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Last Active
May 24, 2016
  • too many pets? Raffle?

    I just wanted to ask if the actual "raffle" concept is allowed. I mean I can go on discord and show my screen so its not cheatting or anything. I just have too many pet adopts and need to use them.

    A raffle is perfectly fine. I've seen a few fellow players host raffles in the past. Go for it!
  • too many pets? Raffle?

    Seeing as I have so many pet adoption medals AND they are not tradeable I went through a giant list of pets I should sell. But seeing as I have so many I should sell the useless one first but no one would want that right? What if we do a raffle and randomize the pets and have the option to pay lets say 500k gold to remove 5 pets from the list? Not sure how I'll do it so far so maybe 3 mil per ticket and 500k to remove 5 pets from the list. Maximum pet removing 20 from the entire list.

    Even the useless pets might be helpful to someone. :) You could just open a Belvast shop (or are they allowed on the new auction board?) to sell them.

    When you're ready to sell, just make a marketplace thread in your server's marketplace forum section to advertise if you want and also the unofficial discord server since alot of players can be found there (the thread for the discord is stickied at the top of the page in the General forum section.)

    Good luck! :)
  • Mabi Coins for Anniversary event

    I agree. Either have them placed in the event NPC shop so everyone has an equal chance to get them, or increase the drop rate so that they aren't almost non-existent.

    This isn't a paid gacha after all, where players keep spending money in hopes to get the item that they want from a gamble and in turn the company profits from it. It's a free event, which should be fun and rewarding, not disappointing and frustrating when those drop rates are abysmal. Anywho, just my two cents I guess.
  • Multi-clienters ruining/abusing events

    Arjune wrote: »
    This Festia thing is the only type of event I've heard of alts really abusing, though I heard Alexina has people abusing hot times really bad too. Don't punish all severs for Alexina's crimes. Hell I bet Conflict was nerfed because of Alexina too. I never see multi-client alts in Mari, and the one time I did it was a bunch of players in penguin robes just being funny... no abusable event was going at the time. Just someone having a joke

    They tend to hang out on the much less populated channels on our server. I see them during almost every event that requires afking or events that are just easy to get rewards from. You usually see them hiding around the event areas/event npcs, or at times afking in the Dunby bank, etc. and they still have the "Fledgling" talent title. Though Idk if they are multicliented or multiple pcs being used.

    The conflict or other missions spamming was almost a daily common sighting at some point with certain players having 3 or 4 alts with almost identical names following them into shadow missions. Not sure if that still occurs though since I've been super lazy with running missions in the past 6 months.
  • Dream House!

    Negumiko wrote: »
    this house is awesome :)

    OMG that's priceless! XD