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  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 12/23/20

    It's that time again, Milletians!

    This week in the Sales department, we're saying farewell to the Kartrider Pet Box! So if anyone wanted to try for a car or any of the other fun pets within this box, you have until before WEDNESDAY'S maintenance. That's right. This week's maintenance is on WEDNESDAY not Thursday this week, so if you want to try for these pets, pick up a stack!

    Kartrider Pet Box:

    And now for the Event portion! It's finally happening! The Playful Puzzle Event is ending Thursday at 7am PST/10am EST. Bear in mind that this event ENDS AUTOMATICALLY so it does NOT end with the maintenance. Many thanks to Katherz for clearing up the confusion regarding the end date! Make sure you claim all your prizes before they disappear with the Puzzle Event window!

    Playful Puzzle Event:

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Take care and Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • Save the chibis

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    They need to implement a dwarves race.

    What if they made Brownies a playable race?
  • G25 Hypernova: Eclipse Update Preview

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Negumiko wrote: »
    I am looking forward to the Hyper Bingo Event to get that cat chair:

    it is adorable, now all we need is cat pets that could turn super big just like the Corgi pet. I would be willing to play a pet gacha if it meant being able to travel around Erinn on a giant cat mount.

    There are going to be sooooooo many giant cats everywhere...

    GOOD! =D
  • Events Heads-Up! 12/17/2020

    It's that time again, Milletians! This week is a big one as it's all events ending, including the G25 Precursor Event, which likely means we'll be getting the G25 Hypernova -Eclipse- content this Thursday! I hope everyone was able to make it through all preceding content safely and that you all enjoy the new storyline! I know I'm looking forward to playing it!

    Starting off while we're on the topic, as I previously mentioned the G25 Precursor Event is ending with Thursday's maintenance. Make sure to aid Caravan Joe against the Black Moon Followers and collect wonderful prizes! Also, don't forget to be in game so you can grow your Black Moon Crystal to its full potential and unlock some nice prizes including gems, combo card points, AP potions, and Golden Experience Fruit!

    G25 Precursor Event:

    Next is the Harvest Festival Event! So if anyone was hunting for foodstuffs for this event, make sure to get your last runs in! Some of the more notable prizes of this event were the Autumn Fields Hat that changes by your character's age, the Roaming Rooster Transformation Medal and even Sturdy Eweca Gathering Tools! The complete prize listing can be seen by clicking the link below to the event page.

    Harvest Festival Event:

    The last event ending this week is probably one that's caused stampedes throughout the dungeons of Uladh as players hunted for the rarest of rare materials. I'm talking about the Dungeon Drop Rate Increase Event. Sadly, it's leaving us this week, so make sure everyone gets as many tries for materials you've all been looking for as you can! Just make sure you leave aside enough Nao and/or Guardian Soul Stones to hopefully get you through G25, ok, guys?

    Dungeon Drop Rate Increase Event:

    Oh, and just another heads-up, the maintenance after this one is coming on Wednesday the 23rd, so it's not a Thursday! So anyone looking to try the Kart Rider Pet Box, make sure you get your tries in before that. Also, the Playful Puzzle Event is slated to end AUTOMATICALLY on the 24th at 7am PST.

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!

  • so are we still getting...

    noobodyzxz wrote: »
    the hype for g25 seems to build up, so are we still getting Christmas events?

    Christmas is sort of cancelled IRL for most people this days because of virus. It's the first96 week of December yet I still can't find any hint of Christmas in game no snow effect instead of rain, no Christmas decorations, no event announcement, but we did get a peek to g25.
    I was actually expecting a Christmas event to start from last maintenance or at least the decors to be added.

    I would keep an eye out for it with this week's maintenance on Thursday, if we're going to get it. The following Thursday is actually Christmas Eve, so I doubt we'll get it that late if we're getting it.

    It would be nice if we got the Humbuggers event again! So much money. ^_^