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October 31, 1991
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  • PSA About Cotton Candy Sheep Event- Feeding Limit

    Just so everyone can know, during the Cotton Candy Sheep Event you need to feed a tiny sheep an item called Super Sheepy Snacks.

    There's two ways to get these.
    1. Get 1 every hour you're logged in
    2. Get some every time you kill a Sheep Wolf that spawns at northwest of Dunbarton at the top of every hour (kind of like the Max Rabbit Family from the egg event)

    This is about the Sheep Wolf part.
    There is no need to kill EVERY Sheep Wolf that spawns.
    When you kill one, candies will drop at your character's feet. You can only feed the sheep 6 candies every real day.
    And multiple candies will drop from one Sheep Wolf.
    And every day all leftover candies will be wiped!
    So killing more sheep wolves than you need isn't going to help you.

    Just so you know and don't panic kill every Sheep Wolf pointlessly.
    CMKyriosKingEphySaiCrimsọnWolfsingerSherriRadiant DawnFOXAssassin
  • Events/Sales Heads-Up! 5/14/20

    Helsa wrote: »
    Wednesday, I will be in the bank, a-spinnin' like crazy.

    If you don't mind clicking more often, you can close the board while it's spinning and reopen it to skip the actual spinning animation.
    It'll help speed things along if you have a TON of coins to get through.

    Regardless if you already knew that, good luck!
  • The Kyururu Defense Minigame

    Well with today you can complete the overall event quests for helping each of the friends 16 times total, and now Kyururu's Friend RP skills are rank C.

    I gotta say, it's pretty fun to use the Professor's Flight skill, since it's now at +300% Movement Speed for 30 Seconds you really zip about with it active.

    Since there isn't a quest going beyond the 16 help counts, I'm guessing that these RP skills cap out here, at rC.
  • Harmon's Flower Tree Event! 4/30-5/21

    Why do these paper boxes have 1x 30pt potions as possible prizes? What is this, an event gift box from 2009?
    Potions from events are only worth it when they come in batches of 5 or so, with a potency of at least 300, and either RE or SE.
    And even then, with gift boxes that are pretty limited in the amount you can earn in a day (what is it, like two of these paper boxes a day?) having potions at all to clog up the list of rewards is even less appreciable.

    I feel like I complain about this a lot, but it's not like my standards are going to lower back down enough to make 30pt potions seem like a worthwhile gift box reward.
    KensamaofmariRadiant Dawn
  • Colored Chichol Wings?

    Crims wrote: »
    Harukari wrote: »
    Why am I just now seeing different colored wings from Synth, when Synth has been a thing for ages.

    I suspect it was a update that wasn't specified.

    Update that wasn't specified?
    This has always been a feature. Ever since Synthesis was a thing you could synth 3 of the same item together and possibly get that exact item back with random colors.
    Most items can be dyed normally, so getting something back in random colors wasn't very impressive unless it was something like these undyeable wings.
    But also, it's just that wings weren't all that expendable back when Synthesis was new.

    But even so, this isn't perfect.
    After all you aren't guaranteed to get the same wings back in a different color.
    You can also get something awful, like a single Finest Fabric.
    Greta wrote: »
    Harukari wrote: »
    Why am I just now seeing different colored wings from Synth, when Synth has been a thing for ages.

    Can you synth any wings though?

    I think so, unless the wings are untradeable or expiring.
    Too bad, you can't synth 3 expired Ferghus Wings together to get a random-color non-expiring pair.
    You used to be able to synth expiring items, but after the very first Doki Doki event, they updated Synthesis to exclude such items.