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  • Riniss' Traditional Art Freebiezz (3/3)

    Are OC's allowed? I'm happy to take pure, if you'd be okay drawing my friend's character, Zora. If not, I can get you my Mabinogi character! She has armor though ahaha. And my IGN is Nyaa on Alexina!
  • PeachyOpal's Art Shop

    @AnitaCristi No worries, thank you for linking that one c:
    Awesome! I will go ahead and order both then. I hope its okay that Rayne in particular has more of a snout. You're free to simplify the snouts on the chibis though, if you'd like.

    Your In Game Name: Faiflowright (Mari), Nyaa (Alexina) - I will be paying with Mari gold, but if you need to contact me in-game, I am often on Alexina.
    Style you'd like: Sketch Couple (two characters in one drawing)
    References: Rayne in her hoodie, please
    Vorst (He has 4 blue stripes on each horn, and his eyes do not move or change shapes. He is 7'5" tall.)
    Fullbody and height reference
    Face from the side
    In this jacket (scroll for more images), please. Feel free to simplify the logos if you'd like, if they'd be included. The hood detaches so you can draw it with out without it, but if its on I'd prefer it down.
    Preferred Shirt (if you draw the jacket unzipped)
    A pose/emotion/short character's personality description (Optional) : For a pose suggestion, it'd be great if you could maybe draw Rayne with a bag of Doritos, happily feeding them to Vorst as Vorst sticks his tongue out, grabbing the chip? Haha I'm getting my friend who owns Vorst that jacket for Christmas. Vorst is chilled and laidback, but can be a bit snarky and sarcastic. Rayne is playful and easily excitable. They're very close friends.

    Style you'd like: Chibi Couple (two characters in one drawing)
    References: Rayne in this outfit, please. The hat can be behind her ears a bit or fully ontop of one ear, haha. It'd be cute if her piercings were Christmas themed.
    Zora in this outfit without the shoes, please. Her hair would have the blue highlights. It'd be cute if her piercings were Christmas themed, or gold/silver.
    A pose/emotion/short character's personality description (Optional) : It'd be great to see Rayne handing Zora a gift, with the lid a bit open or already off, and a snake coming out of it as Zora is already playing with it haha. Or anything Christmas themed, really! Zora could be baking Christmas treats for Rayne, or they could be baking together (Rayne's wouldn't turn out as nice haha). Zora is a sassy tomboy thats playful and loves snakes and lizards, and Rayne is playful and easily excitable. They're very close friends.

    WIPS would be lovely. Please let me know if you have any questions at all or if I missed anything! I'm sorry for the huge post xD Thank you!
  • Pet and Me Mini Chibi Shop (5/5) Closed~!

    @Pyonchi Aha I'm surprised I noticed, honestly! I figured you'd catch it during coloring but I wanted to be sure c: And the wing on the helm looks perfect now. Thank you so much, I'm very excited to see the colors :D
  • Pet and Me Mini Chibi Shop (5/5) Closed~!

    @Pyonchi Awesome, I'm excited! c: Thank you again.
  • Pyonko's Chibi Freebies

    Your chibis are so cute! If you're still looking for characters to draw, I'm looking for art of my friend's character that I can give to her as a Christmas present c: