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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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  • HS Dungeon

    How about adding a Homestead Dungeon to the Building Tab in the Construction list (Building)?

    This HS Dungeon (Lv1) will be unlocked at Homestead level 15, upgrades will be available up to Lv3 with higher difficulty and better rewards. In order to enter the HS Dungeon you need to offer an item and x Homestead stones, example:

    How to enter the HS Dungeon's different difficulties:
    HS Dungeon Lv1 (Unlocks the Normal difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 3 Homestead Stones
    HS Dungeon Lv2 (Unlocks the Advanced difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 5 Homestead Stones
    HS Dungeon Lv3 (Unlocks the Hard difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 10 Homestead Stones

    Due to the size of the interior of the dungeon a lot of items will be required for its construction, on your Homestead there will be a big stone gate inside a cliff (2x6) sticking out of the ground. Inside there will be the goddess statue, an item chest next to the entrance and the area/square where you need to be in order to enter the dungeon will be in front of the goddess as usual.

    That chest is where you can store the items you need to upgrade your HS Dungeon, (Warning, once an item is put inside you can't remove it again) so you won't have to carry everything in your inventory.
    Once the Homestead Stones and the items have been deposit in the chest the upgrade option will be available and your dungeon can level up to the next stage, the chest will be cleared during the upgrade so any extra items will disappear, once you reach Lv3 the items inserted will be used to enter the dungeon along with the amount of Homestead Stones you decided on.

    This is meant to be a sort of EndGame idea where the players who have already maxed out their Homesteads and decorated them to their heart's content can get some extra materials and/or items for their Homestead, the rewards from the last chest could include exclusive HS items and decorations for the owner to use in their HS or items needed for various upgrades.

    Another idea is to have the dungeon drop exclusive items not found anywhere else and have new props in the Homestead Construction List that need those specific items in order to be built, the possibilities are endless and i myself think its such a shame that we don't use this opportunity and expand the Homestead possibilities.

    HS Dungeon Lv1
    300 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Firewood × 20
      Building Stone × 30
      Large Nail × 15
      Wood Board × 10
      Base Herb Patch × 5
      Bloody Herb Patch × 8

    HS Dungeon Lv2:
    400 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Average Firewood × 20
      Building Stone × 40
      Copper Plate × 10
      Large Nail × 25
      Wood Board × 13
      Base Herb × 15
      Mana Herb Patch × 8
      Sunshine Herb Patch × 8
      Fine Leather x 10
      Silk Thread x 10

    HS Dungeon Lv3:
    500 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Finest Firewood × 15
      Building Stone × 50
      Iron Plate × 10
      Large Nail × 40
      Wood Board × 15
      Base Herb × 40
      Bloody Herb x 20
      Mana Herb × 20
      Sunshine Herb × 20
      Golden Herb Patch × 10
      Finest Leather x 20
      Though Thread x 20
      Flint × 5
      Falias Fragment x 5
      Cheap Leather Strap × 10

    All the items are available for any player and there are no items locked inside of an event either, some of the items can be tricky to get but at this late in the game i think its a decent challenge for the Players that value their homestead.
    (Also, I'm getting really tired of all these Event-only items. I want something more permanently to the game instead of hoping that one old event comes back so i can get the items i need/want...)

    All of this is optional of course but i still think its a good enough suggestion that i want to give it a shot, anyone have any suggestions or options they wanna add? Feel free to comment below!

    Alexina Server

  • Stop patronize the Wallet Warriors!

    Although I do not disagree with your suggestion, on top of 'patronize',

    and we can't ALL get ALL the things; they've actually been quite nice recently, ESPECIALLY with terribly rare bag items. Not saying that they're beyond criticism, but if you compare now to even a few years ago they've actually improved quite a bite, in my experience.

    English aint my main language so sorry if it means something weird. ^^"

    Greta wrote: »
    These HS items are available to everyone, what the hell you talking about rofl. You can buy/trade it from others players. The way you said this, it sounded like they are only locked to people who don't buy NX.

    They are only available for people who buy the gachas and get lucky, the rest of us might get some of them if someone is willing to sell them to us for a hefty sum.
    But you're missing the point with my suggestion.

    I want them to add new items to the Construction list as well, not just put them in Gachas only available with NX. They've been doing that for years and neglected the original list all this time and i want them to change that. :/
  • The Magical Bingo Gachapon is back!

    The Wallet Warriors -removed-, the gacha events are back i see...
    How come every time you guys creates something nice like these new HS Items you just "have" to lock them behind a potion-loving Gacha? Can't you just add some of the amazing items to the Homestead's Construction list instead?
  • Bingo gachapon and other sales

    The main reason the prices are that high is because of those gold link spammers in Dunbarton etc, some of those are legit and people can cheat by buying their gold from those illegal sites then get rid of it all by buying the outfits etc that they like.

    Its a gold washing system and people like us who don't do that kind of things get the shorter end of the stick. :/

    I support your idea, i don't understand why the other comments in here have to be so negative about this subject, you guys disagree, that's fine, but why do you have to come in here and shoot her down like this? Just leave for the next post instead. :P
  • Spirit Tools

    Just fighting all the time could get really boring in a game with freedom like Mabinogi, you have my support. +1