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  • Dressing Room Update

    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    The Siren items are irreparable, which is probably why they cannot go in the dressing room. As for the Swimsuit, Yukata and Mini Leprechaun Hat, I'm not too sure why they can't go in the dressing room, but you can still put them in your bank account, or in the bank accounts of your other characters on the account.

    If it's the untradeable swimsuit and Yukatas, then untradeable things cannot go into the dressing rooms. Also things with timers, such as the timed Event Wings of Darkness, can't go in the dressing room.

    Ah right! I forgot those swimsuits and yukatas are untradeable. So yeah, if things are untradeable or have timers, they cannot go in the dressing room either.
  • Old Quest lines

    The Save the Goddess questline is Generation 1, and it is still playable. I believe after you complete your beginner quests, you will view a cutscene and the first quest to start Generation 1 will be given to you.

    The Max Rabbit family appears in the Eastern Plains of Tir Chonaill, the northwestern plains of Dunbarton, and north of Tara.
  • I didnt knew that :(

    Julie wrote: »
    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Eralea wrote: »

    The other day I met a couple of players who asked me where the Sun Mark was. They refused to listen to directions and wanted a ride, so I flew them there from Qilla instead of taking the tunnel to make it clear it was on the exact same map we were on. And then I ditched them so they could go and find their own way back to Nicca.

    The lack of curiosity in some players is frankly shocking. I don't care for it. You can try to defend it, but it's not exactly a great trait to defend so I will only laugh at you.

    If you have a functioning mind and are going to walk around Iria, bring an l-rod with you. There are hidden boxes.

    That moment when you can find any marks in the game without even using your map... Remember when mana tunnels were closed during the night? Fun times.

    remember when mana tunnels only went to 1 area each time they were open for each night? fun times.

    Those were moon gates. Mana tunnels were open during the day and so long as you tagged a mana tunnel, you could travel to any one of them when they were open.

    Just something else to point out, Ninja was once a part of the beginner tab as well, and it too was also suggested to be removed due to it being a hybrid talent, which is something a newbie would have no idea about. Considering the questline to gain the Ninja skills is far easier than the Chain Slash questline, as well as giving you all the Ninja skills available once you finish the quests, I find it baffling how you're still defending Chain Slash as a beginner talent.
  • Some Questions about Appearance scrolls

    Hey everyone. I was wondering about the mechanics of appearance scrolls. It says on wiki that the item you change will be untradeable. Is it unstoreable too? Can you store it in pets or in Me tab? How about bank? Bank transfer? Do trade unlock pots work?

    What happens if you use an appearance revert pot? Will it become tradeable again once it reverts back to original appearance? Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, it is untradeable. I can confirm as someone who did not read the wiki and used the Cross Empire Great Blade appearance scroll on one of my swords and now cannot trade it to the giant on my account.
    2. It is also unstoreable, as I quickly found out after trying to put it back in my pet's inventory.
    3. It cannot be stored in the Me tab.
    4. Can't be stored in bank either, which means bank transfers are out.
    5. I'm unsure if trade unlock pots work. Can someone else confirm if it does or not? Before I go and buy one.
    6. I'm assuming using a revert pot will revert the weapon back to normal, so it will become tradeable again and will have its original appearance.