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  • Who solo'd rabbie phantasm?

    Pan wrote: »
    >Player does not have something.
    >Demands Nexon to bring it back.

    If you don't have a certain thing, figure out another way. If it is absolutely necessary to require a crystal deer to cheese through Phantasm, there seems be lack of creativity and skill that players have here.

    Yes, how dare we try to make them take our money! It's not like corporations care about figuring out what we would or wouldn't buy or anything, so we should just keep our mouths shut and our wallets tight.
  • Talk: does archery need rebalanced?

    Archery has a high dps ceiling but needs a LOT of investment to get there. Its damage is largely gear (reforge) reliant and depending on where you live you may experience too much lag. It's also rng based so you will, inevitably, curse this game, the world, and whatever gods may be listening because you've missed like five shots in a row and died...more than once. Still it is pretty fun/good if you can squeeze out enough damage, I do really like the idea of moving damage out of the reforges and into the skills though, as well as making Radiant Strings a LOT more common.

    Maybe also make better bow enchants.
  • How would you rebuild Mabinogi (Hypothetically)

    Assuming time and manpower were not an option I'd start with dungeons. First I'd remove the seemingly useless or sub par prizes like old shields or rigid weapons and the like, and add in more immediately useful items for players of the targeted level. Stuff like 7/5 variants of armor, unique outfits, Pon, and faux strong weapons like beam swords and the black dragon knight sword/bow. Stuff that has an immediate use, even if it would lose out to equipment that could be special upgraded as time went on. Either Int or Adv would start focusing on giving materials and manuals, although certain manuals would allow for multiple ways of crafting in lower levels of those dungeons.

    I'd also remove the first floor to a lot of dungeons, especially hm dungeons, since they are not engaging and honestly beneath any person or group that has a real chance of actually beating the dungeon. I'd also make dungeon passes of any difficulty available for sale, and create a dungeon party board that advertised across all channels and implement a rotating boost in rewards for beating a specific dungeon each day.

    The other system I'd try to implement (and I'm not entirely sure how I would do it yet) would be some manner of coin system where you received so many coins upon beating the dungeon. You could then use those coins at a merchant who would appear at the end of a dungeon to purchase any of the drops available from that dungeon, rather than having to rely solely on rng. Not sure if all the dungeons should grant you generic coins (like adventure seals) or if they should be restricted to that dungeon and difficulty (alby hm gives you alby hm coins, ciar basic gives you ciar basic coins, ect).

    Iria dungeons would also receive a revamp with updated prize list and various difficulties unlocked. They'd also feature race specific gear, mats and enchants.

    Next I'd move onto enchant, altering or removing old useless enchants. All but a handful of enchants are useless in the game, and so it just feels like a huge waste when you get them. Enchants would also start to move in a direction focusing on either set effects, effects or specific skill boosts rather than just spitting out raw damage numbers.

    Removing the enchant escalator at r9-1 is also a must. Honestly I'd like to alter the damage penalty on enchants a lot, but I think that would probably upset the community. So instead I'd settle for making the enchant skill's rank give you bonuses to success rate.

    I'd also make red upgrade stones of protection and lucky red upgrade stones either craftable or buyable in one of the aforementioned dungeon shop.

    Theater missions would also receive a mission select like shadow missions and an updated prize list, as well as a coin prize that allowed for you to buy certain things from an ncp shop like mats for rosemary gloves, Shakespeare wear, and other various outfits or style weapons. I might also have all beauty coupons be purchasable from this shop, and would update it if new ones become available.

    Update the dressing room style so that anything you buy or anytime you use a coupon that style is unlocked permanently across all your characters, letting you reequip it if you should ever change it. I'd also re-implement the first character of an account getting the vip options for free at character creation. Also every wig would have a beauty coupon counterpart.

    I'd also add Style Scrolls to the cash shop, which would be like the weapon collection scrolls we have (and which were a step in the right direction) but you could use it to copy the appearance of any item and put it on the appearance of another applicable item. Maybe restrict that to weapons since we do have the style tab though.

    Aside from that minor changes to racial and talent balances, maybe tweak enemies, and maybe see if I couldn't get some people to update older textures and outfits.
  • New Gachapon...

    So stepping away from the coins for a second there is something small about this gacha that Nexon did that deserves praise, if you go the the announcement on the main page and hover over a new item it will show you a picture of the item. It's nothing major, but it is still a noticeable improvement over trying to find someone wearing the new item while also not locking their equip view so you can see what it is because the wiki hasn't updated yet.
    badnewsbarrettRadiant DawnSylviaWolfeHuw
  • New Gachapon...

    Policroma wrote: »
    To be honest, I think the coins are to prevent the usual "OMG SPENT $500 AND DIDN'T GET WINGS!" scenario. We know from a few of the posts that the items in question ARE in the gacha. This just guarantees them after a certain amount of money spent.

    I'm going to make some people mad saying this, but I prefer they do it this way. I don't spend quite that much on gacha... but if there was something that I wanted bad enough to crazy-spend, I would at least like to have the option. More often than not, we don't.

    Back in the day if something I wanted was worth crazy money, I'd sit around selling reforges while grinding. I think in hindsight on a couple items, I spent just as much doing that because after a certain point the gamble was too much.

    The idea is good but the execution could have been handled better. If the boxes were cheaper, the coins could be earned in game, or there being a better range of options I could choose from then I'd probably be praising this change. But after blowing like 45$ on the gacha I'm still about 80 coins away from being able to get anything of note, and got essentially nothing of worth from the gacha yeah, not sure it's really worth it unless you want what amounts to a 100$ outfit box.