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  • IMPORTANT: Game is Removing My Gold

    Mabinogi has a penalty for logging off shortly after combat, which scales up based on various factors. This penalty was originally intended to prevent players from escaping dangerous situations by simply logging out (back when dungeons and field enemies were the only things to fight).

    If you try to log out and you'd get a penalty, you get a warning message with the details.

    If you try to change channels instead, it brings up a different warning, one line of which tells you that the logout penalty will be applied.

    ("Changing channels" is technically logging out of one channel and then back into another.)
  • Enchant Repair Modifiers - Change Formatting

    Enchants that have a repair cost increase of +100% or less are listed as the percent difference.
    This is fine, because that's how the modifier works.

    However enchants with a repair cost increase more than +100% seem to list it as a multiplier instead.
    This leads people to make incorrect assumptions about repair costs when more than one such enchant is used.

    For example if somebody put a "3x" enchant and a "4x" enchant on their weapon, what would the end result be?
    People often expect the item to end up with 7x repair costs, but it'll actually end up with 6x repair costs.
    The "3x" is +200%, and the "4x" is +300%. So (100 + 200 + 300) = 600% repair cost.

    If enchants with high repair multipliers listed themselves as the actual modification (+200% and such), it'd be clearer.
  • Wooden Blade missing a melee tag.

    I made it in bugs, then it got moved into incomplete (I was missing the server/IGN stuff), I flagged it for moving back but it looks like a VFM modes it here instead of the bugs section.
  • Baltane Zombies "Teleport", Speed Mismatch

    What happens now: Zombies in Baltane missions appear to walk sometimes when they should run.
    What should happen instead: Their movement speed on the client should match the server.

    Zombies that "walk" are actually running and catch up to you to do melee attacks when it appears they shouldn't.


    IGN: RRM
    Server: Ruairi
  • Attack speed buffs no longer affect archery.

    What happens now: The buff from Vivace does not positively affect archery at all, it reloads and aims at the same speed with or without.
    What should happen instead: The buff should improve archery aiming speed like it used to, or reduce attack delay like it does for other skillsets.

    Back in April 2015 (so three years ago), I tested aim speed by aiming at around maximum distance with various types of bows and buffs. I recorded multiple attempts and then went back and analyzed them frame-by-frame to determine how long it would take to hit 99% aim speed. My findings indicated that Vivace gave a benefit to archery's aim speed (opposed to "reload" or attack delay speed, like it does for melee). So it worked back then.

    In addition, the attack speed set bonus clearly states in-game that it should improve aim speed.

    However, testing today (again with frame-by-frame recordings) shows that Vivace does not buff aim speed with bows anymore. It takes 1.575 to 1.583 seconds to aim from x% (3 or 4 depending) to 99% with no buffs, with GM wings, with Vivace, with Vivace plus the wings, etc.

    Note that both the "Renovation: Magic" and "Renovation: Archery" updates have happened since the original testing, and one of them may have broken it. I suspect this because around that time (or later) there were (attempted) fixes to magic cast times not being buffed properly with reforges or something. This means code related to attack speed buffs in general may have been fiddled with, unintentionally breaking the effects on archery.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM