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  • Hi, I'm new and have a question about progression

    This really depends on what combat style you decide to go after long term.

    Based on your HP/MP/Stam values, I'm going to guess your stats are not super developed yet.
    It might be a good idea to just give everything a shot and raise up your stats while finding said answer.

    No need to rush anything.
    If you desire more HP, MP, or Stamina while trying out skillsets, remember that you can work on 3 different Renown types to greatly raise said stats. (As much as a 500-800 boost for each potentially).

    As for Crusader and Divinity:

    Divinity will eat a fair amount of AP but has uses where needed. In most cases it will just be a giant AOE tool, but can tank damage via shield of trust if you have high HP.

    Shield of Trust and Judgement Blade are extremely useful to get to Rank 1, alongside their sub skills.
    This isn't just for how versatile said skills are, but also because they need to be Rank 1 for certain Techniques acquired from G22.

    Don't worry too much, and find a pace that works for yourself.
    This game has a path of long term growth not just by levels, but also stats and equipment.
  • 2020 Archery Worth It?

    A lot of factors can play for damage in general, not just for archery.

    First up is the most basic factor: stats.
    I've seen a few people ignore stats, or just hit 1000 and think they are done. Most damage related stats can reach 1500 or more through various methods like Eweca and age/talent combinations.
    Having an extra 300 of a damage stat can really make a surprising difference alone for damage.

    Next up is boosting your critical damage.
    This is done mostly via 2 methods: Red Upgrade Stones and Renown.
    Having a Step 5 to 7 Red weapon can make a huge difference in critical damage.
    Playing music scrolls for Yvona Renown can also inch this up.

    With Ego Revamp, you can also increase crit damage beyond the norm.

    The third main factor is enchants, totems, and homestead props.
    All the seemingly tiny little additions that all add up and increase your base damage a fair amount.

    In a sense, every little detail counts.

    But that is just for base damage. For the end result you can begin to throw in buffs and debuffs.
    Battlefield Overture, bone chips, support shot, death mark, and so on.

    Every added % increase can magnify one's damage to new heights. Never underestimate buffs.

    That about covers it, outside of reforges.
    But reforges should be to perfect already existent ability, not replace it.

    As for Archery itself, if you haven't done so, remember that Bhafel is a weapon that is in itself a pair.
    The bow and the arrows. The full potential of Bhafel won't show itself without the full duo.
  • NA Elf Day Needed...

    Resources might as well just go into an Elf Revamp at that point.
    LutetiumPolicromaWolfsingerRadiant Dawn
  • Elves/Giants, Execute Order 66.

    So a normal day of EvG?
  • *gasps* ...ANOTHER Habi-Thread...! (SEO for Mabi)

    MabiIn2k19 wrote: »
    Aren't you the person that's blacklisted from the majority of guilds for causing drama wherever you go? I don't really feel like being lectured by a gacha whale today.

    Aren't you the person that resorts to personal attacks instead of actual facts and evidence and makes claims for things that don't exist to try to rally people's likes to attempt to gain a faint sense of superiority?

    I mean you really can't say much after you began to say incorrect information last topic. Even going so far as to ask for stats you've already seen, to getting to see them, and then acting like you had high stats yourself only to get something as basic as the MA average wrong.
    Habi Jr, I deem thee.

    Although your past many posts have pretty much 100% been attempts to belittle, insult, or frame Habi in some manner.
    The objective is very clear here, you don't seem to even care much for the topic at hand.
    In fact, the topic was going smoothly on its own course up until you posted a post that did nothing but once again do nothing but aggressively belittle Habi once again for how he types.
    Its been done to death already, we get it.
    It isn't like you read people's entire posts anyway considering you told a Phantasm Breaker that Has really good phantasm times that they didn't understand phantasm.

    You are just trying to derail topics for no reason but to go after Habi at this point.
    But considering its you, I'll be sure to expect some form of insult instead.