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  • Please bring back Mir Dragon and other great pets

    In my opinion....if they just revamped the space to be kind of universal in size. Like....6x6? 6x10 average anyways. They can keep all the pets out cause then ppl can buy it more for aesthetic reasons anyways.

    Since we are in the state of utility as well...they could use a good revamp or buff. Companion pets should pretty much be indefinite time summon since they are not very combat worthy to even have out. Especially penguin and elephant pets. I mean feeding fish to penguins is the only amusement really and elephant splash. or crab bubbles? idk bout that last one.
  • re-texturing for some of the older outfits

    When they retextured a few outfits while doing Tir…..Everyone was hoping they would do all the old outfits sold by the NPC's there. People got excited for even the basic clothes like the Popo to be done. Alas our disappointment when the NPC's outfits were the only ones that really changed. =.=
  • Gingerbread Event is Stupid

    Yeah, I tried to solo kept sitting to heal almost constantly after 25% hp and kept bouncing around there to 50% HP. then despawned. Very hard for beginner and mid range characters to do even with 2 people.
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    Maybe a solution would of been to do a point system/coin system again? Then you can exchange for what you would like? They could place a limit to 1 per account if need be?
  • Dream House Hot Day

    ??? The permanent house from HCH ...especially the castle is kind of far fetched but quite funny. I dont know the details but can only home the homestead house is similar so we can design the outside as well when it does come.

    On a side note....they should release updates on a Sunday more often. :D Where's the egg decor? :O