able Tech Duinn Missions" from you in this thread is one made in good faith but rather a personal desire to cheat the system without putting in the work based on the comments you have made here and other threads. I'm not against more content being added but I am stating my opinion that I believe this is a bogus suggestion made in bad faith and that you have not personally put in the effort to give the existing Tech Duinn missions a fair chance be it socially or character development.
    As a final closing thought, I find it questionable you post this thread about "solo-able missions" but have a post agreeing that generation questline missions should return to being multiplayer it's very contradictory. If you want to post on the game's balance you should at least give legitimate chance to playing it first.

    As I said. Most people will only do these with people they know and only run these missions to get briogh crystals (and the occasional run for materials). Trying to find people willing to do these missions is rather difficult. Most people I talk to do NOT like doing these missions and refuse to do them unless they absolutely have to.

    Again... I even gave good examples of how Mabi has handled having those options in the past in things like the solo shadow missions. It's not going to break the game to have solo-able missions if they're well designed. It's just an additional option for those of us that can't find people to do these missions. Mabi has always been about having options, and I don't think having a solo-able Tech Duinn mission would hurt anything if it's well designed. I don't think you really have any right to sit here and say my post is not made on "good faith" (I don't even think I fully understand what that is even supposed to mean) when I'm not even suggesting anything that Mabi hasn't done before. There have always been missions for both party and solo through most of Mabi's history. Look at dungeons, shadow missions, even the apostle raid for Girghishay. There are party and solo options. There are solo-able missions in almost every part of Mabi, and there's party missions in every place there's a solo-able mission. It's about options, and the lack thereof. So I don't know if you just don't understand what you're saying, or it's a mistake on me understanding you, but either way, there has been no mention of me wanting to "cheat the system". If I wanted to cheat the system, I'd complain about how the G24 pre-event boxes never once gave me briogh crystals (which were in the pool for what you could get), or demand them in the game through other means (like buying through commerce or something) or I'd ask that we be able to buy briogh crystals from the shop or I'd say other players should get them and sell them more. I'm not asking for a free handout. I'm asking for an option for us to work for these crystals on our own without having try and find a party that probably doesn't even want to do these missions.

    Think of it this way... A lot of party missions always have that one person that can't pull their weight, so they end up dragging everyone down. Solo missions require you to do all the work yourself. You're actually working far harder for what you get than you do in the party missions because you're fighting all the enemies yourself and can't rely on anyone to help you. I haven't once mentioned anything that amounts to "cheating the system". If I wanted to "cheat the system" there's plenty of other things I could have demanded. But I'm only asking for an option that would result in us actually working harder for these crystals since doing a solo mission means you can't rely on a party to do all the work for you and you have to put the effort in yourself in order to get the reward. Hell, I've seen people who specialize in just being leeches in parties and jump into missions just to let everyone else do all the work (I had that issue in Rabbie Phantasm where me and a few others had to just leech because we only had one guy that could survive in the dungeon at all and he ended up solo-ing most of the dungeon). But a solo-able mission means you can't do that. So tell me how I'm "wanting to cheat the system" again for requesting this. How is requesting something to do these missions on our own so we can earn these items through working on our own (that many people buy from player shops these days when available to even avoid doing these missions everyone hates) is "cheating". Go ahead and explain it to me.

    You're not exactly being consistent considering your major complaint is that people don't want to work for what they are getting, and you seem to think me wanting to work on my own for briogh crystals and pull my own weight in a solo mission is "cheating the system". So which is it? Should I be wanting things handed to me like a leech, or should I be wanting to do it myself and earn what I want to get rather than having to leech off a party?

    And yes, in another thread I did comment that it would be nice to have party gen quests. People do the generation quests, are more willing to help with those, and the generation quests need an option for more people given how unfair some of these missions are designed. As long as we don't run into the same problem as content like the Tech Duinn missions and the Apostle raids, where the only reason to do it is skills or techniques, and people are interested to do it, then it would probably work great. Back in the day, G1 and G3 finals were a lot of fun because you got to meet new people and see how other people play the game. And the Royal Alchemist system was a great example of having help available. If we had a system like that where people could request help from a G22-24 equivalent, it would actually alleviate that difficulty tension and people wouldn't complain so much about difficulty (That should make you happy right?)

