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  • This is Now My Girl

    She's a girl with lost memories... Enn is a ghost with lost memories...
    Attempts to find further correlation.

    inb4 plot twist: their long lost sisters
    KensamaofmariRadiant DawnoffwithyourheadsLunatoMercury
  • Constellation Event

    Eralea wrote: »
    Yes I said it's tedious, not difficult. I don't wanna run through 50 rooms of one-shot mobs okay

    then run peaca. otherwise you should have just picked a weak alt if you want a challenge
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    YangKoete wrote: »
    I dunno why you all dislike her, but I always like the crazies in stories.

    welp. Guess I'm just crazy too!

    nothing wrong with crazy though. I mean, normal is so boring. am also pretty crazy myself. my motto is: act crazy. that's already normal enough
    MizukiHayamaRadiant DawnAeolys
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    Greta wrote: »
    Fighting a beautiful woman is the most painful thing I have ever done. I am a lover, not a fighter. Why cannot we make love to the Cookie Witch? :(

    Do you want to make love with Succubuses, Sirens and Merrow too? Maybe even Duke? :D

    Yes to everyone sans Duke. What kind of question is that?!

    I mean, have you seen Succubus Kristell? The Succubus Queen? The Succubus Queen from Vindictus?



    I mean, look at them! They are almost as beautiful as you!

    Not sure why'd you mention Duke though. He isn't even on Griffith's level of attractiveness. 3/10 would not let him go Eclipse on me.

    bliss, love me, for I am beautiful :D (I can also be the cookie witch if she's more your type)

    jokes aside though, I like the cookie witch fight to be honest. my setup is gamyu armor + chain blade. I frequently use chain crush to daze and then just keep hitting her. the gamyu provides me with just enough defense to withstand her physical attacks without practically negaing them. as for the kupas, I like how they provide a little additional challenge. though I can understand newer players may have trouble with the fight
    Radiant Dawn
  • Marvelous Wing Box

    someone at nexon had a bit too much red bull I think. either that or they just decided to wing it