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  • Events/Sale Heads-Up! 1/13/22

    It's that time again, Milletians! With the maintenance on Thursday, January 13th, we'll be getting Part 2 of the Unveiled Abyss content! We're also going to be seeing the release of new weapons to create and some new wings. Moving on!

    Starting with the events, we're going to be saying farewell to the Crom Bás Celebration Event: Specters of the Abyss. Make sure you trade in your Soul Shards to the Ghost of Crom Bas to get your rewards before the maintenance on Thursday.

    Crom Bás Celebration Events: Specters of the Abyss:

    The other event ending with this maintenance is the Snow Cloud For Sale Event. So you have a few more days to sway your customers into wanting to purchase a snow cloud from Charles and receiving gift boxes from him in return!

    Snow Cloud For Sale Event:

    The sale that's ending this week is the Blessed Ornament Box Gachapon! Haven't gotten your fill of Christmas two weeks after the fact? Try your hand at a stack and get some outfits to keep the feeling going or stow them away for next holiday season! Then again, I've heard of Christmas in July being a thing too!

    Blessed Ornament Box Gachapon:

    Alright, that's all for this heads-up! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~
  • Event/Sales Heads-Up! 12/2/21

    It's that time again, Milletians! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! This week, we're saying goodbye to an event and a few sales.

    The event ending this week is the Autumn Night Camping Event. Collect your coins and exchange tickets and make sure to turn them in before Thursday's maintenance. Full details in the link below.

    Autumn Night Camping Event:

    Next is the Sales portion of the upcoming maintenance, starting with the Royal Mage's Box Gachapon. As usual, if you want to try for anything in the box, grab a stack before this is gone. May luck be with you.

    Royal Mage Box Gachapon:

    Finally, the big sale ending this week. It's the Black Friday sales. Get some great pets, VIP service, and some other items for lower prices. You can also purchase various packages that give you reforges, training seals and more. If you want VIP for a full year, now's the time to get it and you have until Thursday's maintenance. All details in the link below.

    Black Friday Sales:

    That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, everyone!~
  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 11/4/21

    It's that time again, Millietians! This week we're saying goodbye to an event and a Cash Shop sale!

    For the Event portion, it's the The Milletian Detective's Journal event! Make sure to stack those Halloween Ghost Fragments to get your Spirit Transformation Liqueur! Run those last (or just sit and let the spirit win) highlighted tile races and exchange your coins for prizes before it's too late! Complete Coin Shop list in the link below.

    Milletian Detective's Journal Event:

    For the Sale, it's the Erinn Beauty Sale 2021, which includes the Super-Spectrum Hair Dye Ampoule Box and the Erinn Beauty Box. Looking to get any of the latest appearances and colors? Grab a stack. Complete list in the link below.

    Erinn Beauty Sale 2021:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!
  • Make Alpacas a Permanent Cash Shop Pet

    Like the title said, this is to make Alpacas a permanent member of the Cash Shop so that anyone who wants to buy one can at any time. The Alpaca has a list of useful items you can make with its fur, however, you cannot even sell them to other players as the ones you create are bound. This also includes the Alpaca Robe that increases Commerce Speed (plus, it's super cute!).

    Keep the Christmas Alpaca seasonal, but at least make the normal one easier to buy so players can enjoy it year-round.

    Leinei of Nao
  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 9/9/21

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! Anyone see that Combat Talent Changes Update? That looks pretty neat! It seems that this will go live after the maintenance/update on Thursday. There is a LOT to unpack in that post, so I'll just leave the link below for you guys to look at.

    Combat Talent Changes:

    The Event ending this week is the Fairy Village Event 2021. I hope you all found all the fairies and got your prizes for it because that was a lot of work. You have two more days to find those little fairies, so keep it up!

    Fairy Village Event 2021:

    And the last item is the Hillwen Engineer's Box is leaving the Cash Shop. So as per usual, you want anything out of the box? Remember to pick up a stack! There were some pretty neat items in this one, so I hope they bring them back in another gacha.

    Hillwen Engineer's Box:

    That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~ =D