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Sometimes I wonder why I bother with mabi...but then I log in and look through my friendlist and see many great people I've befriended in the two years that I've been here. I remember the first day, I nearly quit because the game was too boring without friends.I couldn't do certain missions on my own and I figured the game just wouldn't work for me..until I met a friend. She shouted "elf!" and followed me around. She, too, was elf and we were close. A lot has happened over the years and my big circle of friends dwindled down to only a small handful...which is honestly...the best amount anyone needs.


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December 17, 1998
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What's the point of looking back when time only flows forward?
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I love Aileen, mabi and my cat Soojin...and NCT.
  • Ranged Skills

    Lightning rod can miss. If you're too close to your target and you clearly aim at him, it'll go through him without hitting him. You can also be too far, and you can also be aiming at your target but the lrod goes opposite.
  • Does this even work?

    Astrologer F goes for 5m+ but someone offered me 3m and 200 glittering dye bottles that may, may not expire in 5 minutes. /: Some times you can't afford things and sometimes the item is too high but welp dont low ball at least. I think I seen someone want 5m for Magic Academy F Senior Robe the day it came out and it sells for 15m+...the day it came out. This is on Tarlach, too.
  • Need max dura repair potion NX shop

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    We have something called 100% Repair rate. You shouldn't be letting your items drop to nearly 0 Dura also.

    He's talking about the total dura, not that part. He's saying his armor used to be 25/25 but due to failed repairs, it dropped to 11/11.
    [Deleted User]
  • Mafia Changes

    Keyword: Who they think is being targetted for heal. Personally I like mabi mafia the way it is, I just wish they'd hold a event for it again to get it popular..again. Because Ive been dying to play it and no one on my server will (':
  • Sky Lantern Event

    Chibisai wrote: »
    papatulus wrote: »
    i'll ask since I don't completely understand: how many skill training seals can I get per day? Just the one? or one from each npc? and are they tradeable?

    You can still gift the other NPCs after completing the quest for more Skill Training Seals, just not the first one. So yeah, technically one from each NPC, 4 seals total. I believe the seals aren't tradeable though.

    I thought it was only 1 npc per day?