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  • mabinogi moblie gameplay footage has leaked

    So either this is some weird new title somehow not announced ever in the past...

    ...or we are looking at Bootleg Mabi.

    It honestly looks more like bootleg Mabi.
    No sign of Devcat anywhere.
    Fate Stay Night Archer's Bow as the example bow for archer class.
    Archery skills that look generic and nothing like actual Mabi archery.
    What one would assume to be G1 era based on release with recent era pets?
    RED SHEEP????
    The combat looks lifeless compared to actual mabi and even actual mabi mobile.
    And last but not least: The laughably slow horses that you can't name and are instead treated as generic MMO mounts.

    Although it is nice to see that even in a bootleg, Tir Square is still filled with afk people and the occasional social group.
    Greta[Deleted User]
  • Dem Giant Spidey...

    No no see, thats normal Alby.

    Alby Phantasm/Abyss would be a boss room sized spider with separate HP bars for every individual leg that you need to kill before being able to attack the actual, main HP bar for 30 seconds before all of the legs revive again.

    And every leg can snap cast INT magic.
    And the main body does room size attacks even when you can't attack it.

    Oh, and those giant spiders we have now?
    Those are just the minions. Only the ones in this fight also have Snap Cast INT Magic and 100% poison chance on normal hits.

    Might as well give the spiders before the boss INT magic too.
    Because thats what the devs think difficulty is.
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Oh no, Nexon is doing the thing they always do.

    And the forum reacts the same as it always does.

    I honestly won't care in the slightest as the only way I see myself paying for more than Pon for Style Tab in this game is if they update VIP.
    Currently its just a more expensive style tab with gestures.
    VeylaineMizukiHayamaSebastianTrythisHellkaizerTheOthicNkeonaShouKKitsuyashaSheenaand 1 other.
  • what would have made mmo junkie crossover better

    What would make it better?

    At this point anything.

    It has so little presence that if the gacha wasn't around, I wouldn't even remember its going on.
  • Let's have a Formal Discussion on Collab events~!?

    How to proper crossover:

    Step 1: Don't, and just make a mabinogi anime.
    Make it about a generic Milletian with no real name. Or have a name I guess.

    Have it be an animated retelling of all the generations.
    Make sure it is as well written as possible so even people with no idea about what Mabinogi is enjoy it.

    Give Milletian protag 2 sidekick friends because plot.
    Give all 3 marketable anime looks with unique armor not in the game itself.

    Then have the anime crossover with the game itself.
    A self crossover.

    Could have just used the entire budget on that boring MMO Junkie anime on that.
    Would have both been 100x more interesting and actually advertise the game.