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  • Winter Reforge Time 2020

    I managed to get my sword from Rank 3 to Rank 1 in around 42 Premium Reforging Tools. Good luck to all :)

  • G22, G23, and G24 Complete Playlist

    In case anyone is interested in reading the text for these generations, but had to skip super fast to meet the Generation Boost event deadline so you have no idea what they said or happened, here's a playlist containing all the "episodes" from G22, G23 and G24.

    Reading pace is between slow to medium, I was reading them while imagining some kind of voice or how'd they'd deliver it if it were a tv show. Some cutscenes had dialogue that automatically moved by itself.

    These can also be useful in case you're lost in a mission/episode and you have no idea where to find the next npc to interact with or how to sneak around, or even how to get out of a maze, or basically just what to do next. Collecting quest items by killing monsters has mostly been cut down since that's pretty straight forward and they take too much time due to drop rate rng. These were recorded during the Generation Boost event so some of the bosses might be easier than they should be.

    Have fun!




  • Who is the old official Mabinogi artist?

    Maybe this will help. I found some videos for the end credits screen of G1. There are others on youtube, just search "Mabinogi credits".

    Anyway according to the video above...

    Art Director - Rooney Yi

    Character Designer - Popcorn Kang

    Costume/Monster Designer - Akane Lee

    Monster Designer - Nox Ahn

    Scenery Designer - Sindorim Jang

    Movie Designer - Ren Lee

    Web Designer - Oz Yoon

  • Asian Music Feature Mini-Project "Dahil Sayo" MML

    Final Product:

    Figuring Out the Song:

    MML (I sure hope I'm doing it right, it's my first time sharing mml!)



    I've been giving Japanese songs a lot of love especially in the past 2 years ever since I discovered "city pop" (aside from anime music from the 80s and 90s). When I returned to the game, I've usually been making Japanese tunes for fun. This time, I thought I'd pick a different country and play their songs in Mabinogi. I chose the Philippines this time due to their beautiful "Kundiman" love songs. One of the most famous songs from their country is "Dahil Sayo", which translates to "Because of You". It became famous back in the 60s and it was translated into many languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese. Famous singers who covered it either in English or straight Tagalog/Filipino language include Nat King Cole, The Lettermen and some others. It was fun figuring out this song haha :)

    Anyway as an extra, here's Nat King Cole's version. He really has that beautiful unique voice!

  • Creating Music for More than One Player (Digital)

    Hello friends! I thought I'd go share my process on my recently discovered enjoyment of creating music in the game for more than one player. The "Laighlinne" partner type can play music scrolls, so that excited me because it meant I can finally make little tunes that's not just a solo performance.

    I make my Mabinogi music using a real life digital piano that's connected to the computer via usb. I use the software called "FL Studio" to record my piano playing and convert it into a midi file. The program "3MLE" is what I use to convert the midi file into MML, which is then copied into Mabinogi in music scrolls.

    You can use any program aside from "FL Studio" to record your music, as long as it is capable of saving it as a midi file. As long as whatever you're using can convert it into a midi file, then you can use "3MLE" to convert it into MML, which is what Mabinogi uses.

    The main challenge I encountered was Mabinogi's maximum limit of 3 note chords. It's pretty hard making a tune for Mabinogi when you can only play a maximum of 3 notes at the same time per instrument at any given moment.

    I imagine that there are many music lovers in Mabinogi and some of them probably have digital instruments, too! I hope you'll give making songs for Mabinogi using your digital instruments a try :D