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  • Event/Sale Heads-Up! 9/9/21

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! Anyone see that Combat Talent Changes Update? That looks pretty neat! It seems that this will go live after the maintenance/update on Thursday. There is a LOT to unpack in that post, so I'll just leave the link below for you guys to look at.

    Combat Talent Changes:

    The Event ending this week is the Fairy Village Event 2021. I hope you all found all the fairies and got your prizes for it because that was a lot of work. You have two more days to find those little fairies, so keep it up!

    Fairy Village Event 2021:

    And the last item is the Hillwen Engineer's Box is leaving the Cash Shop. So as per usual, you want anything out of the box? Remember to pick up a stack! There were some pretty neat items in this one, so I hope they bring them back in another gacha.

    Hillwen Engineer's Box:

    That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~ =D
  • Events Heads-Up! 9/2/21

    It's that time again, Milletians! This coming Thursday we're saying farewell to several events!

    To start things off, the Rebirth Potion Parade Event is ending. I hope everyone was able to build up a good collection of Rebirth Potions and were able to put them to use! However, bear in mind that any you still have in your inventory will expire 72 hours after they're created and any incomplete rebirth potions will be removed with the maintenance!

    Rebirth Potion Parade Event:

    Since it's related to rebirthing through one of the events' features, we'll continue on with the event we've been sitting on since July! It's the Summer Master Plan! For those who haven't gotten all of the Ace Talents and their respective skills, this is a great time to rebirth into them for free when it usually costs Pon. If you're sitting on any of those 72-hour expiring rebirth potions, this would be a great way to run through all of those. Rebirth into an Ace Talent (Either by potion or 7 days passing), level up, chug a rebirth potion and repeat. If you don't need any of them, this is always a good way to rebirth into the Treasure Hunter talent for free in case you want to explore those Treasure Dungeons.

    We also have a few more days of 2x Skill Training, +10 Skills Points when you rank a skill, and 2x Crusader Skill EXP, so you still have time to work those last few skill ranks in before Thursday! Also make sure to turn in your VIP Coins with Agent Poe for some nice prizes, including Homestead house upgrades and various homestead items! Full details are in the link below!

    Summer Master Plan Event:

    It seems like we're saying goodbye to Summer with this event because not only is the Summer Master Plan Event ending, but so is the Connous Beach Vacation 2021 Event. Trade those Vacations Coins, Special or otherwise, in with Hafgan at his drink stand for some cute summer outfits, sea-themed items, or any of the drinks at his stand (time to buy a ton of Mojitos for that AP!). Also, don't forget that you can make Natural Dyes during this event with Cowan and you can collect Magical Pieces too!

    Connous Beach Vacation 2021 Event:

    Alright, so that's technically it for the Thursday's maintenance, but we do Stardust Boost event ending on September 5th at 11:59PM PDT (September 6th 2:59AM EDT), so since there's no maintenance scheduled between the 2nd and then, I'm going to include it. So make sure to do Melwyn's Sponsorship quests to earn double of Stardust Core Binding Agent, Stardust Core Fragment (All Types), Stardust Regulator Frame Connector, Stardust Regulator Frame (All Types). Badges are not doubled during this event. Also bear in mind that it's only on the weekends!

    Stardust Boost Event:

    Alright, that's it for this week! Hopefully, we're going to be heading into Autumn themed events with all our Summer ones ending. Happy Gaming, Everyone!
  • Sale Heads-Up! 8/26/21

    It's a short one this week, Milletians! All that's ending is the Summer Island Hopper Box! Like always, make sure to pick up a stack if you're after anything in the box like a new pair of wings or some new summer wear! Complete list and rates are in the link below!

    Summer Island Hopper Box:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~
  • Event Heads-Up! 8/19/21

    Hey, Milletians, it's a short one this week! The only thing ending this week is the Shoot for the Stars event! Rank those research topics so you can get those prize boxes!

    Shoot for the Stars Event:

    That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!
  • Sale Heads-Up! 7/29/21

    Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week with Thursday's maintenance we're only saying farewell to the Ocean Traveler Pet Box, so if you were after any of the new Narwhal pets, pick up a few boxes for a chance to get them or some really cool pets (looking at you Catsidhe and Corgis (^_~)). See the rates and extra details including the bonus system with this box in the link below. Also keep in mind that Pet Adoption Medals are currently 50% off, so if you need any of those, pick them up before they're back up to full price!

    Ocean Traveler Pet Box:

    That's all for what's ending this week! Be sure to be on the lookout for sunflowers in Dugald Aisle between Tir Chonaill and the Logging Camp as they'll be appearing with Thursday's maintenance! Hope everyone's still doing well and are having a good summer! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~