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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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April 23, 1989
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If you dont want other people to be rude then you should stop being rude yourself, be the one to break the circle.
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I like fantasy, and im here to live that dream of living in a world filled with wonders i can only think of as a fantasy world.
  • Organize the Event Quest tab

    You know what? These past weeks has been hell thanks to the disorganized event tab so im gonna bump this suggestion up.
    Im tired of losing track on the events going on, especially when there are 3+ events going on and spamming you with quests al the time. :P
  • Harvest Festival 2019

    I got work during the weekdays so knowing that they will just delete all of your hard work just like that after the quest is complete just dampens my spirit for this event...

    Most of the attendance reward are trash like mini-gems and a "Fantastic Melody Piano" that might just be a decoration instead of an actual instrument if i understand its description correctly.

    And the main event only gives you some Exp for each of the tasks, if it wasn't for the "Sturdy" items in the Participation Commemoration Box then i wouldnt even bother with this grind, the other rewards like "Autumn Fields Hat" and "Shamala's Transformation Medal (NPC: Roaming Roaster)" is.. Well...
    I didnt even like that hat the first times i got it and here it is again, and that headless turkey? Im gonna sell it or something, no way im gonna collect that.

    Also, ever since ive returned ive seen expiration dates all over the place, even titles (rewards for your hard work and/or particitation for an event) has expirational dates nowadays and that is just bull.

    What the heck happened with the rewards and events while i was gone for the last 8-9 months? And to delete all of our additional loot after completing a quest so that we have to farm every single day is just...
    Whoever is in charge nowadays in the dev-team is an *Self-Censored*, *Self-Censored* and a real *Self-Censored* that shouldnt even *More Self-Censored*!

  • Let us "Feed the pet" till its full...

    You got it mostly right, my idea is like a full recovery potion but for the hunger levels exclusive.
    But ive also learned that if you ask for too much or make things too complicated they will never get implemented into the game so i always try to keep my suggestions simple, i too would love to have a food item that helps slow the hunger rate but that probably wont happen.

    This suggestion is mostly a compromise from me to Nexon along with some wishes that it get some good feedback so it gets noticed easier.
    Let me know what you think. We can all work on this as a team to find out what is the best way to find to best suggestion to see if Nexon will take it.

    After all, that's what this section is for. Everyone to combine their minds together and use creativity, imagination, and logic to find solutions.

    Its been many years since anyone wanted to come together and help build or develop any of my suggestions, many times they think that things should stay as they are or they have a better idea than mine and i should change my suggestion to fit their ideas instead. I cant even have any polls up nowadays due to so many people disagreeing with me and my suggestions..

    I just lose heart after all this time, i feel like i cant take it anymore.

    Ill be going away from the mabi-forums for a couple of months (or longer), i need a break from this place.
  • Let us "Feed the pet" till its full...

    Every healer in this game can heal any wounds or lost HP on a player or pet to full perfection for about 200 gold.

    My suggestion:
    Let Gordon and/or Frazer in Emain Macha have the option of selling stackable lunchboxes along with the option of buying dinner to your currently summoned pet so that it gets 100% satiation and won't starve and have you lose loyalty unnecessary on the go.

    We could even have Granis of Dunbarton and other similar NPC's that handle food wares being able to sell those stackable boxed lunches for the pets satiation system.

    On a sidenote, i hate this starvation system badly
    I woke up this morning, realized that my partner has 46 likeability, and that's nice. I've worked hard on her lately for the past 4-5 days but now when i accidentally activated a G19 quest that took everything i had i realized halfway through the fight that i was losing likeability points like crazy! I wasn't able to unsummon her due to being Pennar and the crystal boars sandbag all the time and when we both finally died so i could abort the dmn mission her likeability was down to 14, her stamina had gone from 46% to 0% within 20 min of fighting and that made me lose all my progress during these last few days.
    Im not even gonna bother making a ticket about this incident either since I've always get a "funny guy" that want me to repeat everything that happened and get a good 4K video of it for him, then he/she will reply with:
    "You're wrong about this subject!" and "You should stop bothering us!" or "Please don't create another ticket on this subject!" and my favorite "I apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused you. We hope you understand, have a nice day!"

    So here is a suggestion to my situation, lunchboxes and a place or two to actually feed them instead of having us go around buying food items to feed them manually.
    Just like Manus can heal everything with the click of 1 button i want to be able to feed my pets till theyre full and have stackable lunchboxes for the satiety system.

    Thank you in advance.
    Alexina Server
  • Organize the Event Quest tab

    During events like these bug catching events it would be real great to have them all organized mabi-team, it is somewhat hard to keep track on those other event-quests now when you mix them all together. :P