  • Solo-able Tech Duinn Missions

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    A Tech actually built around a party size limit of 1 would be interesting.

    It doesn't really solve the problem of the heavy interest dropoff in doing Techs, since they're basically there to get Briogh Crystals, and rare materials for the best of the best weapons that you wouldn't really be needing if you could earn them in the first place.

    Though I don't have any love for Techs, so I don't even want to do the ones that currently exist. Except maybe Kraken, but Feth is the worst, followed closely by 7 Nightmares for a different reason.
    Which I guess makes me part of the problem, while also being the kind of person who would actually be interested in the kind of Tech that's balanced around a single person.

    I just hope no more content has mechanics I hate.
    Like Feth's zombies that require you to deal at least a certain amount of damage in a single hit. That hallway on Elite isn't fair.
    And the no-pet mechanic in 7 Nightmares just sucks. I want to use my pets in everything I run, so I just don't run this one. This reason only grew with the changes to Pet rebirths and will just grow more once the Pet Handling talent comes here.

    It's okay... I understand completely about not loving the Tech Duinn missions. I hate them too, but I need briogh crystals to level up my techniques at this point (and maybe get stuff to make a Geass armor), or I wouldn't do these missions either. All my techniques are sitting at level 4 and require briogh crystals, so I can't do anything unless I get them. Personally, I think the developers could make missions tailored to one person. They did it with the shadow missions and tailored missions like Defeat the Shadow Warrior and Their Method for those that solo missions.

    But yeah, they are only there for you to get briogh crystals and I think that's all people are going to do (it's the same thing with Apostle raids. People only do those to train Crusador skills and don't care about them after that). If they did make a soloable mission to run missions by yourself, you would be able to just do them till you got what you needed and then move on. The interest dropoff is because these missions aren't fun, which could be fixed if they made missions that people could actually enjoy. These missions had the potential to basically replace the Shadow Mission spamming completely for higher level players who want something harder than the elite and Lord shadow missions... Anyway, the poor design choices for the Tech Duinn missions is a discussion for another post.
    Lutetium wrote: »
    All Tech Duinn missions are soloable.
    I could say more about strategies and link to game play videos, but this isn't actually about soloing the content and rather everyone fresh outta Tir thinking they should be able to solo endgame day 1 now for some strange reason and get mad and demand babymode when they can't because they haven't progressed their characters and gear far enough and no matter how many times I explain to them "endgame content is suppose to be hard" it just seems to go in one ear and out the other.
    But hey I'll just say it again anyway, the content doesn't need to be easier you just need to put in the work to be able to complete it instead of expecting the rewards without the effort.

    Okay... First off... The Tech Duinn missions are NOT soloable for 95% of the population of Mabi. Most people I've seen have trouble doing these missions in a party. I've talked to people who are WAY stronger than me and even they admit these missions require a party with good stats.

    Second. Maybe people don't listen to you because you don't understand what you're talking about. Seriously, read the post before you comment stuff like this. I'm not saying we need an "easier game" right now or something needs nerfed. Almost nothing you've said has anything to do with what I'm talking about. It's not about strategy, or wanting nerfs. I'm saying that we need missions we can solo for those of us that need to do these missions and have to do them alone since 90% of the population of Mabi refuses to do these Tech Duinn missions. These missions aren't designed to be solo'd. The enemies are tanks, they do ridiculous damage, and they all multiaggro. Even with divine link and a strong pet, most people solo-ing this are not gonna last long in these missions. I actually tried to solo and failed. My character can solo most Elite shadow missions by myself these days, so I am not a "fresh out of Tir" player like you seem to think. I've been in this game for like 7 years at this point and have mastered every talent in the game except for Alchemy and Archery. My CP is so high that the kitchen dungeon enemies aren't boss level anymore, but they're actually awful level.

    The developers can easily come up with missions specifically designed for one person. They did fine with missions like Defeat the Shadow Warrior and Their Method. I'm not saying it has to be easy, just something we can do alone when most people don't want to do these missions. We shouldn't be required to solo these missions that are clearly not designed to be completed alone.