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  • SUGGESTION! Gender Restricted Items

    bellee wrote: »
    Perhaps like the Appearace Scroll when the “pot/scroll” gets used on the target item, it takes the appearance of that items opposite version but the stats/enchants/reforge stay the same?
    Unfortunately that won't work, the game doesn't know what any item's "opposite" is. Outfit and item "sets" aren't a thing the game actually tracks, if you grab one item the game doesn't actually know what else matches with it. Item sets are a social construct.

    While the game could be made to do some guesses based on the item name, problem is that sometimes items in the same sets have wildly different names. Consider the Illusion Suit (M) and the Glamour Dress (F). They are the opposites of a set (added at the same time, right next to each other internally, same theme, and usingh the "magicboy" and "magicgirl" animations internally) but a name search wouldn't catch that association.

    Something like allowing males to put on female items and such is another suggestion, but unfortunately that wouldn't work either. Male and female players in Mabi are actually different races and need different models. While many clothes have multiple models associated with them (male and female human/elf, models for giants too), most clothing released nowadays only has models for a single gender associated to it. If a single-gender item was worn by the opposite gender anyways, it would lead to one of two situations (depending on the item).

    A - No model would load, leading to an invisible body with a floating head, like in the below screenshot. This was seen with the cooking contest female winner outfit (before they fixed it), which only had a female model but was accidentally set to go on any gender. Males wearing it would have an invisible body as the game loaded no model for it. You can also see this by using various bugs that result in incorrect model loading, like the giant-detrans-on-a-tower-cylinder bug.

    B - The model will load, but with disconnected joints and holes around connection points due to the slightly different shapes of males and females. This was seen with some buggy end-of-RP mission thing some people ran into that I don't remember the details of but took note of it and have the gif saved because I'm a freaking nerd like that.

    Anyways don't get me wrong, I don't like how outfits are gender-locked in Mabi either. It's especially bad when it's things like hats. HATS. You're telling me I'm the wrong gender to WEAR A HAT? I may not be the sharpest crayon in the knife drawer but even I know that's dumb.

    Unfortunately due to the way items and outfits are set up in Mabi, the only way to "merge" items or allow cross-dressing would be for the devs to manually go back and edit all the existing items to have the right model references for each gender in them (making new models where needed) and then mark the items as wearable by all. It's definitely something they could do...

    But KR would rather re-sell the Eluned version in the next gacha instead.
  • Abyss/Saint/Fleet Set Effect Text Confusion

    What happens now: The movement speed set name for Abyss/Saint/Wings is the same as Fleet Feet.
    What should happen instead: The set name for the Fleet Feet effect should be renamed.

    Items like the Saint Guardian's Leather Armor (F) and the Abyss Dragon Armor (F) both have "Increases Movement Speed" as the name for the set effect they use (SpeedUpPlus set at 1% for those).
    Saint guardian...

    A number of other items, like the wings from Festia, use this set effect too (with a bonus anywhere from 1-3%) and thus share the same name (and there's likely to be more items like this if the trend continues). It's all the same set effect and doesn't stack with itself (since getting more than 10 points of a set doesn't do anything in Mabi), and it should easy to see that this is so because they all use the same set name in-game.

    However... there's a second type of move speed bonus with the same name. Fleet Feet and Shooting Star Flying Shoes also display "Increases Movement Speed" for their set name, but they actually have a different set effect (OverlapSpeedUp) that's stronger (~10% or so). Since it's actually a different effect, Fleet Feet would stack with the Abyss body slot effect, for example, but since they share the same name players might not know that.

    One of these set effects should be renamed to clear up at least a little confusion.

    I personally suggest renaming the text that the shoes use since you could take the opportunity to name it something like "Fast Running" or "Zip Zoomy Feet Go Woosh" or whatever to stay thematic, but renaming the effect that other things use would work as well.
  • IMPORTANT: Game is Removing My Gold

    Mabinogi has a penalty for logging off shortly after combat, which scales up based on various factors. This penalty was originally intended to prevent players from escaping dangerous situations by simply logging out (back when dungeons and field enemies were the only things to fight).

    If you try to log out and you'd get a penalty, you get a warning message with the details.

    If you try to change channels instead, it brings up a different warning, one line of which tells you that the logout penalty will be applied.

    ("Changing channels" is technically logging out of one channel and then back into another.)
  • [FWD]Blaanid Text Typos/Mistakes

    Should be "in".

    Titles go after names in NA (they're before names in KR).

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: Rrrydian
  • [FWD] Wave Sweeper in AH - G12 Ark Artifact

    What happens now: A G12 quest artifact can be traded and sold on the AH, posing as a valuable item.
    What should happen instead: The G12 version of the item should not be listable on the AH, only the usable one.

    This is the usable equipment as it shows up in the AH, this can be equipped and used, this is the one people are looking for.

    This is the quest version, which shows up in the same search with the same name and icon, but is only for a G12 quest and is useless otherwise, should not be listable.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM