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  • Questions about new Mabinogi

    If you came from EU you need to start over, otherwise we haven't had a merge.

    1. It's easier if you train them earlier, but while you're under 1k you get free resets from Duncan and can train all CP related skills easily. Even over 1k you can reset, it just costs gold. It helps to use this to get each talent to expert, and you end up with over 4k AP to play with before you're even level 1k.

    2. Nope, we still lost our story. You now get 7 characters when you make a new account, which can be upped to 9 by having one be human and becoming elf/giant aligned.

    3. No it's unnecessary. Chain mastery in the fighter talent did that by giving a bonus 20/30/40% depending on race, and I think that's stupid and unnecessary. Better to just have racial skills, as long as Nexon actually balances the stats accordingly. Elves shouldn't end up with only 20 more int than humans yet lose hundreds of strength by comparison. Also elves are the life skillers due to dex, not humans. Humans have had preferential treatment for way too long. We just got a giant revamp with more armor and weapons that allow giants to compete end-game with humans. Elves haven't gotten anything yet though.

    4. They seem to scale well from what I've seen, most people complain about G19 and the final of G20 but they're not that bad as long as you're prepared. The difficulties go off of your total level, with highest difficulty happening at 1k, so it's best to try to get them done early. I've spammed saga on all my alts just by pet spamming so I could get the free pegasi, I can't imagine people find saga hard at all.

    5. Yes it's true, what makes you think this would be terrible? It's a lot easier to actually fight using it. Maybe get online and try it out before having negative opinions on it. You can try out all the skill sets during a portion of the tutorial.

    6. No idea, but Mabi's director has honestly been pretty awesome. He's revamping all the old things that were neglected, like skills, Grandmaster, Dans, etc. We're even getting flight in Tir/Dunby, which people had given up on since it'd been years since Korea had gotten it. And we have a new skillset coming out soon, chainblade, that relies on dex and luck. Compared to how human obsessed and uncaring the older directors seemed to be, this one is a really nice breath of fresh air.

    7. You might be able to buy one off of a player and redye it but otherwise no. There's plenty of way nicer clothing options at this point though.

    Edit: With the Steam bit, the emails don't have to be the same. But it locks the account into your steam account, so you don't have to enter your Nexon information every time you login. If you're signing onto the game via launcher or trying to get into the forums and the email isn't working, that's not due to steam.
  • Dear GMs, Please extend the Mission Point event

    Sorry, but I can't see a reason this event needs an extension. It's already going on for a week longer than it did last time. They fixed issues like requiring 20 rebirths, and excluded the ridiculous dailies like defeating a white dragon. And we now get 5 resets per day instead of 3. The boxes even cost less, but that doesn't matter if you're after the wig. Considering diligent people are already getting 20k points during this event, it seems pointless to extend it. And you could always reset skills at Duncan, reranking also gives credit to the "level up a ____ skill". Events are meant to reward active players. I definitely think some events warranted an extension, like the sheep wolf event due to low drop rates, but this doesn't seem like a legitimate reason to extend this event.
  • What's so special about Sunburst Ukulele?

    At least from what I can tell, the sunburst ukulele sounds different from the normal one. I could be wrong, but it seems to be lower pitched and almost more tropical than a normal one. From what I could tell there was no difference when doing a freestyle jam though.
  • Fixtures on a lot of items in general new or not

    First off, the 9,999,999 usually means offer. However since anything under 5m can be purchased directly from housing, you should assume that anything listed as offer someone would want more than 5m for, otherwise why go through the trouble of making a direct trade?

    As for the pricing itself, that's largely due to the atrocious drop rate of gacha, not just people being greedy. It stinks but even at 100m, depending on the NX:$ of 5m:$10 that's roughly $200. If someone is willing to pay that much for an item, good for them. If not, the seller will have to lower the price until someone is willing to buy it. That's how marketing works. So it's mostly people trying to make their money back. I think that NA doesn't account for the fact that they have a fraction of the playerbase Korea does. So the rare items in Korea are next to non-existent here. It's definitely a major problem, and as a result of gachas getting worse and worse less people are doing them and instead either trading gold for money directly to buy what they want (which is against ToS) or buying reliable items to sell like protection potions or reforges. This creates a cycle of less gacha being purchased -> less items on the market -> higher demand -> higher price. It's basic economy. Simply trying to cap a gold limit won't work. It'll just make people feel like gacha is even less worth their money. They need to release items at a better rate so that people can realistically get the rare items. There are some items that are so rare they don't even have a rarity rating in the dressing room, even from events. It's discouraging and turning more and more people away from financially supporting mabi.
  • Dye ampoule set!

    Wait you guys only got 1? That's a bit weird, someone posted about the dye amps the other day and claimed to have gotten 5.