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  • Christmas spirit :3

    Whoo, awesome :3

    1. This is my best friend's character that I'm looking to get some gift art of to give to my friend for part of her Christmas present c:
    Christmas outfit if you'd like to draw something festive. Please feel free to draw any shoes you'd like with this outfit, and add Christmas-themed piercings if you'd like.
    I don't have a real preference for what style, but maybe fullbody? But honestly it's whatever you'd like to do!

    2. Agh its so hard to choose. cx I mostly watch anime so I'll list some of my favorite ones. Monster Musume, Spice and Wolf, Black Rock Shooter, Aku no Hana, DanMachi, Sankarea, Sakurasou, Isshukan Friends

    3. Miku Hatsune, if she counts haha. Specifically Pinocchio-P's songs. I honestly don't listen to too much other than Vocaloid music, but if I had to choose someone else, Shawn Wasabi's stuff is nice to me, as well :3

    Thank you for the opportunity! I hope ya have a fun time drawing.
  • Christmas spirit :3

    Hi there, are you alright if I post an OC for you to draw, instead of a Mabi character? o:
    This seems fun, thank you for holding something like this! :3
  • Riniss' Traditional Art Freebiezz (3/3)

    @Seraniss Ooh, she's pretty! I think you really did a good job with making her look innocent c: The expression really makes me feel that. And I love the way you've drawn her, her ears especially look so cute! My friend will love this, so really, thank you so much <3 I appreciate it a ton.
  • closed

    Hi there! :3 I'm interested in ordering some art from ya. Your style is very cute!
    But I was wondering if you're comfortable drawing furries/anthros? This would be the character I'd like drawn, so you can see if she'd be alright or not.
    Thanks <3
  • PeachyOpal's Art Shop

    @AnitaCristi Aah that pose is wonderful! I love it xD So cute, and I think you did an amazing job on the height difference. Rayne's snout looks great, I love the way you've drawn her face c: Vorst looks super great too, I'm sure he will love this <3 If you wouldn't mind, would you be able to make his eye on our right opened like the other is, though, please? And could you please make Rayne's ears about three times bigger, her tail longer and fluffier, and the pink strip of her hair longer (about halfway down her breast)? I hope this and this help show the sizes/lengths on them ;; Let me know if you'd like me to explain better and I can try! It's looking amazing so far, thank you so much for the WIP!