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  • Older players are being unappreciated

    I love the merge and everything... but its really unfair how the older players are treated. leveling and gaining skills "with the skill potions" is cheating. Us older players didnt have that. We had to GRIND YEARS for those skills and levels that new players can get in just a few days   we should get some special ability, title, or SOMETHING.

    This is akin to saying "Hey, it's cheating that people nowadays don't die from bacterial infection, they should die off like the people before the discovery of antibiotics!"

    You shouldn't be butthurt because the game is easier on the newbies, you should be happy for it, because that means there will be more new players, or rather, more new players would stay.
    Imagine being a new player, and having to literally grind for years (a la 7-8 years ago) in order to get to the 5k total you need to start g22...
    Besides, you get to profit from this as well if you make a new character.
    I remmeber getting something to r1 took alot of time and hard work. We were proud to show it off.... but now anyone can buy their way up ranks or just do the memoir and get the ap and levels way faster than we did. Please give us something to show for our hard work that turned out to be a waste of time seeing that anyone can do it within weeks now.

    Again, it wasn't a waste of time, you achieved something back then, when it was new, when not that many people had that/did that, just like how you will achieve something now by maxing your techniques (which is relatively hard for the new players).
    It's bloody obvious that older content will become easier the more time passes. I mean, while we're at it, don't you also want Glas to scale with the player's total level and stats, so that they can get that original G1 experience of barely being able to beat it?
    also please stop bringing back old items. Gatchas shouldnt ever have older items in it. it kills the value of things. Lets say you get an item that is epic. everyone wants one but there are only a few on the server.. you are unique!... but then a year later that same item is in another gatcha and several more people get it.. it suddenly isn't worth much anymore. It causes people to hold off on buying things in game because we all know the price will drop eventually since nexon has a habit of bringing back old items over and over,

    Yes, because monopoly is the best thing in the world!
  • It Was Worth Every Gold...

    I saw that ego revamp video where somebody had a maxed staff with chaincast on it, and spammed fireballs like crazy!
  • HE'S BACK! ♥

    And through the power of incredible jealously, I too shall continue working on my arms and abs. Then...ladies will get excited when I strip down cosplaying as...Kaour. Or Huw.

    You know what, maybe treasure hunter. People love me for my puns, and while stripping I could say "The only booty I am interested in yours." Flash a quick smile, maybe a wink, wake up to 300 million views on Youtube and singlehandedly revive Alexina with my newfound sexuality while Nao stands dumbfounded.

    Aaaaand that's enough forums for me this week.
    BlissfulkillRadiant DawnKensamaofmariWolfsinger
  • This picture puzzle :/

    Greta wrote: »
    It is an insult. Read the definition of it...

    So if instead of saying "You are a snowflake" I say "You are a person that gets offended unreasonably much", is it still considered an insult?
    Because that's basically it's definition...

    lol this is getting ridiculous, feels like that whole "surprise mechanics" thing xD
  • This picture puzzle :/

    Greta wrote: »
    You sure bro?

    A tiny bit more faith in humanity lost...

    You guys consider "snowflake" an insult... I know what I'M dealing with here...