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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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April 23, 1989
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I like fantasy, and im here to live that dream of living in a world filled with wonders i can only think of as a fantasy world.
  • Make the old Homestead items smaller

    It would make it a lot easier to decorate the HS if the old HS items didnt take up that much space so im with Eralea here, having the tree only taking up 1 square makes it possible to plant flowers or other things at its roots instead of having the boring grass surround it in a 3x3 area. :)
  • The homestead mushrooms need a buff

    The Gold ones were long gone no matter what time i tried and on what channel and im not interested in combing that giant forest after a random mushroom so i was planning on waiting a couple of weeks for things to calm down, but only 1 mushroom a week? What kind of node is that?

    At least lower the production cost if youre gonna rip us off Mabi, 30 mushrooms for just 1 shroom/week is way too cheap...
  • Autumn Camping Box

    ..Why are you guys at Nexon/Mabinogi only working so dmn hard on the Gacha events instead of adding those great items to the game already? Ive lost count on how many times me and many more people on the forums have asked you to just add the items to the construction list already, youre so greedy for NX... :/
  • New Instrument: Bagpipe!

    Give us a bagpipe instrument! Let us spread the sounds across Erinn and have the fans rock along. :D

    Gindr, Alexina Server
  • Gold Mushroom nodes can't gather? no mushrooms

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Gremm wrote: »
    Well, thats a bit of a pain. On the bright side you dont have to run around the entire forest to gather all 30 Gold Mushrooms once you got the node at least, did you collect all the Gold Mushrooms yourself or did you use pons?

    Also, how many times can you gather before they run out? If its only 5 per stump then i might have to rethink my plans a bit. :/

    I think it's less, but don't remember where I saw that.. in-game or forums.

    The Hazelnut Mushroom Site can only give you 3 mushrooms for each gathering (Once every IRL day) so knowing how many Gold Mushrooms you can gather every Wednesday is important to know before building/buying the node.

    If possible, please respond once anyone know please.